Wednesday, September 23, 2009

morning or all-day sickness? or gastric attack?

8th week:
started having some so-not-nice morning(actually ALL DAY!)-sickness. especially when i'm hungry, i would get dizzy & feel like vomitting. yes, only the feeling. but that is still uncomfortable.. fasting gets very challenging but i still forced myself to fast as long as i can handle it. coz i don't want to qadha' puasa banyak sangat!

9th week:
once i really vommited after fajr prayers bcoz something was smelling funny terrible!. i asked my hubby what smell was it and he says it's the plant fertilizer - and you know what they are made of! it was a good thing that we planned to go to the beach that morning ^__^
to my tiny disappointment, by tiny i meant: just a little disappointed, the Senai-Desaru highway is still not completed yet so we end up going to Tanjung Langsat which has no sand. only a small jetty and port nearby, thus making the sea water not so beautiful. but the smell of the sea is way much better than plant fertilizers!

10th week:
baby is now 9 weeks & few days. i had a bad gastric attack last night. one moment i felt really hungry and wanted some real food - instead of bread or instant mee. 'forced' my hubby to make nasi goreng for me at 10.45 p.m. but soon felt some tornado going on inside my tummy. however since he cooked for me, i still forced myself to eat few spoonfuls but end up vomitting everything including what i ate for dinner at 6 p.m. (the carbohydrates did not get digested even after 5 hours!) . i don't know if it's the gastric or 'morning' sickness, but oh it was terrible T__T

it has only been 9 weeks plus and now i know how hard & tough it is to become a mom! i'm really grateful to my Ummi for everything, even though she did not experience any kind of sickness during all her pregnancies - which is super great! - i'm really grateful to my Ummi for everything she have done for us.

it has only been 9 weeks plus and i'm so thankful that i have a really caring & loving husband who would take care of me when i feel not-so-good. even though i don't think i have to, i still keep apologizing for all the mess i did.. uh-uhh.. i really hope that all husbands should be as caring and supporting as my Mujahid :)
after all, we are the ones who carry your children from 0-9 months and shall take care of them after they are born, so do take care of us well! ^__^


Anonymous said...

what a good husband~ can i be the 2nd wife :p LOL moga dipermudahkan!!


congratulation nela. =)

Nihlah Johari said...

NJ to anonymous:
heyyy!!! >__<" you're just joking, right? :P

NJ to aziah:

::h.i.k.a.r.i..k.a.m.i.y.a:: said...

wah... dah sakit sakit.. sabar byk2 ek...

WF:ciktim said...

ehm. jaga diri nela.
awak memang kuat!

aishah aznan said...

oh nela..hopefully nela tak teruk morning sickness cam akak..nak tahu my experience leh tgk kat bulan 7/ terribel...
alhamdulillah now dah ok..
insyaallah nela can go through it smoothly...doa byk2

salam dr perth
- kak nik aishah

Mujahid Hasanuddin said...