Wednesday, December 10, 2008

gambar YOQ

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahu akbar.

10 Disember 2009 : genap 2 bulan sejak saya bertukar status :P hehe.
blog pun dah jarang disapu & dikemas disebabkan laptop hanya ada satu dan penggunanya sudah ada dua ^__^ jadi kena lah kongsi-kongsi~

untuk pengetahuan sahabat semua, alhamdulillah my home is not affected by the recent landslide tragedy in Bukit Antarabangsa except for some traffic jam occasionally, which i don't really mind.
since my hubby and i came back from Johor, i still didn't have the chance to help out at the tragedy site since my schedule was already packed with other events. my hubby went with his friends while i was attending a meeting, and he said there's already A LOT of help at the site alhamdulillah. so the truth is i'm not feeling that guilty for not helping out.. uh-oh.. O__o*

oh, as i mentioned last time, here i attach the pictures during the last mukhayyam Youth Outdoor Quest di Bukit Tabuh dan Bukit Cerakah

right view of one of Bukit Tabuh's low-peaks!
i've never imagined there's a lake
behind the hills surrounding my hometown, and it's like--- Subhanallah!!
left view of another low-peak :)

ikan patin from bukit cerakah's lake. besar kan!

Monday, November 17, 2008

blowing dust~


FINALLY i'm done with my final exams this semester.. my last paper was on the 11th, the last official day of all exams -- official b`coz my beloved significant other had another paper on the 12th and a test on the 13th while others were already enjoying their time..

despite finishing my exam on the 11th, i still had to stay up and accompany him studying for his 4-credit-hour subject O__o" but i don't mind coz after all i have to settle some things as the one of the committee for this semester's camping.

Youth Outdoor Quest was the name. 12th to 15th November 2008. I'll post some pics later coz they're in my laptop. it's my first time being the catering committee, together with my hubby ^__^ alhamdulillah the participants commented the food was good :D we didn't actually cook, but we got some restaurants to prepare the nice food for the 75 of us within the allocated budget.

right now, after a little bit more than a month since the wedding, i'm in my in-laws place ^__^ it's very veerryy NICE here, alhamdulillah. i'm very happy to be a new member of this family. hehe~ thanks to Abah Hasanuddin & Ummi Mahiza, n also adik-adik for the very warm welcome ^__^ i really lOooove the maqlubah~ hehe..

i bet Tikki is feeling bored these days. especially since my beloved Mom and my younger bro Musa flew to Yemen. Abah coming back n forth from and to Jakarta every week. Ahmad, Kak Nadia & Ammar live in Jakarta. Yusuf in Syria. Isa lives in Shah Alam n usually come back home during the weekends. Kakak & Abang Amin go to work everyday and have on-calls. So only Nabil stays at home 24-7. my other siblings and the big family-- alhamdulillah they're around even though everyone don't stay in the same house ^__^

all in all, i'm super glad that i have 'a' very nice, big family ^__^!

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Qurban for Palestine and Darfur

Saff Perdaus
is humbled to be given the opportunity in organizing a Qurban campaign where canned "qurban" meat from Australia will be distributed to the refugees from Darfur and Palestine. Since, there are lack of electricity thus proper refrigeration, canned meat are the best form of contribution from us to them.

As such, I implore you to join us in this cause. A goat is enough for 24 can of meat which can help families to sustain for weeks if not months - something we take for granted here in Singapore.

For more information or to order - email to Sis Afifah (Executive Officer, Saff Perdaus): or call us at 65132305 today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008



afwan kepada para pengunjung yang terus terbatuk-batuk melawat blog yang berhabuk ni..
sejak sebelum walimah haritu memang teramat sangat busy nye... sampai kan dah pasang niat nak buat 'final entry while being single' pun tak terjadi...

sekarang--- he he~ dah berapa hari nak final exam baru la nak update O__o*
sebenarnya esok ada 2 assignment + 1 project kena hantar~ hwaaaaaaa~ tapi curi2 update blog kejap sementara bayang-bayang baru pegi solat kat masjid hehe~

alhamdulillah bayang-bayang baru saya sangat sAngAt SANGAT baik ^__^

sorry to AO sbb tak dapat cari gambar yg umur lebih kurang sebaya gambar kat blog nta.. ana ade cari gak tapi yg ade time masa boleh merangkak-- pastu dah boleh jalan dahh.. tapi yg confirm nye, mmg jauh beza la dari rupa AO hehehe =P

thanks to all for your wishes and prayers.
barakallahu fiikum..
** untuk yg belum kawin, semoga kawin cepat juga.. ^__^ **

ok lah, jap lagi nak gi usrah. hehe

utk yg nak tengok gambar walimah~ (saya sendiri tak sempat tengok semua & tak sempat update semua) boleh lawat blog baru...

Langkah Bermula + Epilog Pejuang

hee~ take care everyone!
rumah ni akan sapu jugak, cuma lagi selalu sapu rumah baru kot =P hehehe~

Monday, September 29, 2008

blessings of Allah in Ramadhan

Ramadhan is almost over.

How did YOU do?

Find out using this scale --> click HERE

I got this:
You have lost many blessings! May Allah grant you a long life to make up for it!

wuu.. i can't help but cry..
nobody knows except Him if I will live - and in the state of iman - until next Ramadhan..

where was I for the past 28 days...

i just attended a funeral this morning.. my best buddy Anisah's grandma passed away last night..


a great reminder for me indeed..

will i be blessed enough with a long life so that i can pray and worship Him more..

but i fear that living longer will draw me away from Him each day..

Ya Allah..
You know what is the best for me
and for those around me
grant me the best of this world and the next world..
grant me the best for the eternal hereafter..

Monday, September 22, 2008

you are what you eat

guess what???
jumpa geng baru utk makan malam2 buta masa program =P
Maya Nela Timie + Asma`

iftar @ De Palma Hotel with IMAAM instructors
(Independent Martial Arts Academy Malaysia - ITF TaeKwon-Do)

no comment here

Friday, September 12, 2008

my head !!!!!!!! >__<"

uff... O__o"

i've had a series of 3-4 days of headaches for the past two weeks, with just about 24-36 hours of gap, and believe me, it's really making me feel like blowing off my head..
huhu.. na'uzubillah..

some years ago, a neurologist told me that my headaches might be caused by my eyes.
despite that my far-sighted problem is just 25 (right eye) and 50 (left eye), i was encouraged to use glasses --- which somehow helps. such as: when i have moderate headache attacks, i can still focus on reading when i wear my glasses; something which i can't do without my glasses.

anyways, i was googling about astigmatism when i came across one site that sell products on how to eliminate far/short-sighted problems and astigmatism, i found this free exercise to try.. so i thought, no harm in trying..

the headache immediately popped into my head!!!


Don't Try the Eye Exercise <-- click to try / have a look and i have an exam tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *more cries...* huhuu... oh, i also found a video on migraine --> watch video

anyways, i remember two things i used to ask people when i was a kid/teen:

1- "why sometimes i can see this flashing spots of lights flying around everywhere i look?"

2- "why, during the night, when we look at lamp posts or stars, we can see the rays of lights its emitting? u know, like instead of just one star which should appear round, we see it oblong and sparkling"

i remembered one answer for my first question by one of my teachers in school "that means you're going to get blinded soon". ah well, of course i didn't really freak out bcoz i didn't get blind even after experiencing the flashing lights for couple of years.
only last year i learnt that they are migraine auras. i get them for few minutes about 12-24 hours before the headache strikes me. but again, there's nothing i can do to prevent the headaches--- bcoz i don't take painkillers and certainly taking 5 tablets of Panadol ActiFast within four hours proved to nOt be helpful in any way.

the second question, my EIM lecturer said, is astigmatism. yes the star is twinkling on it's own, but i mean they're sparking like the fireworks we play during Hari Raya..

ah, i have Linear Algebra exam tomorrow. i haven't been focusing on my maths lately for some reasons... please pray for me!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

new toys~

new toys!!! ^__^
8088 microprocessor

Monday, September 08, 2008

Task Force Merdeka `08

sempena Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yg ke-51

sementara menunggu waktu solat isya`

taklimat dari Pakcik Rahim

ikhwah sblm ber-TASK FORCE

akhawat sblm ber-TASK FORCE
(kak nazihah belum sampai lagi masa tu)

venturing out of the SAFE TERRITORY - Masjid asy-Syakirin KLCC...

into the BATTLEFIELD!!

akhawat in action!
*gambar ikhwah belum dapat lagi*

"haa, Ramadhan lusa kan. Selamat berpuasa!"

dalam LRT, balik rumah :)

macam new year haritu, it rained before midnight came
langit pun tau menangis tengok ciptaan Allah yg bermacam ragam zaman skrg ni...

"rabbana la tuzigh quluubana ba'da izh hadaitana
wa hablana min ladunka rahmah"

Monday, September 01, 2008

ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan!

semoga ramadhan ini penuh bermakna buat diriku yang sering lupa..

ya Allah yang Maha Berkuasa..
sampaikanlah kami pada penghujung ramadhan..
temukanlah kami dengan lailatulqadar yang penuh rahmah dan barakah..
ya Allah..
mohon dengan sangat..

Monday, August 25, 2008


Tagged by Elf

a) Answer the questions below, do a Google Image Search with your answer, take a picture from the 1st page of results, do it with minimal words of explanation

b) Tag 5 people to do the same once you've finish answering every question

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday:

2. Place you want to travel to:

masjid al-haraam
(pahala solat 1000x ganda!!)
masjid an-nabawi
(pahala solat 700x ganda!!)
masjid al-aqsa
(pahala solat 500x ganda!!)

3. Your favorite place:

peace + serenity
perfect place to recharge + refresh!!!

4. Your favorite food:

tom yum kung - original thai recipe

5. Your favorite pet:

when you know how to ride & take care of them,
you'll definitely fall in love!

6. Favorite color combination:

loved blue since i was a kid
learn to love green and brownish-yellow as i grow up
autumn colours ^__^

7. Favorite piece of clothing:

too bad sport shoes isn't a type of clothing, kan!

8. Your all time favorite song:

too many, actually..
but Pemergianmu from InTeam popped out in my mind first,
a song about our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

9. Favorite TV show:

longest science fiction movie ever exist on earth
10 seasons of SG-1 and now 5th season of Atlantis!!
i'm a fan since i was a kid~

10. First name of your significant other/crush:

not yet to be published in this blog =P

11. Which town do you live in:

it's actually Ampang, okay. not the hospital XDXD

12. Your screen name/nickname:

browsed "Nihlah" and many of my pics appeared
but i choose this -- my first attempt to design using Adobe Photoshop
13. Your first job:

got my black belt when i was 13,
immediately became an instructor and join national level tournaments

14. Your dream job:

i love my course Computer & Electronics Engineering
i really hope i can practice for at least a few years

15. One bad habit that you have:

it's the truth **sobs sobs**

also when you procrastinate, you tend to be pretty messy
-__-" -__-" -__-"

16. Worst fear:

nightmares, nightmares, nightmares
giving up hope, or worse

17: Things you'd like to do before you die:

and pray in al-Aqsa mosque!!!

18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000:

to the three most holiest places on this planet
visit Elf in the U.S. and many people in the U.K.
visit islamic historical sites all over the globe
travel travel and travel

19. Your husband/wife:

i'm nOt married yet
but they're definitely a sweet couple ^__^

Tag, you're it!!!
1. Enche Azmil
2. Timie
3. Paan
4. Anisah
5. AO
6. Kak WM
7. Sidqi

Saturday, August 23, 2008


VCD Sang Murobbi - RM 15 per vcd.
DVD Sang Murobbi - RM 26 per dvd.

siapa nak boleh masuk booking list

i'll wait for another 30 orders then I'll purchase more from Jakarta okay.

plz send to me ur phone no
via e-mail to nihlah(underscore)j(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

that's all for now ^__^

Gaza Under the Siege

mengiringi kegelapan Gaza

Gaza, Palestine and al-Quds

although we are thousands of miles away
we are always with you!
our hearts,
our wealth,
our lives!!
we will always be with you


Friday, August 22, 2008

gambar2 best ^__^

adakah ini bat pingpong???
hehehe... highlighter Paan yg best XD
EIM mmg banyak guna highlighter!!
one of CIE core subjects yg sgt menulis & melukis!!
and of course, membaca~ O__o*


from Gombak -> KLCC
pastu ada makan2..
dapat hadiah chopsticks
"friends are like chopsticks. they need each other"

saya pakai baju macam nak pegi kenduri sbb mmg patutnye nak pegi Kuantan utk walimah Kak Maziah yg chumeyl, tapi takde tiket.. lupa time cuti sekolah!! huwaaaa T__T


makan-makan ^__^

oyster bakar + cheese
abah & tikki suka sangat
me??? O__o* i dont eat kerang, lala, oyster, siput laut... bla bla bla
kesimpulannye semua yg ade shells lah!!
oh, kecuali ketam (and it's not really in a shell kot??)..

tu je.. hehe..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

engineering sports carnival `08

Engineering Sports Carnival
14 August 2008
Table Tennis - Semi Final

pertarungan sengit antara
double female players

video details: (dah siap tulis ni baru tau tak dapat upload)
- game yg menentukan sape masuk final
- majoriti penyokong yg berdiri di tepi ialah penyokong MCT
- penyokong ECE dalam 7-8 orang je
- Wak yg pakai baju merah itu sangat-SANGAT kecoh >__<*
- video saat-saat kemenangan ECE ^__^

patutnye main 3 round je, tapi sbb pertarungan sengit dapat 5 round

1st round ECE wins
2nd round MCT wins
3rd round MCT wins
4th round ECE wins
5th round ECE wins 11-9

other ECE players:
- ECE brothers menang 2 out of 3 games ;)

----- ***** -----

semalam 15th August final

main jugak walaupun semua tau players BTE semua gempak2 huhu...
dengan harapan at least tak kalah teruk -__-"

tapi ECE kalah 5-0 !!! X|
single male (x2) + double male + single female + double female
semua kalah ngan BTE..
jadi kitorang ECE menang silver medal aje lah..
medal lom dapat lagi ;)

ECE - electrical & computer engineering
MCT - mechatronics engineering
BTE - biotechnology engineering

utk yg tak mengikuti perkembangan yg tak dihebahkan :P
- first game lawan First Year
- second game lawan MME (manufacturing + material engineering)

~Paan & Me~
* last year pun dapat silver *

oh, jutaan terima kasih kepada para penyokong setia yg sentiasa memberi semangat pada kami..
hehe.. kami sangat menghargai kehadiran anda =P