Friday, June 17, 2011


It has been such a hectic week and I'm now taking a pause, for the third time I guess, because it seems to be impractical to proceed on my own pace while others are stuck behind unable to meet their deadlines. The feeling is truly not a good one :( so here I am, blogging...

I think it's already a month since I started working in Adni. I'm not teaching yet, well, not formally. I've been doing administrative stuff, which are not even close to computer or electronics engineering. Well, bits and pieces of things I do are related to computers and electronics, but not the engineering part.

People always ask me if this is really the thing I wanted to do, and if so why did I ever get myself into the trouble of studying engineering. Well, it's surely going to be a long explanation, but I guess in simple words I would say:
It's the process of learning that makes one a person, regardless of the subject major.
Well, actually it counts but it's not a very big deal. I had challenged myself to get a degree in engineering and inshaAllah I'm proud to say that I have managed to do so, even though not in flying colours compared to my other siblings.

Oh yes, FYI, my status in IIUM is now GR - Graduated! :D:D:D:D:D I can't wait for the convocation ceremony in October and share my happiness with my parents and beloved hubby and kid. Oh, subhanallah, I can't stop smiling when I think about it :)

*I don't know why but I keep thinking about Kak Maziah while writing this. I guess she was a part of the motivation that keeps me going in obtaining the degree. I once wore her masters convocation robe, and that inspires me! Actually I've never been to anyone else's convocation, not even my siblings :P so Kak Maziah, walaupun Nela jarang2 contact Kak Maziah tapi Nela ingat Kak Maziah tau~ hehehe*

Picture with Kak Maziah in Jordan, 2006

Time pinjam jubah convo Kak Maziah hehehe~ 2 stripes lagi!

Anyway, back to the hectic week. I've been dealing with some parents recently, because the TaeKwon-Do grading session is coming up tomorrow, and I've been scolded and yelled at twice, and another time on text. Oh it's so dreadful. But I'm just going to look forward and smile because I know things that happened were not my fault, and I will try to make things look better. InshaAllah. Allah knows best!

Wowee... I've written a long one here. Ikram's sleeping at home and I'm in Adni. Yesterday I went back home late and I could say that he's quite upset with me, maybe because I didn't put him to sleep. Usually if I go home late he will wake up few times in the middle of the night and cry and I have to hug him and gently talk to him until he goes back to sleep... Such a clever little boy :)

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

My Boy