Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My first experience being an English teacher was just AWESOME.

Initially I hesitated as my English is not very good compared to many of my friends, and I've never really taught students properly.. Yeah I've coached TaeKwon-Do since I was 13-14 but the idea of teaching English is totally different. Teaching others something you're not really good at... And teaching Thai students with differnet levels of English... umphh... but I agreed to do it, nevertheless, plus it's only for a month.. It's a good thing that I teamed up with Mubina **credits to her!** so teaching and 'organizing' the English camp was great---even though I got attacked with fever, flu & migraine throughout the camp.

So as I said, it was a great experience. Love my students :D:D:D:D:D each of them have their own way of learning and expressing things.

here's a picture of us taken during our trip to Genting Highlands

standing from left: me - amnan - nasran - sofron - ammal - anas - nafees - mubina - busrin
sitting from left: ibtisam - amney - padilah - sofia - mada

the little adventurer~

This is the boy who's growing up so fast!

suka sangat masuk dalam bakul / kotak ...

and splash and splash and splash!!!

tapi geli nak pijak rumput huhu...

"nak!" Ikram's trademark when he was about 1 year old

playing happily. mula2 takut buat gradually get used to the overwhelming pool of balls