Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fishing, cave-venturing, driving...

24th & 25th December 2006

Place: Jerantut, Pahang
- went fishing on Sunday, menjala bukan memancing, at a huge tasik @ paya yg selut smpai ke betis... had ikan bakar that night ^__^
- ventured into two caves on Monday; Gua Angin and Gua Sanding. it's connected to one another. a real brand-new experience!

too bad we forgot to bring the camera to the lake.
so this pic is after fishing in the muddy lake.

All those who went into the caves!

macam mendaki pun ade gak mula-mula tu...

pic above: pic taken without flash
pic below: pic taken with flash

mmg sempit!
terhantuk kepala dua kali! pening~ pening~
tapi pelik, takde sorang pun orang lain yg terhantuk...
Gua Sanding.

Subhanallah, gua-gua yg Allah cipta ni mmg sgt hebat!
Kat Gua Angin, duduk kat pintu gua tu, mmg rasa mcm duduk depan air-cond! Sejuk! and dpt rasa the wind blowing! tak tau mana dtg angin sekuat tu...
Gua Sanding pulak, banyak sangat statues @ patung-patung yg terjadi dengan semula-jadi-nye as crystals, limestones and etc. Ade dua batu besa gaya macam pasangan tengah bersanding, ade gajah besar, ade anak gajah. Ade rimau, ada kedai buah-buahan, ada kedai makan, ada muka hantu, ada maharaja cina dinasti Qin, ade ostrich, ade pedang patah, ade keris,,, dan yg paling gempak skali----- ade ukiran name Allah kat 'bumbung' gua as stalagtite!
hmm... tapi... tak amik banyak gambar sebab habis battery pulak!!! lagipun takde la clear sgt...
** tapi alasan lain is utk pegi sana again, lain kali nak masuk 4-4 gua yg bersambung tu **
sape nak ikut??? hehe..
siap kena pasang lilin sebab tak cukup torch-light. pegi sana lenggang je, tak tau pun nak masuk gua yang agak mencabar ni... ingatkan gua macam kat batu caves tu ^__^ huhuhu...
That's all for the trip.
Oh, and I've made a new driving record, not the kmh, but Ampang-Jerantut and Jerantut-Ampang (with max 140kmh coz Dad's sitting beside, itu pun dah kne "nela.. nela.. slow sikit.."). Last time it was Gombak-Senawang ^__^

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Real Family Day...

10th December 2006

there were many games for everyone. musical chairs & pop-the-baloon for kids, twin-tower construction for teenagers, anyam ketupat for parents & even indoor golf for fathers!

I won 2nd place with my cousin, Syifa, for the twin-tower construction using 10 pieces of paper, 2 blades and sticky-tape. The judgement was by the highest & most stable twin-tower. Actually I was at the 3rd place. But Isa-the-inginiur's tallest twin-tower crashed... hehee... Farah my cousin doing pre-Medic in McB got the 1st place. Aihh... Malunye jadi engineer... huhu...

And here's the best game:

Everyone from the 3rd generation (i'm included) received a piece of paper, and on it was written the names of the atuk-nenek and pakcik-makcik and of 1st and 2nd generations.

Our task was to go to each of them and ask them to sign beside their name. Also, we have to identify his/her relation to us. The first three who send in complete 'forms' will win.

I tell you, that was not an easy task! Many of us had to admit that we barely knew our distant relatives. Kakak & I were excited at first, but after some time, we saw Musa's paper with more signatures, we gave up and helped him instead... Let him win ^__^. And yeah, he got the 1st place!

If that game was not invented, I'm sure I still wouldn't know many of my Mom's cousins... erm, and yes, I still can't remember most of them though...

That's all...
I really enjoyed the day, SubhanAllah
Late update 'coz I didn't get to upload the pics until just recently.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Home 'alone'...

So what happens when you expect the maids to do everything for you, but they don't?
I mean, the house chores, of course.

Laundry, cooking, cleaning up the dining table, dish-washing, etc etc...

Dad, Moms, Brothers and Sisters are not around and I don't know what have they been doing for these past few days, esp since Bro and I returned home for the weekend.

They hardly cook. So gotta cook for myself, and yeah, I didn't cook extra for them bcoz they said they've eaten I-dunno-what-but-I-see-the-stove-was-used-to-cook-something. Friday night I fried an egg. Saturday morning I went out to buy breakfast, afternoon attended a wedding and had lunch there, dinner I had tuna fried with garlic. Sunday morning had cornflakes with fresh milk n honey, lunch hmm I'm thinking of steamed veges and canned sardin. Simple ones since I'm home alone. Oh, Bro's around but it doesnt make any difference, I think.

Laundry not done. 3 days huh! I didn't mind to check the main laundry basket yesterday or this morning since I got one in my own room. Now, gotta return late to IIUM 'coz I had just put the 3-days worn clothes into the washing machine. Thank God I have a working washing machine!
No. It's NOT WORKING!!! Takde air!!! HwaaaaahhhH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nasib baik check again. Aiihh... Bawak baju gi rumah sebelah pulak... Itu pun kalau ade air...

Ja. Got work to do!!!

Do you think I babble too much these days?
Yeah, I think so.
But this is my blog. I will write anything I want.
And yeah, I'm kinda living a lazy life... Uh... Should improve on this...
Spoiled 19-year-old.

Friday, December 15, 2006


14 December 2006

Had a bad day today.
Walked far enough to make me pant and sweat under the 1 p.m. afternoon sun and the heat was terrible, only to find out that the person I was going to meet only wanted to give me three pieces of A4 papers – i.e. a set of proposal paper for the alumni AGM – instead of having lunch together as well as discussing about the proposal paper.

I was shocked, but didn’t comment much since she said she and a friend of ours have to rush, and I gave out a false statement: I have a class at two. It’s a lie, in other words. But I just wanted to make that person feel guilty for changing plans without prior notice. TIME is LIFE! And (physical and spiritual) ENERGY is GOLD. I took the paper, said that I’ll have a look at it and walked away.

I couldn’t help feeling upset because the worthless walk had made me very, very tired. I sms-ed to that person something like this: Tau tak kertas tiga helai ni boleh e-mail je.
“No internet connection,” said she, in this IIUM Gombak campus where you can find lots of free internet connection at various places. And then, “No time.”

As if I have 25 hours a day…

Well, she said sorry. That’s a good thing.
But it’s now 6 p.m. and I haven’t felt any better.

I write this because I don’t want any of you to do something like this to any of your friends!
Remember this:
Use ‘em WISELY.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ayam jadi...

Kalau kerbau jadi ayam,
ikan jadi ayam,
itik jadi ayam,
arnab jadi ayam,
ayam jadi apa?

he..he..he.. =)

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Setelah seminggu check result Tilawah Placement Test (TPT) online, akhirnye result saya available online... Tak exempted. Level 1. Aisey...
Takpe, PASTI dan SANGAT PASTI ade hikmahnye..
Macam masa dapat kelas fardhu ain kat matric dulu..
Walaupun agak kemalasan sbb mmg rutin harian utk baca Qur'an. mungkin bacaan tak cukup baik.
Yup! AMAT PASTI ade hikmahnye...

sangat bersyukur
subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Going Another Step in My Life...

back on 26th November 2006, I had to force myself to go and attend the taaruf week for the new IIUM students intake November 2006/2007. I somehow didn't have the excitement within me for God-knows-what reason...

A friend was really worried, fearing that I wouldn't turn up for the enrollment, and he somehow spent a whole lot of energy in making sure I will at least turn up, even without the courage. Thanks Sidq. Frankly, I can't say it helped much, but yeah, thanks. Since the previous Friday I had had a nervous stomach, as always when I have to attend school. Sunday came and the nervous stomach converted to a damn painful headache like a knife stabbed straight into my forehead.

OK now you'd think I'm exaggerating. But no, I'm not.

Anyways, as stated in the previous posts, you should know that I attended the taaruf week because I have to and it's my responsibility as a student. And lots of thanks to Kak Yam J for 'waking me up' from my deep sleep. Yes, I have a mission.

That morning, I drove to IIUM since nobody's around to send me. Enrolled, checked into the temporary accommodation and attended the taaruf sessions. On Monday evening during the second slot, I slept. Had my pic taken, and displayed in the "Sleeping Ugly" movie. But hey, I slept sitting straight, no ugly pose.

During the taaruf week, I loved two speeches most. One by the Deputy Dean of IIUM (if I'm not mistaken) coz he mostly spoke about 'the life of the IIUM students - we are all international students since we learn in an international institution - and that there should be no gap between the Malaysians and others from overseas. Another was the speech by the President of IIUM, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. He spoke much about world politics. If you want to know what was he talking about, you should attend one of his talks. I'm very sure he'll bring it up at least a for a sentence. Because Mujahid told me he have heard him talking about the same thing thrice! but it was still awesome and great to be listened to. Yeah, I think I wouldn't get bored either. Maybe I can say these two slots were the only ones which didn't bring me to sleep.

Oh BTW, everyday we have gather for Subh at 5:30 a.m. and spent the whole day out at CAC, Main Audi, the riverside, mosque, on Wednesday sports complex, and return back to our rooms at 11:30 p.m.! Good thing that Allah made us Muslims pray 5 times a day, or we would have less rest... Alhamdulillah!

On Wednesday we had sports. Started with the Campus Race. Guys get to run 2.76 km if I'm not mistaken, the length of the main circular-road of the IIUM Gombak campus. Girls get a shortcut through the admin building. To my very surprise, my ex-roomate Diana Daim got 16th place and she booed at me for only getting no 25! but the first 40 who reached the final line are considered winners ^__^". 4 out of 20+ female and 9 male engineering students won. We'll claim our prices on 13th December at the Sports Complex.
After the campus race, all 700+ of us were divided into groups, and we played sports. My group played Handball. It was my first time. And it was real fun. Our 'coach' was actually my engineering senior, the vice-president of the Enginius Society and I didn't know that until the very next day when we have our kuliyyah briefing. I played hard, as I love sports very much! I enjoyed it very much!

Later that day, while waiting for the next slot to start, I slept. I thought no committee member would take my picture since it's still a resting time---- but one did, a pic while I was leaning back in my chair with one leg on the chair in front!! Oh I just prayed they didn't get it into the next version of Sleeping Ugly. And alhamdulillah, they didn't.

Another thing was that I was nominated to be the bai'ah leader for Engineering students. There were three of us, one from overseas and two local. The Yemeni girl got the best vote, but later she withdrewed for some personal reasons... Syaz and I were called again for election. The girls chose Syaz, and I was relieved. I went back to my seat. But a couple of minutes later, Syaz came to me telling me that I have to be the bai'ah representative for the architecture students. I go like~~~ What? KAED??? I could have said no, but it might be a little bit fun ^__^ at least I get to be an architecture student for a while. Oh if you'd like to know, when I was in school I wanted to take architecture but there was a big NO.
So yeah, because the original architecture girl hesitated to become the bai'ah rep, and that she's the only girl for this intake, another girl had to take over her responsibility and that was me. Why a girl??? IIUM isn't a girls' school okay. It's actually like this- there were 7 kuliyyahs for this intake, Law, Economics, Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK), Human Sciences (HS), Engineering, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Architecture (KAED). 4 from Law, Econs, IRK and HS are guys and 3 from Engin, ICT and KAED are girls. Simple.

So on Friday we moved into our permanent accommodation, and prepared for the bai'ah ceremony. What's bai'ah? Oh! It's oath-taking ceremony, in order to be a 'qualified' IIUM student. So Yusuf (Law), Fazli (Econs), Tanveer (IRK), Rizal (HS), Syaz (Engin), Ummu (ICT) and I (Engin @ KAED) led the bai'ah. It was a memorable experience. I can't say I love it, because I'm not a person who likes to go up in front (it's because of some personal reasons and there's no connection to being nervous or what-so-ever).

We passed. Alhamdulillah!
And now, we're all officially the students of the International Islamic University Malaysia - the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue!

Nihlah Johari,
1st Year,
Kuliyyah of Engineering,
Mahallah Asma' Block H Room 5.5c
International Islamic University Malaysia

Monday, November 27, 2006

A Mosque Goer...!!!

A Mosque goer wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper and complained that it made no sense to go to Mosque.

"I've gone for 30 years now," he wrote, "and in that time I have heard something like 3,000 Lectures. But for the life of me, I can't remember a single one of them. So, I think I'm wasting my time and the Imams are wasting theirs by giving Lectures at all."

This started a real controversy in the "Letters to the Editor" column, much to the delight of the editor. It went on for weeks until someone wrote this clincher.

"I've been married for 30 years now. In that time my wife has cooked some 32,000 meals. But for the life of me, I cannot recall the entire menu for a single one of those meals. But I do know this: They all nourished me and gave me the strength I needed to do my work. If my wife had not given me these meals, I would be physically dead today. Likewise, if I had not gone to Mosque for nourishment, I would be spiritually dead today!"

When you are DOWN to nothing.... Allah is UP to something! Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible! Thank Allah for our physical AND our spiritual nourishment!

bersemangat!! aja aja fighting!!!

MJ: hehe
MJ: nela
MJ: tgh buat pe?
NJ: tgh mencari smangat utk gi uia esok
NJ: hehe
MJ: mesti semangat!!
MJ: anggapla awak nak ke medan jihad!!
MJ: kami menanti2 kedatangan adik2!!
NJ: wah wahhh!!
NJ: seb baik awak cakap
NJ: huhu
MJ: ye!
MJ: jgn lupe perkara sepenting ni tau nela!!
MJ: kami mendoakan awak selalu!!
MJ: kalau ni lekat dalam ingatan awak
MJ: barula bermakna taaruf week awak kali ni
MJ: org lain dtg ke gombak terpinga2
MJ: awak datang dengan semangat dan halatuju yg jelas
NJ: em
NJ: aja aja fighting!
MJ: ^__^
NJ: thanks kak yam!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Whole Life Devoted to TaeKwon-Do"

Oh I had a very good training today!

And felt very good when a world-class senior complimented my side kick! ^__^

oh, that's the outcome of a 4-days hard training a couple of years ago (December 2003), on a 1.5 meter cliff at the sea-shore of Langkawi, with my left foot bandaged (suspected a little crack after I accidentally kicked my sister's elbow bone during the training for the national-level tournament..), trained by Selangor's chief instructor of that time Sir Kenneth Khoo.
(top-right picture: please scroll down to year 2005 memories for more info.. hehe)

Just to refresh my own memory, since I love ITF (International TaeKwon-Do Federation) TaeKwon-Do sooo veery much! hehe.. I'll tell you about my training history...

January 2006

January 1998 (11 yrs old)
- Joined ITF TaeKwon-Do, venue Sek. Rendah Al-Amin Kuala Lumpur, trainer Sir Kenneth Khoo and Ms Tan Wei Wei.
- Participated in my first tournament in IOI Mall, Puchong, Selangor. Was beaten pretty bad. Kicked-out on the first round.

Somewhere in 2000 (13 yrs old)
- blue-tip belt
- changed instructor for i-dunno-what reason. Trained with my bros Ahmad (3rd dan) and Isa (2nd dan) (both not training anymore.. busy) and also Sir Ridzwan aka Dwen under IMAAM (Independent Martial Arts Academy Malaysia).
- Participated in another tournament in Sekolah Bestari, USJ. Silver medal, and made all my opponents cry after the fight, even the girl who got the gold medal. I lost because I attacked too hard once and lost one point.
- graded and got my only double-promotion ever from blue-tip to black-tip.

- February: Took my Black Belt grading. Passed. Not with flying colours
- May: Elected to my first national-level tournament as a Selangor representative for Kejohanan Kebangsaan Senibela Diri 2001, UPM Serdang. No medal, kicked-out after my first round.
- became a TaeKwon-Do assistant-instructor.
- participated in a state-level tournament in Kapar, Kelang. Got a couple of medals.

- Elected for another national-level tournament - ITF Nationals in Seremban. Kicked-out second round, I remembered her being at the maximum weight of our category while I was at the minimum weight - fight not fair. Anyways~~ ^_^"
- Attended an Umpire Course - i.e. a seminar for refrees and judges in Seremban.
- In the same month, participated in another nationals in Kuantan, Senibela Diri 2002. Can't remember what medal Silver/Bronze but I got one (it's in the box in the store, malas nak cari balik). Sparred fair with Terengganu's best fighter of that time (one of Malaysian's top fighter) in the 4th round for my final round.
- Had my own TaeKwon-Do class. Trained 40 junior-high school female students around my age.
- Participated in more state-level tournaments and won more medals.
- December: Interviewed by a magazine called Senibela Diri.

2003 (15+ yrs old)
- January: an article in Senibela Diri mag about me was out, titled Tangisan Dalam Gelanggang which was referring to the tournament in USJ.
- May: Took my 2nd-dan grading. Passed.
- Participated in more state-level tournaments and won more medals.
- ITF Nationals in Langkawi. Intensive training under Sir Kenneth Khoo, Abg Amriz and Master Azwan Khoo. That's where I improved my side-kick. And Hong (the world-class senior) told me just now that if your side-kick is good, you'll find other kicks not that difficult. I won a couple of medals there. Silver for free-sparring, 4 rounds, had a good fight with a girl from Kedah but she got gold, probably because I was not fit enough (that year I was attending a backbone treatment for scoliosis and back-pain). Harian Metro got my pic (as big as a teen-girl's palm) and my name out the very next week I guess, and another small pic at the bottom-left-corner when I fell on the floor because of the jerking-spearing-side-kick by that girl from Kedah. And yeah, I was selected into the short-list for Malaysian Representatives for Junior World Champs the next year.
- Started to be mangsa politics. This person didn't like me to train under this person, and this person thought I was betraying the academy, and this person became wartawan-tidak-berbayar, rumors spread, and I got a bad name in IMAAM (for a while), and a controversial identity in the national level. I had to hide who was my actual instructor.

- February: attended the 2nd Malaysian rep selection in University Malaya. they're trying their best to short list people!
- March: passed the 2nd selection, but I withdrew when I found out that my trial-examination result for my IGCSE O'Levels is so BAD! It was a very hard decision to quit. I even quit the weekly trainings and focused on my studies while they started a full intensive training in MSN Bukit Jalil and Keramat.
- May: finished my IGCSE exams, visited the to-be M'sian reps, about 20+ of them, and they're still short-listing the list. I applied to join the team, they made an evaluation test especially for me. Joined them for a day. I broke out physically, mentally and spiritually. No stamina. And my moves were not as flexible as I was before I withdrew. I was not fit to be a Malaysian Representative! not anymore..
- I got tired. Especially because of the politics. I decided to quit TaeKwon-Do. Thought over it for nearly a year before I decided.
- Joined Karate Shito-Ryu and even joined the big demo in Dataran Merdeka organized by Kementerian Belia dan Sukan as a Karate-kaz.
- But my heart still loved ITF TaeKwon-Do. A proposal came asking me to be a Selangor rep for a national tournament in Melaka (if I'm not mistaken). I foolishly joined the selection and was selected, but everyone was facing exams and what not, so from the 11 people selected, only 3 could make it to the tournament. We were down mentally and spiritually, plus a not-proper training for nationals, we decided to withdraw. No fun, no seriousness. Sounds so empty with only 3 fighters for one state.
- Attended TaeKwon-Do in MCIIUM campus, improved my reverse-turning kick. Finally I managed to do that kick beautifully! Alhamdulilah! Hehe ^__^
- The Accident: 18th March, during training in IMAAM's new gym, Anwar (16-yr-old superb-1st-dan) accidentally hit my left eye with a full-power reverse-turning kick. I dropped down, my glasses broke and tore my left eyelid, I was bleeding so much. It hurts so much that I thought I got blind coz I couldn't see anything with my left eye! Everyone panicked. Rushed to a nearby clinic, the doctor asked me to go to the hospital instead. Went to a specialist hospital named Ampang Puteri, had a plastic surgeon sew my left eye, and tadaa~ no more hanging eyelid, alhamdulillah! but it swelled for a week. I dunno how many stitches, but it's one one-inch horizontal and another one-inch vertical (picture above). The first thing the surgeon asked when he saw me was "you're sure this is not street-fighting, ha?" coz he said it'd be tedious if he has to write a police report or anything... But no, alhamdulillah, although I didn't get the insurance to cover the very expensive 'surgery'. And I was not upset with Anwar, not even a little grudge within me.
- I thought that'd be a real good reason for me to quit TaeKwon-Do.

- July: Continued training. Although not as active. At least twice a month.
Aim: to again be an instructor and save the money to replace back those I spent in this path...
- November: it seems like I'm going to train hard again... uh-oh!
wallahu a'lam...

Friday, November 24, 2006

ar-ruhul jadid

It has been a couple of days since I started my holiday days early ^__^ and that sounds very good to me.

20 Nov
- back from Bandung, Indonesia
- received letter from Farah in Cansas
21 Nov
- driver for horseback riding kids
(realized my riding boots is lost! >_<" *sob sob*)

22 Nov
- bank-in IIUM registration fee
- got my new glasses ^_^'
- meeting Rahmatan lil-'alameen with ADNI Alumni
23 Nov
- driver for horseback riding kids again
- update blog:
Kembara Kami
24 Nov
- Rest day
25 Nov
- Carnival organized by JIM in Cheras
26 Nov
- Girls Day Out: out with my childhood pals ^_^

Semester exam results were out yesterday. As soon as I received the notice from a friend, I got nervous. My hands were shaking as I moved the mouse's cursor and typed in my Matric No. and IC No. And my heart pounded hard.

No C's this time. An A-, a B+ and a B. Now you know why I strived so hard (not hard enough actually) and get stressed out 'bout my academics each semester. It's the C's I get every semester. I get one of them in each of my result transcript. So you can now guess how bad my CGPA is.
But alhamdulillah, again and again, because I passed the matriculation school...

Soon, I'll be starting my Degree in Engineeering, insyaAllah.
A brand new life full of challenges, surprises, knowledge, experience tests (and more!) waiting ahead.

Your prayers I need to succeed in both this world and the Hereafter.

qum bir-ruhul jadiid!

p/s: kak wan maryam, kebetulan seperkara yang sama yang kita perlukan saat ini. my prayers are always with you, insyaAllah.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Kembara Kami

16th November 2006

Two days before, late at night, I decided to follow a friend a.k.a. big sis a.k.a. comrade-in-arms for a holiday trip to Bandung, Indonesia. I waited for Mom to return home from Surabaya after midnight and asked for her permission. She told me to ask Dad. Dad was in Jakarta. [And Atiqah in Yemen; and Yusuf in Jordan (went to Lubnan & Syria); and Kakak & Abg Amin will be going to Cape Town, South Africa; and Musa & Mom to Australia; and Dad to Istanbul..... I thought a family would only go to one place together for a trip... man, this is rare...)

Anyways, the next day, on my way to a meeting with Datin Hartini for a youth expedition project to Singapore and Aceh, I sent Dad a text asking for his permission. He replied, saying yes. And I was so glad.

Actually, I was suppose to join a Mukhayyam in Ulu Yam together with many other friends of mine on the 16th... But I just love to travel elsewhere, although twice have I been to Bandung with my family. Both sounds interesting and adventurous, but there's something about a place in Bandung that's attracting me... apart from that mengembara-ingitis... hehe...

Flight was 0735 hours from LCCT-KLIA. One good thing we all realized about AirAsia - they don't delay flights like they always do last time. That's what we call IMPROVEMENT in TIME MANAGEMENT. Oh, I hope the Alumni of ADNI read this part and take note that it IS POSSIBLE for one (individual and group) to change to the better. That reminds me, Hijrah, the new year of 1428 Hijrah is coming...
I chatted with Kak Yam J throughout the 2-hour-plus flight despite that we were both very sleepy for we didn't have a good night sleep, but I guess we were just too excited about the trip and all,,, is it, Kak Yam? Hehe...

I've not been to Bandung by flight, as far as I can remember. For both trips with my family during my junior-high school time, we flew to Jakarta and took a BlueBird Kijang (it's Unser in Malaysia, and BlueBird is the best taxi service company available in Indonedia, I think) - which was not very nice last time since there was no proper highway and had to spent more than 5 hours in the car! The airport was small, maybe like the one in Kuala Terengganu, and crowded. We then took a cab to Daarut Tauhid...

Now, the real adventure begins...
Well, it's a different kind of adventure. Of course it's not like getting into the jungle in Ulu Yam, getting to do flying fox, pony riding, river crossing, mud bathing, etc... But you know what I mean...

So, Daarut Tauhid is a place - a daerah, or a very small town - which is very unique. It's attraction is it's 'Islamic aura' spread to places and people in and around it. Have you ever imagined how an Islamic state looks like? The mosque being it's centre of attention, 24-7 (especially during the weekends).
In Daarut Tauhid, the Islamic environment IS actually there. You can see it, you can feel it! You go everywhere, you rarely see any woman without head-scarf (I didn't see any!). No guys loitering around. Every night there's a public talk at its mosque, and it's broadcasted throughout the 'Islamic territory' by LCD projectors on d roadsides, parking lots, any place where you can find a place to sit. When you checked-in to the hotel, they'd ask whether you'd like to have a wake-up call for qiamullail,,,,, oh you know my description is far less from the reality...
The whole territory is very clean. And what's more interesting, is about the shoes. In entering any place, everyone will arrange their shoes, facing out. Oh boy, we just forget to take a picture of how the shoes are arranged although we made a so-called experiment as soon as we entered our hotel named Darul Jannah 2...

The weather in Bandung was suppose to be somewhat cool and windy, so they don't have fans or air-condition in their rooms... But now, I guess they're facing a dry season and the weather gets pretty hot during the afternoons.

The Square (it's not the real name, and it's actually a rectangle) where people would sit every night and listen to talks (beautiful, nice, relevant-to-our lives, touching ones) of the Sheikh there... Abdullah Gymnastiar a.k.a. Pak Aa Gym
somehow this man reminds me of Ustaz Asmadi and Ustaz Maszlee

The best restaurant around! They really treat us good and nice!

Jus Geurlis (er, how to spell, Kak Yam?), Jus Matahari and Ice Lemon Tea...

Oh there's a pretty aweful story here... >_<"
During one of the meals, I ordered Jus Jeruk, i.e. Orange Juice. It's Mandarin orange you see, and it's very nice. A very unfortunate thing that happen was that a fly fell into my drink. And we all thought if we dip it fully inside the drink and throw it away, the juice will be drink-able again. There was a hadeeth or something? And I did that...
Had at least three glasses of fruit juice for the first day too!
And a plate full of rice for each meal!
And by midnight,,, my stomach was growling...
I woke up early the next morning, going to the toilet some uncountable times...
So, tell me, was it ++ the fly, or ++ the cups of fruit juice, or ++ eating too much food?
I think it's the combination of all three!
And that maybe there's some exact steps that has to be taken in order to drink that juice again, e.g. dip it until it dies, or for how-many seconds, or whatever that may change the biological entities of the juice? Wallahu a'lam. A research has to be done and shared..

There's actually two parts of Darul Jannah... The first one much more beautiful since the rooms are made up of woods.
17th November 2006
The others went to Pasar Baru for shopping and then headed to Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Domas, an active volcano site, but I stayed back because of the stomach-ache, fearing that it'll be hard for me to find a toilet if I go... And Kak Yam J stayed back with me, figuring out how to get rid of my stomach-ache.. we chatted, slept and watch TV all day long. Makcik Azmah and the others only returned after Maghrib. Oh what a trip and shopping they had!
You can find some pics of the volcano site here: My Family Pics. Please search by yourself. Hehe.. Pics taken a couple of years ago.
18th November 2006
After breakfast on the 18th, Kak Yam led the way to the local bookstore. Not forgetting that we passed by a group of people who are attending a training programme called Santri Siap Guna, SSG in short (read again: it's pronounced Es Es Ge), doing some morning aerobics. There's two bookstores in Daarut Tauhid, one above the Daarut Tauhid supermarket, the other a little further away, nearer to Dapur Teteh. I bought many books! I've never bought as much elsewhere, I guess. Oh, Pak Aa Gym has this wide range of 'business', from TV and radio broadcasting, book publishing to laundry! About a dozen of them, if I'm not mistaken, but I can't remember all. So this bookstore we went after breakfast was his.
We then wander around the territory, to the other end, checking out what else do they have around there. They have a community centre I guess, or it belongs to some anti-HIV NGOs, I don't know. Since it was a Saturday so it was close. Oh, and I remembered Kak Yam and myself moaning one of the nights while watching TV as we see too much cigarretes ads, at least three different brands each time the advertisement period comes in between... and yeah, at the bookstore, there was this little book, it looks like a Dunhill cigarrete box, writton STOP in big letters SMOKING. But didn't buy it, coz the contents were too much, fonts too small and language in Indonesian so we don't know who to give to...

On the roof-top of one of Pak Gym's corporation buildings...

And while we were wandering around, we witnessed a small demonstration. Cool ^__^ It's anti-Bush demo since the US President Mr. George W. Bush was going to visit Jakarta on the 20th November.
picture: above & below

19th November 2006

On the 19th, we did more shopping!
Bought more books and button badges.

Entrance to the toko buku above the Daarut Tauhid supermarket. I think we went there more than three times thoughout the 5 days we were there, and each time we went, we bought some (or one) book(s). Of course! They're very cheap!
And I'll have to train myself to read books in other languages, not just English!

Kak Yam J with a comic book she bought for 50% off.

Oh! I forgot!
On the 18th, we went to Saung Angklung show... It's a place where people go to learn how to play traditional musical instruments, especially the angklung. The show price was pretty high for foreigners like us, but we all agreed that it was worth it. We don't only get to witness the kids there playing angklung and some other instruments, we get to TRY THEM!

Each visitor gets an angklung. They have 8 tones - Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti and another high pitched Do, numbered 1 to 8 respectively. We get the angklung with no. 1, it sounds kinda like a base...

The girl beside Kak Yam is our 'personal instructor' for that evening!

The 'teacher' poiting the notes of the song Burung Kakak Tua.
When the note no. 1 is pointed, Kak Yam, Makcik Azmah and I will have to play our angklung!

Ja ne!
The adventure has come to an end, AlhamduLillah! We returned to Malaysia on the 20th of November, in the morning, the day Bush arrived in Bogor Airport, Indonesia.
It was a memorable trip, indeed!

A must-read Kak Yam J's post -
http://inspirasikembara.blogspot.com now!

The Dash of Life

very very beautiful video...


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SMS phenomena (the same goes to forwarded e-mails and bulletins)

A very nice post from my classmate back in ADNI...

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

How come I didn't know that you could convert to Judaism? See
Judaism 101: Jewish Attitudes Toward Non-Jews.

There's this great thing I've been obsessed with lately called
Yahoo! Answers ^_^ Helps release stress, IMO. All those unanswered questions can make you restless... I've noticed that my text messages are always questions...

I agree with the Rahmatan Lil-'Alamin concept. God, aren't you sick of hearing about all those protests, burning flags, and stuff? 8- And the Christians here aren't doing that, but pushing for dialogue instead. What happened during The Da Vinci Code launch? No protests. No rallies. Come on, do we want to be losers? 8- I'd feel like one if Muslims lost to Christians in this aspect...

And the SMS phenomena recently--I feel like a loser already 8- You get a message: "Christian-Muslim gang fight in Ampang. 6 killed" What do you do? "Ummm... Just send it to all my friends and family. I don't know if it's true, but it's news-worthy. 8- " Suddenly you're a journalist. Suddenly you have an infinite amount of prepaid credit. And suddenly there's a protest somewhere, on the brink of violence; obstructing traffic and creating noise pollution, nonetheless. How stupid can you be??? 8-

I haven't read the news completely, but regardless of who sent it, it shouldn't have blown out of proportion like this 8- It's supposedly from someone from IIUM, a Muslim-turned- Christian- turned-Muslim. Next time you get a message like this:

1) Question the source. Who sent it in the first place? Ask the person who sent it to you. If he says, "I got it from a friend," 8- which it usually is, then:

2) Evaluate it. Is the person trustworthy? Call the religious body (if any) related to the original sender (if his name's stated) and ask them if the matter's true. But the original sender's name is usually not given, so:

3) Don't spread it. More harm than good will come out of spreading the word. Would it make a real difference if there were no protests and flag burning? Remember "dialogue" earlier? I know racial and religious tension can be saved had everyone used their God-given intelligence 8- The last thing we need is a real all-out offence between the religions in Malaysia. I thought Muslims were famous for their "forums" and "seminars".. . 8-

4) Report if it gets out of hand. 8- Like, this is the "D" in "Duh." Doesn't get any Duh-er than this. Tell the authorities who you got the message from. The chain's still a chain, however long it is. If it's broken, it's still a trail. It'll lead them somewhere.

By the way, this applies to e-mails as well. I get junk from quite a few people here. Hadiths, repeat e-mails, mail-to-save- my-child. .. 8- Just trash them if you don't know the authenticity (or too lazy to check, more like). You be the judge. And up your standards, Gawd! 8-

You know whether to spread this or not...

P.S. There are times I wish we'd learned Hadiths like the Qur'an. What's Sahih and what's Dha'if...

with courtesy and permission to re-post
written by
Muhammad Zulhilmi, 18, IIUM.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Doa Seorang Muslim

Doa Seorang Muslim terhadap saudaranya...

Diriwayatkan oleh Muslim dan Abu Daud dari Shafwan bin Abdillah ra katanya: "Saya datang ke Syam dan menemui Abu Darda’ di rumahnya, tetapi tidak ditemui dan yang ada hanyalah Ummu Darda’. Tanyanya kepadaku: "Apakah kau hendak naik haji tahun ini?" , "Memang" ujarku. Katanya pula: "Kalau begitu tolonglah doakan kami agar memperoleh kebaikan, kerana Nabi saw pernah bersabda: "Doa dari seorang muslim buat saudaranya dari belakangnya (tanpa pengetahuannya) adalah doa yang makbul."

"Dekat kepalanya ada malaikat yang bertugas. Maka setiap ia berdoa untuk saudaranya itu, malaikat akan mengucapkan "Amin! Aku juga mendoakanmu". Cerita Shafwan lagi: "Setelah aku pergi ke pasar dan ketemu dengan Abu Darda’. Maka disampaikannya pula kepadaku seperti tersebut diatas, yang menurut keterangannya diterima nya dari Nabi saw."

Demikianlah keutamaan mendoakan saudara sesama muslim. Ketika kita mendoakan kebaikan untuk saudara kita, malaikat pun turut mengucapkan doa yang sama untuk kita.

Disarikan dari: Fiqh Sunnah, Sayyid Sabiq...

thoughts put into words
a very nice one, indeed.

please pray for everyone you care...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

my hol starts!

Alhamdulillah, I've gone through my final examination...
I don't think I performed very well, or even 'well' bcoz I only studied during the very last minutes before the exams. Erm, I have to admit that it is a bad behaviour I've been carrying with me everywhere I go for the past 19 years of my life...

But anyways, please do pray for the best results. I aim to give my CGPA an increase of more than just 0.32 points! oh, you didn't know that there's this story bout my CGPA...
My CGPA didnt start well compared to my classmates as well as my fellow friends. Increased by 0.01 for my 2nd semester, 0.02 for my 3rd semester, 0.08 for my 4th semester,,, and now I'll pray that it's not 0.16 or 0.32 but MORE!!!!
*** sadness *** i can't graduate from the iium matriculation school with a very low CGPA,,, even though it will not be included in my degree, I'll feel bad all my life... ---- bcoz__ I tend to focus on other things other than my studies, and I get very lazy when it comes to studying.

Oh-oh... I just have to change my attitude towards studying.
Started, of course, and will try my best to improve, insyaAllah. I need reminders, reminders, reminders and support from all!
and oh, I realized that I'm not the type who stand up for/to challenges.

Anyways, hols started. Today's my first day...
9th Nov
- edit a video for Alumni presentation for ADNI's Performance Day
- duplicate keys
10th Nov
- Engineering & Law friends coming over for late lunch @ raya
11th Nov
- ADNI Performance Day @ Engineering Dept IIUM
- TaeKwon-Do comrades coming over for late lunch @ raya
12th Nov
- Alumni's Convoy Raya to teachers' houses around KL & Selangor.
13th Nov
- get new glasses
18th Nov
- Alumni's Convoy Raya to members' houses around KL & Lembah Klang.

well, I can say that this IS A HOLIDAY, but I'll make sure I don't just hibernate!

I actually planned to follow Ummi on her business trip to Australia (Melboune and another place) with my li'l bro Musa for this holiday, but I decided not to when looking back carefully into my bank account. Hehe.. Bukan rezeki kot. I don't want to waste that amount of money for a one-week 100%-holiday. I mean, better save my RMs for SU-s or Alumni's or YBK's kot? And not forgetting the trip to the sacred lands Makkatul-mukarramah & Madinatul-munawwarah...
We plan and of course He is the Best Planner...

I also have to give up facilitating a group of 50 youngsters to Singapore & Acheh, a program hosted by YBK (Yasasan Basmi Kemiskinan) from 10th-17th December 2006... because lectures should have started on that date, and there's a strict NO from my parents. study - first priority, in other words.
I'll post the ads later nsyaAllah...

Hmm... It's a long post here. I think I'd stop for now.
pray to Allah for the best for yourselves, for me and for the ummah!

p/s: sayonara to beloved bro yusuf jo who flew last night,,, sallim 'ala biladissyam - lubnan, el-urdun wa suria wa asdiqa'i hunak...

Monday, October 30, 2006

new birthday song ;) so cute!!


p/s: oh, i just love the song, because I like clownfishes! And Finding Nemo's my favourite Disney cartoon and Nemo's the ultimate favourite character, FYI!


27th October - birthday wishes to Zainab Mahirah my childhood classmate @ pal (remember, from Junior 1 to Junior 5, we're the shortest in line during assembly! ngahah~) and Kazimah (a girl I knew and advised online)

28th October - woopsy doosy, i just forgot who's birthday's on this date. anyways, happy birthday!

29th October - birthday wishes to Kak Echah Chomel (ngeh~ ade org tu ngaku sendiri, kite iye kan je la) and bright 5-year-old Bro Ilyas Johari.

May Allah bless you all!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

siblings rivalry

masih terus dihujani bicara 'dorongan' untuk aku belajar dengan lebih (sangat!) rajin dan fokus.

tiap kali itu juga aku spontan tunduk menahan kelopak mata dari dibasahi mutiara jernih...
kalau diikutkan mahu aku terus bangkit dan menghadap buku --- hanya buku akademik. ya, bukan buku riyadussolihin, bukan buku seerah, bukan readers digest; bukan buku-buku yang berfaedah tetapi tidak berkaitan dengan kursus kejuruteraanku.
"aku tahu aku tahu!!!" bentak hatiku yang sememangnya kurang kesabaran.

hati sahaja yang ketandusan kesabaran, hakikatnya aku jarang sekali melenting atau merajuk. mungkin itulah yang dinamakan makan dalam. dan ianya sangat tidak sihat dan merbahaya untuk seorang pejuang.

sebab itulah aku mewujudkan blog ini

Computer - C++ Programming
Physics - Electronics
Physics Lab - General Physics

A! A! A!
Semua mesti A untuk sem ni! A- boleh dimaafkan. Tapi kena berusaha untuk A jugak!!!!!
Mesti! Mesti! dan sangat MESTI!!!

Ya Allah...
Hanya Kau yang berkuasa di atas segala sesuatu...
Jika itu yang terbaik untukku, perkenankanlah...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

the value of life

One significant difference between this Eid and the ones we often celebrate - this Eid, we didn't take a family picture. I only took some candit pics, but none of them that'll I post here. Confidential - not for public view. Hehe... Actually, there are no nice ones except for my own pics. And I'm not going to post 'em here.

this Eid, Tikki's not around. Kakak somehow misses her already.
No. I'm just glad she's off somewhere else. I mean, glad for myself coz I have the whole big room to myself, and that I can keep it tidy (trust me, I'm working on it!) and ALSO GLAD FOR HER because she's picking up experience and knowledge that she could treasure forever. I know the feeling of being away from home for months, and I'm actually jealous that she spend her Ramadhan and Eid in a totally different environment with different people. It's not like you can get that experience every year - no, not even once in a lifetime to some!

I've done a little revision for my exam a couple of days ago. It's because of some external pressure like: that person is already doing his revision on d first day of Eid although his exams will start on the 3rd, just like me... And also some internal push like: I have to give my CGPA a boost this semester! I have to and I want to! Ya Allah... Please help me through!
It's a good thing that someone reminded me "rajin.. rajin... rajin!!!" while I was watching Naruto that night.
I really need reminders...

some pics

my Rich Chocolate Cake - iftar kat rumah Ust Maszlee @ Ustzh Hamidah (",)
6th October 2006 - ustzh masak nasi maqlubah yg sgt sedap!!! arigatou!
recipe -->
Chocolate Cake Recipe (please scroll ur mouse over n click)

Ketupat oh Ketupat!~ hehehe
ade jugak orang tak pecaye yg kitorang anyam ketupat sendiri utk raya... utk pengetahuan umum, ini adalah aktiviti tetap beberapa hari sblm Hari Raya Eidul-Fitr dan juga Eidul-Adha; ianya akan disertai oleh semua lapisan umur, dari ibu bapa yg sibuk bekerja sehinggalah adik-adik yg belajar di sekolah rendah...
Tahun ni, buat 150++ ketupat jer...

my usrah girls for this sem... (dua orang tak datang)
Ja ne--- see you guys in Gombak insyaAllah,,, jangan ponteng-ponteng usrah, terus istiqamah dalam memperbaiki diri dan orang sekeliling...
yg pegi Kuantan tu jage diri baik-baik tau!
Nice to know and be with you guys!
ukhuwwah fillah tidak akan musnah walaupun ombak walau badai mendesah
tautan erat tak mungkin patah, dengan ismuLlah kita berbai'ah

Sunday, October 22, 2006

'Eid Mubarak!!!

Find the others only on Babaflash.com ---
Supported by BukuKita.com ---

Semoga telah berjumpa dengan apa yang dicari di bulan Ramadhan!
Semoga telah cas batteri iman sehingga penuh untuk menempuh 11 bulan akan datang ke Ramadhan 1428! nsyaAllah
Semoga sentiasa istiqamah dalam melakukan amal-amal soleh dan dalam mempertingkatkan iman!
Semoga graduasi dari Madrasah Ramadhan dengan cemerlang!
Semoga akan berjumpa dengan Ramadhan akan datang!


Eid al-Fitr al-Mubarak!!!
Have a blessed 'Eid!


Special 'Eid greetings to my beloved sister Atiqah Johari and childhood friend Nur 'Aliatul Husna Hasni in Yemen. Hope you both enjoy experiencing 'Eid there!

p/s: auntie mimi, you should check out other flash e-cards on Babaflash.com! they're all cute! show 'em to Adam, Sara & Ilyas! Basma, Deena & Saleh like 'em! ^__^

Sunday, October 15, 2006

grab the chance!!!

Pesta beribadah telahpun bermula
Bersama tibanya Ramadhan yang mulia
Rahmat Allah melimpah untuk semua hambaNya
Nikmat Allah mengalir mencurah-curah

Meriahkan ramadhan ini dengan beribadah
Tingkatkan amal dan mujahadah
Banyakkanlh berzikir dan baca al-Qur'an
Muhasabah dan sucikan hati

Seluruh anggota kita semua ada peranannya
Perlu dijaga di setiap tindakan
Hati yang telah bersih dan berakhlak mulia
Di sisi Allah tinggi nilainya

Jagalah lidah dan juga tutur kata
Jangan sampai mengumpat dan berkata-kata dusta
Pelihara mata dan kawal telinga
Agar berbuat yang diredhai Allah

Langkahkan kaki menuju kebaikan
Jangan melangkah kearah kejahatan dan maksiat
Jika terhumban ke kancah kehinaan
Di dunia lagi peroleh pembalasan

Tangan pun juga hendaklah dijaga
Elakkan diri mengambil hak orang lain tanpa redha
Kukuhkan perpaduan hindar permusuhan
Sesama jiran rakan dan taulan

Jadikanlah Ramadhan gelanggang untuk beribadah
Bukan sekadar berlapar dan dahaga
Ramadhan setahun sekali sahaja
Rebutlah peluang jangan ketinggalan
Rebutlah peluang jangan ketinggalan!
Rebutlah peluang jangan ketinggalan!!!

Meriahkan Ramadhan ini dengan beribadah
Tingkatkan amal dan
Banyakkanlh berzikir dan
baca al-Qur'an
Muhasabah dan sucikan hati

8 hari lagi sebelum pesta ibadah ini ditutup...
Dan kini aku hanya mampu mengalirkan air mata tatkala melihat orang lain berdiri, ruku' dan sujud menghadap Tuhan Pencipta Yang Maha Pemurah sepanjang siang dan malam...
Berzikirlah setiap saat,
Bacalah terjemahan dan tafsir Qur'an...
Jangan terus rebah apabila jatuh di atas jalan ini,
Walaupun merangkak, perlu terus maju ke hadapan!
Tiada masa lagi untuk dibazirkan!
Langsung tiada masa lagi untuk dibazirkan!

Chocolate Cake Recipe

After hearing too much "teach us how... teach us", I decided to paste the Choc Cake recipe here, so that you guys can try by yourselves at home...
A baking session for K-akhawat will be arranged later... hiks hiks~ Ermm,,, kat rumah Puan Zinn kan??? e-eeee best nye!!!! Listkan banyak-banyak: roti bun kak zinn, choc cake nela, ape lagi, aaaape lagiiii???
Haaa... Sape yg nak join, kene contribute something,,, cekodok pisang pun jadi lah! heh ^__^'
mengarut je.
But really, I'd really look forward if any of you can arrange for us to have ONE COOKING DAY TOGETHER!
Oh boy,, it'll surely be wonderful.

So, here it goes:

Rich-Moist Chocolate Cake

1¾ cup flour
¾ cup cocoa powder
1½ teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
1½ teaspoon baking powder
2 cups sugar
1 cup corn oil
2 eggs
1 cup boiling water
1 cup evaporated milk
2 teaspoon vanilla


1. Sieve flour, cocoa powder, sodium bicarbonate and baking powder
2. Blend / mix evaporated milk, oil, sugar (medium speed)
3. Add vanilla and boiling water
4. Add eggs, one at a time
5. Add sieved flour, cocoa powder, sodium bicarbonate and baking powder
6. Pour into Pyrex – cover with aluminium foil and coat with thin layer of butter, make sure there’s no leak
7. Bake. Oven: 180º, 30-40 minutes
Microwave: 16 minutes
8. Put in fridge overnight. Serve with toppings (see below).


1 cup cocoa powder
1 cup sugar
1 cup boiling water


Boil sugar, water and cocoa powder together on slow fire.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

meningkatnya usiaku...

Termasuk hari ini sudah genap dua minggu ummat Islam di Malaysia berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan. Dua minggu. Terasa seperti begitu cepat berlalu. Dan aku masih belum puas menikmati pesta ibadah ini... Tidak, lebih teruk dari itu, aku menyesal kerana aku sedar dua minggu ini sepatutnya berlalu dengan lebih baik!

5 Oktober 2006.

Peningkatan usia yang menjadi peringatan buat diriku jua diri-diri kamu yang mengenaliku.

The day went on as usual. Dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah, aku yang sedang berpuasa tiba² teringinkan cheese cake, dan aku menyatakan hasratku itu kepada ummi tercinta. Kami terus ke Secret Recipe di Ampang ^_^ dan membeli 4 jenis cake: 3 cheese cake & 1 chocolate cake! a quarter cake of each type.
Pulang ke rumah dan mendapati ada dua kad hari lahir di atas katil. Satu dari Kakak dan lagi satu dari Kak Maziah. Aku tersenyum lebar. It's just so nice to know that you're appreciated by others around you.
Kak Echah juga tidak lupa untuk menelefonku seperti tahun-tahun yang sudah! Walaupun tidak lama tetapi amat cukup untuk menggembirakan saya. Sidqi pula menghantar voice message yang tak lekang dari nasihat-nasihat menyuruh aku bernikah secepat mungkin (tapi dari gaya percakapannya, aku tahu dia tidak akan redha jika aku bernikah sebelum dia dan tunangnya bernikah...).
Dan Alan pula terlupa tentang hari ini walaupun aku sudah mengingatkannya...
And to all yg mengirim SMS dan IM:
Geeb (besday girl gak!), Paan, Mar, Shida, Iman, Solehah, Nadiah, Amy, Diana, Mardiyah, Pe'ah, 'Abyd, Sakinah, Ruzaini, Rabiatul, Tikki, Yadan, Muna n kawan dye Adik, Tahirah, Abg Ngah, Firdaus TKD, Abduh, Hafiza 5A, Cik Siti Wan Kuncup, Aneesah, Ayat, Kak Yam J, Kak Wan Maryam, Ili Sleeping, Nusaibah Md Asri, Najimin, Fatima Karate, Sarah TKD, Najat, Hilal, Zulhilmi,,,, emm sape lg?
tak lupe juga Ustazah Hamidah yang sangat ringan tulang dan baik hati kerana memasakkan Nasi Maqlubah untuk saya!!! !_! !__!
Thanks very much! May Allah bless you all...

Semoga usia yang meningkat ini meningkat setaraf dengan kematangan, amal ibadah, iman & taqwa kepada Allah...
Semoga setiap saat, hari dan tahun yang berlalu ini menjadi peringatan terbaik bahawa kita tiada masa lagi untuk dibazirkan.
Semoga 19 tahun bermusafir di atas muka bumi Allah ini mengajar aku untuk lebih mengenali dan mencintai PenciptaKu...

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I miss Jordan........
I MISS JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duduk kat Jordan, tak terasa pulak rindu kat Malaysia.....
Sampailah nak balik pastu flight ticket ade problem... Stranded TIGA HARI kat Amman... Baru la terasa "waaahh.... nak balik nyee... nak balik nye!!!!!!!!!"...
Utk yg tak tau ape cerita... Boleh visit:
Extended vacation…??? (please click on the hyperlink)
Hari tu dah gi Tarbush menghilangkan rindu kat khubz arabiy (roti kering dye dpanggil dlm Bhase Mlayu kite)...
Pastu menghilangkan rindu bertutur dlm Ammi Jordan mase chat dengan sorang member yg skrg ade kat negara Arab sane... Walaupun brape perkataan jer... Juge mase borak-borak dgn Ust Syed Mokhtar beberapa minggu lepas...

Malas nye nak balik UIA ni........
Tapi dok rumah ni kurang bace Qur'an plak...
Baik balik UIA lah.
Sekejap lagi.

Hari ni masuk hari ke 8 Ramadhan...
Alhamdulillah, everything ran smoothly, walaupun qiam rongak...

OK lah... Smpai sini je... Terbantut plak idea menulis ni.
Salams. Ilalliqa'

pictures of HOPE '06

At last I manage to upload these pictures...
It's been a month since the event were held...
It's just three pics though...
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A glimpse - HOPE: Palestine Revisited

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ahlan wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan!!!

Ahlan wa sahlan
ya Ramadhan!!!
Satu nasib tak serupa
Peluangnya sama
Najitah berbeza
Ramadhan mereka gemilang cemerlang
Mukmin berjasa di awal zaman
Ramadhan kami parah terbuang
Muslim berdosa di akhir zaman
Mereka gembira kerana kedatanganmu
Kami gembira dengan pemergianmu
Malam mereka meriah di simbah nur al-Qur'an
Tapi malam kami muram berkabung dengkur
Mereka berlumba mengejar maghfirah
Tapi kami lesu diburu nafsu
Hati mereka bercahaya digilap taqwa
Jiwa kami gelap didera dosa
Takbir mereka takbir kemenangan
Hadiah mujahadah sebulan Ramadhan
Takbir kami lesu tak bermaya
Tanda kalah lemah tak berdaya
Puasa sekadar lapar dan dahaga
1 Ramadhan 1427
Earlier that morning, the last day of Sha'ban, I attended a crash-course with other ADNI Alumni members, aimed to switch me to a higher gear for me to start my journey through the blessed month... "The Science of Sawm-ar-Ramadhan" was the topic. We discussed about the preparation for Ramadhan, fiqh of sawm, the hikmah of sawm and other deeds in Ramadhan, and many more...
Here are little of The-Do's:
1. Talk less. Less means LESS.
2. La taghdhob. If we continue on being the same in Ramadhan as we were in other months, He do not need us restraining from food and drink...
3. Memperbanyakkan membaca & memahami ayat-ayat al-Qur'an...
ورَتِّلِ القُرْءَانَ ترْتِيْلاًََ
4. Do sadaqah and serve food for people to break their fasts
5. Memperbanyakkan tahlil dan istighfar
6. Sentiasa memohon dijauhkan dari neraka dan didekatkan kepada syurga.
On the first Ramadhan night, I didn't plan to go to the mosque near my house for tarawih prayers, and my decision was right... Kakak soon returned home saying the mosque is full and that people have to pray outside on the pavement. We prayed Isya' and tarawih congregationally at home. Ummi, Kakak, Auntie Mimi, Sara and I. Forgot to invite Acik Yati, Basma & Deena. Will do tonight, nsyaAllah.
Oh, last night was so wonderful!
Oh, SubhanAllah Alhamduillah AllahuAkbar! Last night was SO WONDERFUL!
I do hope tonight and the coming nights will be more wonderful if not the same...
My sahur this morning was moderate. This proves that I had a good physical warm-up alhamdulillah. Hehe... Everyone was around except Atiqah and Yusuf. Atiqah sms-ed us though, wishing us Ramadhan Mubarak and saying that she misses us so much. 5-year-old Ilyas also woke up for Sahur this morning.
I'll break my fast at home tonight nsyaAllah, despite the college curfew at 7 p.m..
I'll be visiting Kak Yam J and few others nsyaAllah this afternoon. They're having some interesting daurah... Oh, it'll sure be exciting nsyaAllah...
Bestnye! Bestnye!
As Ramadhan approaches, I've been thinking much about death... Especially because of last year's unexpected tragedy... Atok left us...
I want to achieve full 30 days this Ramadhan...
Ya Allah... I want this Ramadhan...
Ya Allah...
Terimalah setiap amalanku pada bulan yang mulia ini...
Dengarlah setiap rintihanku meminta keampunan dariMu...
Ya Allah...
Teguhkanlah aku dalam mengharungi hari-hari di dalam madrasah ini...
Kuat, tabah dan sabar...
Ya Allah...
Sampaikanlah aku pada penghujung Ramadhan ini...
Sampaikanlah aku pada malam al-qadr...
Ya Allah...
Mohon dengan sangat...
Diberi peluang...
Mohon dengan sangat...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Riding For Life...

Tiba-tiba saya teringat yang saya masih belum bercerita tentang horseback riding...

Antara sukan yang saya sangat hargai adalah menunggang kuda. Saya belajar menungang kuda sejak berusia 14 atau 15 tahun... Erm... Saya tak berapa ingat... Tetapi saya hanya menunggang seminggu sekali buat seketika, dan akan berhenti buat seketika juga, mungkin dalam beberapa bulan, dan meneruskan semua sukan yang sangat menyeronokkan ini. Jadi, riding skills saya tidaklah begitu baik kerana tidak istiqamah.

Ada rakan saya tertanya-tanya kenapa riding memenatkan (kerana saya sering tidur awal jika petang itu saya menunggang kuda) sedangkan saya hanya menunggang kuda, bukannya kuda yang menunggang saya. Saya mengukir senyum lebar menampakkan barisan gigi saya yang sudah tidak berbesi ketika itu. Ya, hanya ketika itu, kerana saya hanya boleh membuka retainer saya selama tiga hari. Jika lebih dari itu, gusi saya akan terasa sakit yang teramat sangat.

Untuk pengetahuan semua, menunggang kuda adalah lebih memenatkan dari bersungguh-sungguh melakukan tiga pattern black belt 1st dan ITF berturut-turut (Kwang Gae, Po Eun dan Ge Baek).

Riding requires you to use
all main parts of your physical body.
Head, eyes, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, chest, upper back, lower back, trunk, hips, knees, betis (this is BM), heels and toes. And of course your breathing too.

If you know any other sports that require more synchronization than horseback riding, please tell me.
Dan yang lebih mencabar, anda bukan saja perlu mengatur pergerakan setiap anggota tubuh badan anda yang saya sebutkan di atas, tetapi juga perlu memastikan bahawa pergerakan anda betul dan arahan anda difahami oleh kuda yang ditunggang.

Kuda juga seperti manusia, punya pelbagai perangai dan ragam. Ada yang baik dan sentiasa akur, ada yang ceria dan sentiasa bersemangat, ada yang penakut, ada yang cepat mengamuk, ada yang sombong dan angkuh, dan ada yang suka membuli juga!

Do you know how horses bully riders?
Easy. They tell you that they're the boss by not following your orders and doing what they want instead.

Dan seperti TaeKwon-Do, horseback riding juga boleh dikatakan sebagai addiction.

Saya pernah jatuh kuda sekali. Paling sedikit diantara adik-beradik saya yang belajar menunggang kuda. Adik saya Atiqah seringkali jatuh dari kuda, mungkin sudah berbelas kali.
Kesakitan apabila sudah terjatuh dari kuda yang lebih tinggi dari saya itu (mungkin 2 meter) memanglah amat menyakitkan. Tetapi pada saya sebagai rider, pengalaman jatuh dari kuda itu adalah sangat penting, walaupun sekali.

Kenapa saya terjatuh dari kuda?
Kerana kuda di belakang saya yang ditunggang oleh rider lain telah melompat ke depan kerana takutkan satu beg plastik yang sedang terbang di udara ditiup angin, mengejutkan kuda yang saya tunggang dari khusyuk mematuhi arahan penunggangnya.

Ya, kuda sangat cepat terkejut dan penakut.

Who would expect that tough-looking, handsome creature is actually a real freak?
Begitu jugalah manusia... Tak semestinya seseorang yang tampak ceria dan bersemangat itu tidak punya masalah peribadi yang sangat memeritkan.
Tempat pergantungan hanyalah pada Allah Yang Satu, Yang Maha Berkuasa ke atas segala-galanya, Yang Sentiasa Melihat, Yang Mengetahui setiap sesuatu dan Yang Sentiasa Memenuhi keperluan hamba-hambaNya.

Semoga sentiasa tabah menghadapi kenyataan yang masih belum pasti.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

9 September 2006 - Remember This Date

I had a brand-new day today ^_^

Had HOPE's post-mortem today.
Inside me, I actually got upset with the impuncuality (is this the right word?) of many, esp the VIP! Huhu... The meeting don't just start an hour late but more than that!
I won't elaborate further...
My point is: can anyone give me some tips on "how to train others to be punctual, besides you yourself showing a good example" ??? Give me a list if you need to.

Credits to Nwa for accompanying your 'sumber inspirasi' for dinner this evening with her best-est pal and to Alan too for coming a very long way to deliver some cool nasyeeds and songs to me apart from meeting with your VIP. Hehe...

Guys, some of you might be wondering what am I talking about.
Don't tell me, but I'll tell you...
I tend to mix around with different groups of friends so you gotta bear with postings you don't get to understand.
And that this is MY blog, I'll write anything I want.

Thanks for reading anyways.
Good night.
Don't forget to pray.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

short stories to be shared...

*** Story 1 ***

My 11-year-old brother Musa have this habit of hiding behind a wall, waiting for his 'prey' to come near and he'll jump out, surprising that person.
One evening when my dad, Musa and I were having dinner, Raneem came into the house and headed towards the dining hall. Musa quickly got up, ready to scare her.
But in no time, Raneem appeared and surprised Musa instead, with her cute "huaarggghh" with hands up in the air. Musa jumped, and fell onto the floor, very surprised, not expecting a two-year-old girl to scare him...

End of Story 1

*** Story 2 ***

I was focusing on my work when, Nadiah, my childhood friend, mentioned something very true.
"Kite rase kan, awak ni macam ayah awak. Suka cakap 'ha' je utk reply orang bila busy."
I paused, processing the statement in my brain.
Yes. Abah use to just reply "Ha" "M'mm" or simply just nod in agreement if he's focusing on something when his child(ren) interferes.
Let me give you this example:
He's reading the newspaper in the living room. I pass by and see a cup of hot tea on the table and went towards it. "Abah, nak sikit air teh ni boleh?" "M'mmm"... But you just know that he's actually not hearing what you're asking.
And I think,,, I do that all the time, when reading, when driving, when facing the PC, etc etc...

End of Story 2

*** Story 3 ***

I found my twin. From family background to lifestyle, from favourites to interests, from dreams to reality...
Life is just much tougher without ya. Thanks!

And there's no end for this story

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A glimpse - HOPE: Palestine Revisited

The programme went on great! Feel sorry for those who couldn't make it - whatever their reason(s) are...
Hmm... The day started out pretty hectic actually. I promised the others to bertolak dari rumah at 7:15 a.m., but I woke up at 7 a.m.! Thanks to the "message memory full" single, one-second beep ^_^'.
So everyone can conclude that I reached PWTC late, together with four of those who came with me. I drove the only car from Ampang (others slept at PanPac Hotel) and had to be quite a runner in the morning...
The first slot was by Dr. Daud Abdullah from the UK. A presentation titled "Understanding The Conflict", Dr. Daud covered a wide range of topic - from how the issue started and it's agonizing growth, until the present situation...
He also mentioned something very interesting. Palestine, which was suppose to offer the Jews who refused assimilation the most secure place has turned out to be the most dangerous place for them to day!
Today, two main issues that have remained unsolved are the "refugees" and aslo "Jerusalem". Despite various resolutions being made by the United Nations - refer To Have Peace With Israel? (please scroll your mouse over and click on the underlined text) - the issues are not just held up in the air until today but eventually became worse and worse.
He concluded his presentation suggesting that the only solution for this unending war lies in the gong back to the status quo when Palestine was detached from the Ottoman Empire.
Historians, please drop your comments.
The second slot was a forum "The Zionist Threat: Legal and Historical Perspective" moderated by Xifu Nasir (not M. Nasir but the 'hadeeth-songs' composer ok!) and the panelists were Mr. Matthias Chang and Prof A. B. Kopansky.
Matthias Chang made a preview video of his book "Brainwashed For War, Programmed To Kill". It was superb one, containing the summary of the book - the zionist agenda, the propaganda warfare, mind-control, and brainwashing operations and how these things affects us today.
And Prof Kopansky --- man, I'm just impressed with his talk. His students must like him a lot for being such a cool lecturer. He talked about the historical perspective of Zionism, how it emerged and had thrown many examples of it's impacts for the floor to hear and ponder upon.
We break for lunch at 1:45 p.m., kinda late, but alhamdulillah we managed to serve lunch for the participants although we stated in the ads that meals are not provided.
After lunch we watched "Jenin", a documentary programme about the Israeli attack on a settlement in Palestine called Jenin. A massacre. I can't remember in what year did it happen, but if I'm not mistaken it took place before the massacre of Shabra & Shatila in Lebanon.
37 minutes, and I fell asleep for about 5 minutes before I decided to go out of the hall and watch from the screen outside the hall... It's not that it's boring, I just have that habit...
After the documentary film, our respected brother Safwan the vice-chairman of GEMA Palestin (Gerakan Mahasiswa untuk Palestin) represented the youth of Malaysia in dealing with the Palestinian issue. He presented in English! marha marha! (",) His presentation ranged from a brief description of the issue to the youth's responsibility in dealing with this issue, titled Helping The Palestinians: The Malaysian Challenge. Then Ustaz Maszlee Malik the Malaysian activist for Palestine took over the microphone, addressing the participants on what had actually happen in Lebanon - the defeat of Israel for not being able to fulfil their objectives of attack on Lebanon - and the victory of Hizbullah in saving Lebanon from further destruction. He then led the participants to where the issue actually originated. Palestine - Jerusalem - Baitul Maqdis.
And, to my great dispair, I have to get out of the hall because of some unexpected 'technical problems'.
Conclusion was made by the Alumni Spokesperson, Syed Muhammad Muhiyuddin Al-Attas, and closing and doa recitation by the Alumni Advisor, Tuan Hj. Hasni Mohamad.
Then Xifu Nasir & Muadz performed two songs as a relaxing conclusion for the day.
The day ended good, alhamdulillah, much better than I expected. Although not many turned up - we didn't reach our target (mainly because the promotion team started very late and only had two weeks!) - we get positive feedbacks from participants and covered the expenses for the hall and right now still working on the post-mortem and reports.
I'm actually cracking my head tonight, it's 1:30 a.m., thanks to my beloved 'twin' for waking me up from falling asleep in front of my treasured laptop while typing this out. I lost my file which contained all the info for this piece of conclusion when I left the hall during Ust Maszlee's presentation, together with some notes for the post-mortem, my mechanical pencil and eraser.
But in order to get something, you have to sacrifice something. I now know that my harddisk is not that bad after all... Hehe...
That night, ADNI Alumni had its first Alumni Dinner. We targetted 60 people but unfortunately only about 50 turned up. Yea it was a last minute decision and we couldn't manage to get everyone come. Everyone was really busy for HOPE, I hope all can understand that...
Anyways, the food was really great! I think the dinner is really a good one. To me, it's like a reward to all alumni members who worked hard for HOPE and other alumni programmes, also for those who take the effort to participate in the alumni programmes which indirectly gave us - the execution team - moral support.
Some ex-IICans turned up: Hajar, Mahdi, Durrah, Benjamin & Danial. Also some ex-ADNIees: Rauf (eh, ada lagi kan?)... Thanks for coming! We're really happy with your presence and we hope to keep in touch often in the future!
Also, thanks to Hajar for 'highlighting' me in her blog. Sis, I just didn't realise that! OMG... I'm relieved though that the small step I took had helped your first day in IIC (",) thanks Hajar. May Allah bless you.
Thank you to all for participating, praying and giving us the support we need!
May Allah shower us all strength, patience, courage and wisdom in continuing to strive in His path for His sake and for Islam.
*** pictures coming in a few days insyaAllah ***