Thursday, September 24, 2009

some pics :)

iftar at JB home~
it was my first time making home-made donuts! dip with fine sugar, choc syrup and peanut butter!

family pic for this year's Eidul-Fitr
1st day was spent @ Batu Pahat so no family pic in Bukit Antarabangsa
isn't this quite a big family too?? alhamdulillah! ^__^

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

morning or all-day sickness? or gastric attack?

8th week:
started having some so-not-nice morning(actually ALL DAY!)-sickness. especially when i'm hungry, i would get dizzy & feel like vomitting. yes, only the feeling. but that is still uncomfortable.. fasting gets very challenging but i still forced myself to fast as long as i can handle it. coz i don't want to qadha' puasa banyak sangat!

9th week:
once i really vommited after fajr prayers bcoz something was smelling funny terrible!. i asked my hubby what smell was it and he says it's the plant fertilizer - and you know what they are made of! it was a good thing that we planned to go to the beach that morning ^__^
to my tiny disappointment, by tiny i meant: just a little disappointed, the Senai-Desaru highway is still not completed yet so we end up going to Tanjung Langsat which has no sand. only a small jetty and port nearby, thus making the sea water not so beautiful. but the smell of the sea is way much better than plant fertilizers!

10th week:
baby is now 9 weeks & few days. i had a bad gastric attack last night. one moment i felt really hungry and wanted some real food - instead of bread or instant mee. 'forced' my hubby to make nasi goreng for me at 10.45 p.m. but soon felt some tornado going on inside my tummy. however since he cooked for me, i still forced myself to eat few spoonfuls but end up vomitting everything including what i ate for dinner at 6 p.m. (the carbohydrates did not get digested even after 5 hours!) . i don't know if it's the gastric or 'morning' sickness, but oh it was terrible T__T

it has only been 9 weeks plus and now i know how hard & tough it is to become a mom! i'm really grateful to my Ummi for everything, even though she did not experience any kind of sickness during all her pregnancies - which is super great! - i'm really grateful to my Ummi for everything she have done for us.

it has only been 9 weeks plus and i'm so thankful that i have a really caring & loving husband who would take care of me when i feel not-so-good. even though i don't think i have to, i still keep apologizing for all the mess i did.. uh-uhh.. i really hope that all husbands should be as caring and supporting as my Mujahid :)
after all, we are the ones who carry your children from 0-9 months and shall take care of them after they are born, so do take care of us well! ^__^

Monday, September 21, 2009

third month

fetus in third month

Fetal development in pregnancy week 9:
Congratulations! Your amazing growing baby has been accepted into to the fetus-club, a very exclusive and exiting new stage in their prenatal development. Basically, this means the little sweet pea has graduated from swimming embryo creature to a recognizable human being!
Your baby weighs under 10g - a fraction of an ounce - but is poised for rapid growth. All the body parts are now present, including arms, legs, eyes, genitals and other organs, though they're not yet fully formed.

^_^ praying and praying to Allah that the baby will develop perfectly, ameen..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

family planning?

some friends asked me, "did you dump your family planning?" or "what happened to your family planning?"

my simple answer is:

Good planners have Plan B. or even C and D and E and so on!
When circumstances change, your plans change.
it really took me a lot of time and courage to decide at first~

what an AGILE family! **those taking software engineering classes would definitely understand this! ^__^ **

Friday, September 11, 2009

1 - 7 weeks


i read my previous posts and looked back at what i've done since the beginning of this semester.. and guess what???

1st week of pregancy:
- i was called to help out with the props for COVER GIRL theatre performance. lifted up chairs, tables, heavy props, etc!

2nd week:
- had a not-very-active week, but trained for the upcoming Engineering Sports Carnival a couple of times.

3rd week:
- i played table tennis for the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) department and got 3rd place!

4th week:
- did pregnancy test and the result was negative. so i eagerly participated in the "world's most dreadful camp", PERKASA 2009. walked and hiked for at least 15 kilometres in 3 days, cut bamboo poles using a blunt parang to prepare for dinner and set up bonfire for the night! i got exhausted throughout the following week and only attended few classes.

5th week:
- super-duper exhausted

6th week:
- found out that i was actually pregnant! started taking folic acid for my baby~ and was forced to rest a lot. no long distance walking and travelling.

7th week:
- had scanning for the 2nd time (the 1st time we couldn't see anything) and saw the baby's heartbeat ^__^ it's only 1.44 centimetres long!

this IS FUN, indeed! subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

welcoming a new life~


I haven't blogged a real post for quite sometime and I realize that not many people come to visit this blog anymore. it's really okay though :)

Anyways,,, uhh.. i don't know where to start..

Ah, firstly I really want to apologize to most of my usrah-mates for not breaking this joyful news to you guys first.. I actually planned to make it public after 'Eid, but my hubby was just more than excited so he kept asking me "dah boleh announce ke belum???", just like I would ask on some very-tiring days "berapa minit lagi buka puasa???".. LOL~

This is really a very new experience to me. Right now, I still can't imagine being a mom :P or even moving around with a big tummy :P hehehe~

Not as mentioned on the baby ticker, I don't experience any morning sickness, alhamdulillah! However there are some awful discomforts (which i've suffered from since my teen-ages) - gastrics and migraines.
My tummy started to feel extremely bloated and painful around last week (7th week) and I guess the trigger was the mid-term examinations around the corner. Uh-oh! Before that everything was bearable.. And migraine came right after I finished my last paper on Wednesday, AFTER my actual first visit to the doctor. Hence i did not ask for any advice on migraines. I certainly will do during the next visit next month! Other than that, I often feel dizzy and nausea but no vomitting though, alhamdulillah!

The embryo in the 2nd month
Their oversized head isn’t just large and oblong anymore, it’s actually a little bit pointy. The tiny receding tail bud is now starting to be overshadowed by the growth of their legs, which are now complete with knees and the beginnings of toes. Their eyes and ears are the most visible features on their head and their miniature bones are starting to harden throughout their body.

8 days to go for Ramadhan. I have to admit that I couldn't manage to fast the whole 29 or 30 days this year although I had the chance to T__T It's really a sad thing that now it's really a challenge for me to make the best out of this Ramadhan and I'm still struggling to finish my tilawah al-qur'an on time (especially because of the bad timing of exams but that should never be an excuse).. but I will try my very best, nsyaAllah!

Please pray for me and for my (AND mujahid's) baby! ^__^