Monday, September 29, 2008

blessings of Allah in Ramadhan

Ramadhan is almost over.

How did YOU do?

Find out using this scale --> click HERE

I got this:
You have lost many blessings! May Allah grant you a long life to make up for it!

wuu.. i can't help but cry..
nobody knows except Him if I will live - and in the state of iman - until next Ramadhan..

where was I for the past 28 days...

i just attended a funeral this morning.. my best buddy Anisah's grandma passed away last night..


a great reminder for me indeed..

will i be blessed enough with a long life so that i can pray and worship Him more..

but i fear that living longer will draw me away from Him each day..

Ya Allah..
You know what is the best for me
and for those around me
grant me the best of this world and the next world..
grant me the best for the eternal hereafter..

Monday, September 22, 2008

you are what you eat

guess what???
jumpa geng baru utk makan malam2 buta masa program =P
Maya Nela Timie + Asma`

iftar @ De Palma Hotel with IMAAM instructors
(Independent Martial Arts Academy Malaysia - ITF TaeKwon-Do)

no comment here

Friday, September 12, 2008

my head !!!!!!!! >__<"

uff... O__o"

i've had a series of 3-4 days of headaches for the past two weeks, with just about 24-36 hours of gap, and believe me, it's really making me feel like blowing off my head..
huhu.. na'uzubillah..

some years ago, a neurologist told me that my headaches might be caused by my eyes.
despite that my far-sighted problem is just 25 (right eye) and 50 (left eye), i was encouraged to use glasses --- which somehow helps. such as: when i have moderate headache attacks, i can still focus on reading when i wear my glasses; something which i can't do without my glasses.

anyways, i was googling about astigmatism when i came across one site that sell products on how to eliminate far/short-sighted problems and astigmatism, i found this free exercise to try.. so i thought, no harm in trying..

the headache immediately popped into my head!!!


Don't Try the Eye Exercise <-- click to try / have a look and i have an exam tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *more cries...* huhuu... oh, i also found a video on migraine --> watch video

anyways, i remember two things i used to ask people when i was a kid/teen:

1- "why sometimes i can see this flashing spots of lights flying around everywhere i look?"

2- "why, during the night, when we look at lamp posts or stars, we can see the rays of lights its emitting? u know, like instead of just one star which should appear round, we see it oblong and sparkling"

i remembered one answer for my first question by one of my teachers in school "that means you're going to get blinded soon". ah well, of course i didn't really freak out bcoz i didn't get blind even after experiencing the flashing lights for couple of years.
only last year i learnt that they are migraine auras. i get them for few minutes about 12-24 hours before the headache strikes me. but again, there's nothing i can do to prevent the headaches--- bcoz i don't take painkillers and certainly taking 5 tablets of Panadol ActiFast within four hours proved to nOt be helpful in any way.

the second question, my EIM lecturer said, is astigmatism. yes the star is twinkling on it's own, but i mean they're sparking like the fireworks we play during Hari Raya..

ah, i have Linear Algebra exam tomorrow. i haven't been focusing on my maths lately for some reasons... please pray for me!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

new toys~

new toys!!! ^__^
8088 microprocessor

Monday, September 08, 2008

Task Force Merdeka `08

sempena Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yg ke-51

sementara menunggu waktu solat isya`

taklimat dari Pakcik Rahim

ikhwah sblm ber-TASK FORCE

akhawat sblm ber-TASK FORCE
(kak nazihah belum sampai lagi masa tu)

venturing out of the SAFE TERRITORY - Masjid asy-Syakirin KLCC...

into the BATTLEFIELD!!

akhawat in action!
*gambar ikhwah belum dapat lagi*

"haa, Ramadhan lusa kan. Selamat berpuasa!"

dalam LRT, balik rumah :)

macam new year haritu, it rained before midnight came
langit pun tau menangis tengok ciptaan Allah yg bermacam ragam zaman skrg ni...

"rabbana la tuzigh quluubana ba'da izh hadaitana
wa hablana min ladunka rahmah"

Monday, September 01, 2008

ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan!

semoga ramadhan ini penuh bermakna buat diriku yang sering lupa..

ya Allah yang Maha Berkuasa..
sampaikanlah kami pada penghujung ramadhan..
temukanlah kami dengan lailatulqadar yang penuh rahmah dan barakah..
ya Allah..
mohon dengan sangat..