Saturday, January 16, 2010

25-26 weeks~

we did the ultrascan yesterday. he was sleeping, but he suddenly woke up and we saw him opening his eyes! taking a peek of those who are looking at him ^__^ *although he can actually just see bright lights not people yet =P*

from this ultrascan i think he'll look a lot more like his daddy ^__^

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UK Holiday Trip ( vi )

the final long-distance trip...
a day before our departure back to Malaysia...

one of the 7 Wonders of the Medieval World ^__^
i don't know why it looks so tiny in this picture.. but it's really not that big either compared to other wonders like the pyramids, great wall of china, petra, etc..

want to know more about the Wonders of the World??? click here

Zaid, Kak Manihah & Harith at Bath
it's a very popular place, they say.. coz there's this 'ancient' public bath.. we didn't go in to see though =P

...22nd Nov, Sun...
depart from LCCT, KL
arrive at Stansted Airport, London
home-sweet-home @ Villiers Road (credits to Zaid & K.Manihah)
...23rd Nov, Mon...
London Tour: Oxford Street, Green Park, Buckingham Palace
...24th Nov, Tue...
London Tour: Hyde Park, Bayswater, London Tower Bridge Exhibition, Big Ben
...25th Nov, Wed...
London Tour: Trafalgar Square, Holborn (My Old Dutch Pancake!)
Southampton (illegal sleep-over @ SU student quarters
...26th Nov, Thu...
Southampton Tour: City Centre. forgot the names of the places! we bought our own winter jacket at Primark~ had yummy milkshake although the weather was cold! and so on..
...27th Nov, Fri...
Eidul-Adha prayers @ Southampton University
London: delicious lunch & dessert at Zaid's place
Nottingham (sleep-over @ Bro Amir Rashid & Kak Nida's place)
...28th Nov, Sat...
Sheffield - attended some Eid open house, shopping at Asda :)
stayed at Yusuf's apartment ^__^
...29th Nov, Sun...
Barnsley carboot sale! lots of 2nd-hand and brand-new baby-stuff with great prices~
...30th Nov, Mon...
Durham - Ust Maszlee's place
...1st Dec, Tue...
Durham Town Centre & University Tour, Durham Cathedral
...2nd Dec, Wed...
Sheffield City Centre Tour - Mujahid & Yusuf only :(
...3rd Dec, Thu...
London: more window shopping at Oxford Street
...4th Dec, Fri...
Stonehenge & Bath ^__^
...5th Dec, Sat...
late lunch + early dinner : roasted duck at a Chinese Muslim restaurant, Bayswater
depart from Stansted Airport, London
...6th Dec, Sun...
arrive at LCCT, KL

alhamdulillah it was a great and memorable trip indeed! and the farthest i've been from home :)
there were, of course, happy as well as difficult times, and so many things to learn from and ponder upon... time management & being punctual, financial management, ukhuwwah & respect, and just so many more important values in life that many of us take for granted...

pic at Durham Cathedral entrance/exit

Monday, January 11, 2010

UK Holiday Trip ( v )

Durham Town Centre

Ust Maszlee welcomed us and showed us around Durham town centre..
it was freezing cold there, waaay much colder than London, Southampton, Nottingham or Sheffield! and Christmas decorations were everywhere!

nice decoration!

woke up the next day with ice frosts everywhere - rooftops, cars, window panes, trees and grasses, and even the road was slippery! it was -2 degrees celcius!

despite the coldness, we went out. Also went to the Cathedral where Harry Potter was filmed~

Mujaddid - Ust Maszlee & Ustzh Hamidah's boy~ macam budak besar walaupun 3 bulan je masa tu!

Sheffield's City Centre!
Mujahid went with Yusuf while I stayed at home coz I felt really tired n exhausted!

east midland train from Sheffield to London
our UK holiday trip was coming to its end..

to be continued...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

UK Holiday Trip ( iv )

On 27th of November 2009, we prayed Eidul-Adha prayers at Southampton University ^__^ my first time spending Eid away from home~ it's really an awesome experience indeed!
then we rushed back to London..

had some nice lunch + dessert in Zaid's house before departing for Nottingham

spent a comfortable night at Bro Amir Rashid & Kak Nida's place and served with very nice meals~
then my bro Yusuf came to pick us up and off we go to Sheffield ^__^

car-boot sale at Barnsley, just outside Sheffield

outside Yusuf's house, before departing for Durham~

to be continued...