Friday, September 12, 2008

my head !!!!!!!! >__<"

uff... O__o"

i've had a series of 3-4 days of headaches for the past two weeks, with just about 24-36 hours of gap, and believe me, it's really making me feel like blowing off my head..
huhu.. na'uzubillah..

some years ago, a neurologist told me that my headaches might be caused by my eyes.
despite that my far-sighted problem is just 25 (right eye) and 50 (left eye), i was encouraged to use glasses --- which somehow helps. such as: when i have moderate headache attacks, i can still focus on reading when i wear my glasses; something which i can't do without my glasses.

anyways, i was googling about astigmatism when i came across one site that sell products on how to eliminate far/short-sighted problems and astigmatism, i found this free exercise to try.. so i thought, no harm in trying..

the headache immediately popped into my head!!!


Don't Try the Eye Exercise <-- click to try / have a look and i have an exam tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *more cries...* huhuu... oh, i also found a video on migraine --> watch video

anyways, i remember two things i used to ask people when i was a kid/teen:

1- "why sometimes i can see this flashing spots of lights flying around everywhere i look?"

2- "why, during the night, when we look at lamp posts or stars, we can see the rays of lights its emitting? u know, like instead of just one star which should appear round, we see it oblong and sparkling"

i remembered one answer for my first question by one of my teachers in school "that means you're going to get blinded soon". ah well, of course i didn't really freak out bcoz i didn't get blind even after experiencing the flashing lights for couple of years.
only last year i learnt that they are migraine auras. i get them for few minutes about 12-24 hours before the headache strikes me. but again, there's nothing i can do to prevent the headaches--- bcoz i don't take painkillers and certainly taking 5 tablets of Panadol ActiFast within four hours proved to nOt be helpful in any way.

the second question, my EIM lecturer said, is astigmatism. yes the star is twinkling on it's own, but i mean they're sparking like the fireworks we play during Hari Raya..

ah, i have Linear Algebra exam tomorrow. i haven't been focusing on my maths lately for some reasons... please pray for me!!


Fikrah Thanie said...

Test mata tu macam nak menjulingkan ja...Hehe..

maimanah~khansa' said...

rasanya elok kalau g check kat doktor kot, ukhti..
kalau betul ur headache tu sbb mata, better g jumpe dr mata terus..
kebetulan now ana tgh blaja pasal mata :)

elfaqiha said...

5 tablets in 4 hours? tu betul2 pnh cubekah? serious? itu sudah overdose!

actually, Panadol or any paracetamol-containing drugs overdose may cause harm to your liver. So NEVER exceed 2 tablets (of 500mg) within 4 hours and jgn lebih 8 tablets (in total) within 24 hours. otherwise They'll become toxic to our body bcoz our liver (which is supposed to clear it) can't tolerate the excess amount.

anyway, shafakillah. Ameen.

p.s. maybe boleh try cool pack yg mcm utk demam tu. but this one specially made for migraine. kt farmasi byk je. or conservatively, wet a small towel or hankie and put it on ur head and sleep. the headache may not totally go away, but at least it helps to reduce the pain.

-oso a migraine 'sufferer' yg tak makan ubat ^_^ -

nurilahi said...

for astig..ramai jugak yang ade astig cuma apa yang membezakan kita adalah tinggi mana.

Optometrist(those yang under allied health, bukan doktor) leh check kan tinggi mana astiq kita. Sbb cara nk betul astig can only be done using spectacles or contact lens. kalau nk jumpe ophtamologist (medical doctor yang pakar mata) selalunye untk disease n surgery je.

Nak g wat treatmen tor diagnosis ni memang mcm menyusahkan dan cam malas jek, thus why dun you utilize those frens in kuantan :D
kawan2 yang amik optometry, they can inshaAllah give you consultation becoz their learning only focusing on eyes :D

taking pain killers like panadol wont help much, especially sakit sekuat nela. Try to ask for inflammatory pills specifically for migraine such as cafergot etc from ur neurologist.

For migraine, medicine only works when the pain is started to come. Means, makan ubat migraine right before jd makin kuat. Bile da kuat, memang agak susah.

I know u are tired of finding the right medicine, meeting doctors etc. And you hate people talk abt this to you. But i've been watching you for a long time, been 'sakit jiwa' just looking without offering any help.

Berat mata yang tengok, berat lg ur shoulder yang galas. It is only you who could change everything, only you could move urself as we just could give u our support. (eh ni kena ade org urge die neh.. ;P )

Akan sampai masanya di mana seorang perempuan yang sakit, akan terus jadi baek+sehat :D tak lama da, inshaAllah (: