Saturday, November 27, 2010

the big-huge family!

it's been nearly two months since my last post..
sekarang nak menulis, tapi tgh tak tau nak start dari mana.. mungkin sebab dah lama sangat tak menulis kat blog ni sampai berkarat sikit idea nye.. huhu..

so let's start with my latest family picture..

taken on the recent Eid-ul-Adha at 'rumah besar' as referred by Nabil.

oh its so cute Nabil refers to Tok Ummi's house - the house he lives in - as 'rumah besar'. his parents bedroom is 'rumah Nabil', the house i'm living in is 'rumah Ikram', and so on.. he can even differentiate between Muja's Myvi and Kholah Tikki's Myvi although both are silver in colour. and he knows if the turqoise Hyundai Getz he sees on the road is not his mother's. such a brilliant boy, subhanallah!

Ammar is the second grandson of the huge family. he's also super-duper cute and clever. he's a huge fan of Tok Abah's iPad and calls it 'pad'. one day he was at his other grandfather's house and he wanted to play games on iPad. there was none there so his grandfather took out his laptop for Ammar. when all was set, Ammar touched the screen and nothing happened. he said, "rosak". LOL!

another cutesy little boy is Ishraf. he's now crawling actively and could stand up straight and strong while holding onto something. his smile is so adorable and bright and to me the smile says something like this: "i'm happy and nothing else matters ^_^"

baby Zayd oh baby Zayd! i've never seen the real him yet! i hope baby Zayd and his parents will come back home early next year. from his pictures and videos, i could tell he's one clever growing boy nshaAllah

baby Azzam is Nabil's little brother. he's so chubby and have double-triple chin! hehehe.. Nabil and his Papa was playing with him this morning and he got excited and smiled! subhanallah! i still remember the morning Ikram smiled his real smile for the first time. baby's smiles are always the best smiles in the world!

and Ikram... he's my little hero. he's growing up so fast now. he now can do 'commado crawls' - i.e. crawling on his tummy - and sit up on his own. one sad thing is, he went to nursery since early october and caught flu each and every week T__T everyone says is a normal thing for babies and there's nothing i should worry about since nursery is a perfect place to pass viruses, but i don't know if EVERY WEEK is normal enough. it's oh boy what a sad thing that is. but there's nothing much we can do now except to let him get a break from the nursery until i start my industrial training on 13th december..

hmm.. suddenly i remembered being very sad and disappointed one day before i had to submit my final year project report. people always asked me how is it to juggle between studies and taking care of a baby. i say, it's no difference than a working mother. there are times when you just have to leave the baby with his father or anyone else in order to tend to your other responsibilities. i got really sad when some people blame me for leaving my baby behind until late at night or on weekends. what can i do? when i do that, i made sure i was with him throughout the day, or else i would definitely bring him with me. it's sad to know that people only see the bad side of what you're doing. oh i should stop now or i will start crying.

this ikram warded at 5 months..

that was when i went through 'the worldly hell' i call it. worse than 12 years of migraine.

my heroes ^__^

right after i finish my FYP presentation, both of them fell very sick T__T i hope i could do more to provide them comfort.. get well soon ok Baba n Ikram, love you both very much!

Friday, October 01, 2010

just for the record :)

at 5 month ikram starts weaning, eating fruits n vegetable puree and everyone immediately commented that he put on weight!;
ikram knows how to roll from his back to front a week before he turns 5 months;
he learnt how to pass his rattle from his right hand to his left and back again before he turned 4 months;
he could giggle when he turned exactly 3 months;
he couldn't wear his newborn clothes anymore a week before he turned two months. he was too long for them already;
a week before that he started smiling 'real smiles' and learns how to play with people;

4th October will be Ikram's first day of school @ hadhonah adni
praying that everything will go on well, nshaAllah :)

more pics

Ikram Fakhri's 1st eid
eid ul-fitr 1431h

all boys! taken during tok ummi's birthday makan2
abg amin + nabil
ahmad + ammar
isa + ishraf
mujahid + ikram
now, there's yusuf's baby zayd
n abg amin's new baby boy name unknown yet

cukup utk 1 team futsal :D

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

Friday, June 25, 2010

ikram at the beach~

Weekend family trip to Kemaman in May 2010~
Baby Ikram's first time to the beach!

waiting for sunrise :)

Ikram Fakhri high up in the sky!

Mama squeeze Ikram

Ikram halfway upside down~

Ikram with cousin Nabil and Ishraf.
Its too bad Ammar wasn't there with us :(

Baby turtles!!!
Nooo.. It's sand-turtles!
Made using Nabil's sand toys ^__^

ikram yang smarties :)

"ayuh bekerja untuk Islam!"

credits to Sakinah for the baju ^__^

Ikram Fakhri now weighs 4.1 kg and he is 57 cm long

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ikram tumpang glamour tok abah

okay, this is not something to be proud of, but it's an experience to be remembered :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

for Palestine

Last week was quite hectic for us when Mavi Marmara was attacked by the Israelis. Mujahid's father a.k.a. my father-in-law was one of the activists @ volunteer on that freedom flotilla.

Suspense was indeed in the air as I watched the news on al-Jazeera and a Turkish online website, as we all waited for Abah to call home - if he is still safe and sound. Alhamdulillah, Allah knows best, a couple of days later the Israelis let free the 12 Malaysians who were on Mavi Marmara. As you all had already known, they were sent to Jordan. Abah called home.

Several weeks back, Mujahid had asked me to translate his CV to join the cause. Sorry Abang I really had to hesitate because I was so not ready to raise our baby alone for now, not even for a couple of days, in addition to some other reasons.. It's not "never" it's just "not yet".. inshaAllah..

Anyways, on Tuesday 1st June 2010, Ikram Fakhri went off for his first demonstration for Palestine. Being the youngest demonstrator of the day, he slept soundly in his carrier despite the heat and the noise - which he actually loved.

Mujahid and I had planned to bring him along for the big demonstration on Friday but after some last minute consideration we decided to leave baby Ikram at home..

Oh by the way, Ikram Fakhri & Baba was on TV3 on Sunday, the day Tok Abah Hasan came back. They were also in the local newspaper on Monday. Ikram with Datin Rosmah :P not something to be proud of, but it is an experience to be recorded.
visit --> click here...
All newspapers gave wrong info, eithor Ikram Fakhri's name was wrongly spelled or his age was said to be 18 months. It's so illogical.. A 1-and-a-half year boy couldn't be that small..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

one-month pi

Property of Mom Forever ^__^

Ikram with Baba @ Meeting KNL

meja meeting pun boleh lah.. janji ada tempat tidur..~

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

more pics of My Sweetie Pi

1-day old
the night mama took care of me alone at the hospital
it's 12 a.m. and i'm wide awake

nearly 3-weeks old
travelling back to JB

baba went back to KL for work while mama n i stayed back
"hello baba.. ikram rindu baba.. bila baba nak balik sini?"

*Ikram memikirkan masalah ummat..*

3-weeks old
happy baby boy likes to practice smiling ^__^

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

Friday, April 23, 2010

sudah botak!

akhirnya ikram fakhri dah botak..
tok abah hasan & tok ummi mahiza datang tengok fakhri, cukur rambut & tahniq sekali...

ikram fakhri yg selesa tido di pangkuan tok abah :)

maintain je, kan!

"eh eh.. tok abah buat apa kat kepala ikram ni..?"

"oh.. cukur rambut ke.. takpe lah macam tu.. ingatkan ape tadi.."

"lain tak rupa Ikram? haa Ikram boleh geng dgn Ishraf lepas ni ^_^"

tahniq pulak. ikram suka kurma & madu sedap~

Monday, April 19, 2010

welcome Ikram Fakhri! ^__^

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

I'm a Mom! oh! I'm a Mom now!

that was my thought when i heard his first cry in the OT. unable to move my body, i can just smile a drop of tear :) i'm a mom! subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

Baba made this for baby Ikram the morning before baby Ikram
was born :)
12th April 2010 @ 27 Rabi'ul Akhir 1431H

couple of hours after the c-sect.. still couldn't move half of my body..

Baby of Nihlah Johari
12 April 2010 --- 1.48 p.m.
weight: 3.14 kg
height: 47 cm
(: couple of hours after birth :)

taking a peek.. who's here???

oh! Tok Abah, Tok Ummi and all my uncles and aunties
all the way from JB!!

day 3 - home sweet home we go! ^__^
drive safely ok Baba, Ikram saaayang Baba!

day 5 - i'm a bit yellow, love to sleep but Mama keep telling me to always wake up and feed. inshaAllah i'm going to be a good boy n listen to her. saaayang Mama!

jazakumullahu khayran jazaa to all who prayed for us, may Allah shower his blessings upon you forever!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

towards welcoming a new life :)

fuh.. fuh.. **tiup blog berhabuk**

konon2 berazam nak record pengalaman pertama perjalanan 9 bulan bersama kehidupan lain di dalam diri, tapi nampaknya kurang berjaya.. how fast days goes by, kan!

tup tap tup tap dah 8 bulan lebih pregnant.. nearly 38 weeks!
i'm telling you - those who never or have not experienced this - it's really not an easy thing. but i admit that what i've experienced is nearly nothing compared to many other pregnant women..

this third trimester (7th-9th month) really made me feel like i'm pregnant. LOL~ trust me, before that i still could run up and down the stairs and move about like i'm not carrying any extra load. but suddenly after 7 months of being pregnant, i started to feel some limits to my movements, and that limit increases from week to week.

anyways, last week i was admitted to the hospital for a night. actually i went to the hospital just to inform them about my baby's current condition, i.e. baby is currently breech, and also ask if it's possible to have an ECV done. it's a must to inform the hospital so that they'll be ready to 'receive' you and be prepared for any possible complication.

so they did some check up on me, monitored me and the baby using a machine and found out that i have mild contractions going on, although i really didn't feel anything 'unusual'. so they say i have to stay in for the night, for the following reasons:
- baby's not yet in 'full-term', i.e. just 36+ weeks, slightly pre-mature if borned anytime soon
- baby's in breech position, i.e. if contraction gets stronger they'll have to do emergency c-section
so they plan to give me something to delay/stop the contraction. if it works, they'll perform ECV on me the next day. if not, they'll have to continue with c-section.
however a couple of hours later there were no more contractions detected, so they did not give me that stuff. but i had to stay for ECV.

oh what's an ECV? it's External Cephalic Version (click to read more or simply google it up!), a procecure where a breech baby is turned by hand, while they monitor the baby's heartbeat and so on.. there are some risks that could lead to emergency c-sect *in the middle of my final exam days!* but after discussing with my beloved hubby, Mom, Mom-in-law n my sister (a doctor) within a very limited time, i decided to go for it.

the doctor did an ultrasound to make sure of the baby's position, and said that the chance of a successful ECV has dropped since they baby has engaged down into my pelvis, and also the amount of amniotic fluid is just on the borderline. but we agreed to proceed.

to tell you the truth, i never thought the procedure would be so painful. *but i guess togive birth normally is much more painful, eh?*.. the doctor simply 'gripped' the baby's head and body - which means putting firm pressure on my 1000-times-expanded uterus @ tummy - and attempted to turn the baby, slowly, but i'll not say gently. during that very few minutes i could just wish Mujahid was there with me. first the doctor tried to turn the baby anti-clockwise but baby only moved a little. then the doctor tried clockwise, but the baby didn't even move an inch.

"what a stubborn baby!" I you would say.. no no, he's just feeling comfortable sitting upright, i guess.. *even though it actually gives me a whole load of backpain* =P a mother's words are always prayers, so i always say "good boy, good boy, please turn". after the ECV, my whole body trembled, out of shock, i think. my blood pressure went up a little but everything was stable. i was discharged from the hospital later that evening.

now, why can't i give birth to baby in a breech position?
mainly, the doctors said, it's because this's my first time having a child. nobody knows whether i'm 'physically fit' to deliver normally. you know, the pelvic bone thing and all the 'pushing' stuff, and so on..
however, Dr. Kader said it's all nonsense (putting it the rough way). he asked my shoe size, i said 7, and he said i should be able to deliver the baby normally even if the baby is breech. you see, there's a relation between the size of your feet and your pelvis. many years ago, that's how midwives predict how deal with breech babies.
but these days, doctors do not want to take the risk. they said it's much less risky to perform a c-section than to deliver a breech baby normally.. **cries T_T**

and c-section, even though it's very safe these days and the risks are so minimal, it shouldn't really be a first choice..

so, now i can only pray and pray and pray to Allah to make the baby turn, if that's the best thing to happen. if not, Monday, 12th April will be the date.

inshaAllah, everything happens on the will of Allah..

Monday, April 05, 2010

hari ini dalam sejarah

sengaja nak tulis kat blog utk record tarikh, walaupun isi kandungan sejarah yg dicatat hari ni akan dirahsiakan atas sebab2 tertentu :)

tahniah pada diri sendiri, Asma' Amatullah, Hidayah Zairul, Wan Fatimah & Wan Syakirah.

... semoga terus tsabat di atas jalan dakwah walau dalam kesenangan atau kesusahan..
... semoga Allah meredhai segala amal yang kita telah lakukan dan akan lakukan..
... semoga kita tidak jemu menyinari dunia yg kian mati ini dengan Nur Allah..
sehingga kita direhatkan..

pic: Mt. Kinabalu, May 2007

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sapu habuk - examingitis...

35 weeks!
today's 23rd march, and in a month time it'll be 23rd april!
the estimated birth date of this little mujahid in my tummy ^__^

baby is now still in breech position, i.e. he's sitting upright instead of head down. this minimizes the probability of baby coming earlier than the expected date, but let's all pray that he'll turn upside down soon.. or a c-section would be waiting for me T__T it's not really impossible to give birth to a breech baby normally, but doctors said better not take the risk when he's the first child. hmm..

alhamdulillah last night i'm done with all projects and tests. oh, except for one more assignment to be submitted on 1st april. now i have to struggle my way for the final exam on 27th march, 2nd april, 6th april n 8th april. four subjects. all the best to me~~

slim tak???
hehehh~ sebenarnya sengaja nak amik gambar tummy dah besar, tapi tak nampak la pulak..
pic taken after aqsa syarif's first press conference

Thursday, February 18, 2010

all praise be to Allah

I praise Allah for sending me you my love
You found me home and sail with me
And I`m here with you
Now let me let you know
You`ve opened my heart
I was always thinking that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along
And theres a couple words I want to say

For the rest of my life
I`ll be with you
I`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time
I`ll be loving you.. Loving you
For the rest of my life
Through days and night
I`ll thank Allah for opening my eyes
Now and forever I`ll be there for you

Monday, February 01, 2010

baby says: my first checklist~

Mommy finally made a checklist of what to buy for me.. To my aunties who have experience in this, can you please help her identify if there's anything else needed?

- clothes, 5-8 pieces
- pyjamas, 4-6 pieces
- mittens & socks (all same colour, in case one gets lost..)


p/s: baby's posts will officially be posted at the family website from now onwards :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

25-26 weeks~

we did the ultrascan yesterday. he was sleeping, but he suddenly woke up and we saw him opening his eyes! taking a peek of those who are looking at him ^__^ *although he can actually just see bright lights not people yet =P*

from this ultrascan i think he'll look a lot more like his daddy ^__^

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UK Holiday Trip ( vi )

the final long-distance trip...
a day before our departure back to Malaysia...

one of the 7 Wonders of the Medieval World ^__^
i don't know why it looks so tiny in this picture.. but it's really not that big either compared to other wonders like the pyramids, great wall of china, petra, etc..

want to know more about the Wonders of the World??? click here

Zaid, Kak Manihah & Harith at Bath
it's a very popular place, they say.. coz there's this 'ancient' public bath.. we didn't go in to see though =P

...22nd Nov, Sun...
depart from LCCT, KL
arrive at Stansted Airport, London
home-sweet-home @ Villiers Road (credits to Zaid & K.Manihah)
...23rd Nov, Mon...
London Tour: Oxford Street, Green Park, Buckingham Palace
...24th Nov, Tue...
London Tour: Hyde Park, Bayswater, London Tower Bridge Exhibition, Big Ben
...25th Nov, Wed...
London Tour: Trafalgar Square, Holborn (My Old Dutch Pancake!)
Southampton (illegal sleep-over @ SU student quarters
...26th Nov, Thu...
Southampton Tour: City Centre. forgot the names of the places! we bought our own winter jacket at Primark~ had yummy milkshake although the weather was cold! and so on..
...27th Nov, Fri...
Eidul-Adha prayers @ Southampton University
London: delicious lunch & dessert at Zaid's place
Nottingham (sleep-over @ Bro Amir Rashid & Kak Nida's place)
...28th Nov, Sat...
Sheffield - attended some Eid open house, shopping at Asda :)
stayed at Yusuf's apartment ^__^
...29th Nov, Sun...
Barnsley carboot sale! lots of 2nd-hand and brand-new baby-stuff with great prices~
...30th Nov, Mon...
Durham - Ust Maszlee's place
...1st Dec, Tue...
Durham Town Centre & University Tour, Durham Cathedral
...2nd Dec, Wed...
Sheffield City Centre Tour - Mujahid & Yusuf only :(
...3rd Dec, Thu...
London: more window shopping at Oxford Street
...4th Dec, Fri...
Stonehenge & Bath ^__^
...5th Dec, Sat...
late lunch + early dinner : roasted duck at a Chinese Muslim restaurant, Bayswater
depart from Stansted Airport, London
...6th Dec, Sun...
arrive at LCCT, KL

alhamdulillah it was a great and memorable trip indeed! and the farthest i've been from home :)
there were, of course, happy as well as difficult times, and so many things to learn from and ponder upon... time management & being punctual, financial management, ukhuwwah & respect, and just so many more important values in life that many of us take for granted...

pic at Durham Cathedral entrance/exit

Monday, January 11, 2010

UK Holiday Trip ( v )

Durham Town Centre

Ust Maszlee welcomed us and showed us around Durham town centre..
it was freezing cold there, waaay much colder than London, Southampton, Nottingham or Sheffield! and Christmas decorations were everywhere!

nice decoration!

woke up the next day with ice frosts everywhere - rooftops, cars, window panes, trees and grasses, and even the road was slippery! it was -2 degrees celcius!

despite the coldness, we went out. Also went to the Cathedral where Harry Potter was filmed~

Mujaddid - Ust Maszlee & Ustzh Hamidah's boy~ macam budak besar walaupun 3 bulan je masa tu!

Sheffield's City Centre!
Mujahid went with Yusuf while I stayed at home coz I felt really tired n exhausted!

east midland train from Sheffield to London
our UK holiday trip was coming to its end..

to be continued...