Saturday, September 12, 2009

family planning?

some friends asked me, "did you dump your family planning?" or "what happened to your family planning?"

my simple answer is:

Good planners have Plan B. or even C and D and E and so on!
When circumstances change, your plans change.
it really took me a lot of time and courage to decide at first~

what an AGILE family! **those taking software engineering classes would definitely understand this! ^__^ **


[ Nazihah ] said...

Saya Paham..Saya Paham..
Kita bukan tuhan, kita hanya hamba tuhan..
And Alwayz remember my beloved sister,
Allah will alwaz there for u..

afra` said...



rupenya kte baru tahu..

ingat betol spt yg akak ckp ngn kte dlm kete uh..~Harmony Carnival