Monday, November 17, 2008

blowing dust~


FINALLY i'm done with my final exams this semester.. my last paper was on the 11th, the last official day of all exams -- official b`coz my beloved significant other had another paper on the 12th and a test on the 13th while others were already enjoying their time..

despite finishing my exam on the 11th, i still had to stay up and accompany him studying for his 4-credit-hour subject O__o" but i don't mind coz after all i have to settle some things as the one of the committee for this semester's camping.

Youth Outdoor Quest was the name. 12th to 15th November 2008. I'll post some pics later coz they're in my laptop. it's my first time being the catering committee, together with my hubby ^__^ alhamdulillah the participants commented the food was good :D we didn't actually cook, but we got some restaurants to prepare the nice food for the 75 of us within the allocated budget.

right now, after a little bit more than a month since the wedding, i'm in my in-laws place ^__^ it's very veerryy NICE here, alhamdulillah. i'm very happy to be a new member of this family. hehe~ thanks to Abah Hasanuddin & Ummi Mahiza, n also adik-adik for the very warm welcome ^__^ i really lOooove the maqlubah~ hehe..

i bet Tikki is feeling bored these days. especially since my beloved Mom and my younger bro Musa flew to Yemen. Abah coming back n forth from and to Jakarta every week. Ahmad, Kak Nadia & Ammar live in Jakarta. Yusuf in Syria. Isa lives in Shah Alam n usually come back home during the weekends. Kakak & Abang Amin go to work everyday and have on-calls. So only Nabil stays at home 24-7. my other siblings and the big family-- alhamdulillah they're around even though everyone don't stay in the same house ^__^

all in all, i'm super glad that i have 'a' very nice, big family ^__^!

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!


salmi said...

Mabruk nihlah, diam2 dh bergelar isteri. Alhamdulillah akk jumpa blog nihlah ni. Ni final sem lah ye? Skrg tinggal di mana? Whats ur future plan? btw, i lost my handphone last ramadhan. hope u cud email me your number. Uhibbuki fillah..

-kak salmi, BTE 2007-

Nihlah Johari said...

owhh.. kak salmi ape khabar??? ^__^
belum final sem lah. i have another 4 semesters to go!! O__o" pray for me ya.
email kak salmi ape ye? hehe

salmi said...

alhmdlh akk sht2 je.. emel akk: