Saturday, March 31, 2007

3 weeks of hols....... o_0"

Subhanallah wAlhamdulillah wAllahuAkbar..

Dah abis exam ^__^"
i won't comment anything about the exams, my carry marks, and all that's relevant to them, because it's really complicated...
i'll just pray that i'll get the very best result i deserve for my effort n all...
But all I can say is --- I studied UNTIL the very last minute but with enough rest, i guess. alhamdulillah the visitor didn't came and stormed inside my head while I was facing my exams. yeah it came but just for a while and didn't hurt much.
but it's really not nice when it came like mad immediately after my final paper. i thought of sleeping that night but couldn't. so i called a friend and we went out for a really nice treat ^_^"

utk semua yang masih bertungkus-lumus menghadapi exam, saya doakan anda semua berjaya dengan cemerlang! fight until the 'war' ends! NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

hmm... 3 weeks of hols!
now, what am i going to do???
mom said i gotta help out with my eldest bro's wedding in June. It'll be on the 2nd, but the kenduri on my side will be on the 30th of June. B-coz--- everyone's busy bUsy BUSY...
and yeah, I plan to have a great trip to somewhere before the 30th... ^_^
* berdoa dan terus berdoa semoga dimurahkan rezeki... *
and yeah, of course I have some plans for this hols, although not as packed as it used to be...

*** smiles all the way, thanks Allah for a very colourful life! ***

ya Allah...
please listen to my prayers and grant me the best, if not in this world, let it be in the Hereafter...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

peringatan buat diriku yang sering lupa...

hari ini dalam sejarah...
peringatan buat diriku yang sering lupa...
18 Mac 2005

once upon a time
nikmat penglihatan hampir ditarik semula oleh Sang Pencipta
mujur masih berbaki kasih sayangNya...
aku masih berupaya melihat
menggunakan KEDUA-DUA belah MATA...
ya Rabbul Izzati...
terima kasih atas segala yang Kau berikan padaku...
segala mehnah, kepayahan dan kesakitan,
aku sedar,
semuanya adalah tarbiyyah untukku
dan persiapan untukku
menghadapi masa depan yang belum pasti...
سُبْحَانَ الله و الْحَمْدُ لله و الله أكْبَرْ

Saturday, March 17, 2007

For Palestine, for Muslims, for the sake of Allah :)

Hey guys!!!
I just forgot to update something REALLY COOL!
Buy, Eat, and Contribute for Palestine!
*** picture of Muffin sponsored by Mr. Muffin ^_^ ***

The brand new ExMat (Exhibition Materials)
From utmost left column:

ExMat Day~ fUn fuN FUN!!! ^__^

tRyiNg mY bEst tO bE cReaTivE and iNnoVatIvE...~

mOre cRew mEmbErs!!!

mOre aNd mOre cRew mEmbErs!!!

you can join next time!
just leave ur email address at my tagboard ;)
i'll make sure you'll be hunted!

Kuliyyah of Economics, IIUM.
26th February - 2nd March 2007
Theme : Remembrance of Hebron Massacre, 1994.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

lautan dosa yang tak pernah surut...

pnah rase menyesal tak?
bile tak sempat menghargai,
dan tak sempat utk tunjuk yg kite menghargai
some people...
and they leave.
never to come back.

tau tak?
kalau lalu depan kubur orang Islam, bukan cakap
"Assalamu'alaykum ya ahlul-qubur.." je..
tau tak?
sebenarnya ade sambungannye...
"kau telah pergi dan kami akan menyusul..."

huhu... rase nak nangis sgt.............
brape banyak lagi masa yg kite ade???
bukan utk buat kebaikan je...
tapi utk hapuskan segala dosa yang tak henti ditambah...

malam ini kita menangis merayu dan meminta keampunan
berikrar utk tak ulang semua kesilapan
tapi esok pagi...
kita bangun,
kita buat lagi dosa² yg sama....

keampunan yang sebenar adalah hanya utk mereka yang tidak melalukan kesilapan yang sama berkali-kali...

ketakutkan yang tak dapat diperkatakan...

ya Allah...
please not only show me the right path..
but also show me how to walk on the right path...

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Salams :)

I can't help not to update my blog. You know, experts say that writing journals is a good way to relieve stress. Yes, this is the third time I'm stressing out this point. It's a healthy way of life and lets you put values into things that happen in your life.

Oh, do you know what's behind the question "Is the glass half-full or half-empty?"
It's actually a simple indicator test whether you are an optimist or pessimist...
I don't know how true it is, but I guess most EQ tests will ask that question...
I had always answered the question 'half-empty' though.. *sighh** and for some reason, I still prefer to answer that question that way, I just think it's more logical...
Even though I already know that only pessimists answer that question that way...

I received a very inspiring key-chain on Tuesday. It says:


Thanks very much! Barakallahu fik!

Hmm... Final exam is very near...
17/3 Halaqah
22/3 BM - read up that whole text book!
23/3 UNGS - absorb everything relevant to Islamic Worldview into my heart and mind...
24/3 Calculus - oh! oh! oh! gotta push myself to really, really, really REALLLYYY STUDY HARD for this!
27/3 Statics - REALLY work hard on this tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29/3 Drawing - don't forget to revise...!!!
29/3 Electric Circuits - really, really REALLY work hard on this too!!


This week was a hectic week.
And I'm having a very stubborn visitor @ enemy since Wednesday. It just kept attacking and didn't want to leave.
That headache.

And I lost today. I can't stand the pain, I left my 4-hour C++ programming presentation class while it was going on, I had presented my project, but because I left, there's a big probability that I'll lost my 8% presentation marks out of the 2 credit hours for this C++ programming subject. THAT IS A LOT.
You see, I just don't understand why does Programming gets only 2 credits while Calculus gets 3 credits,,, even though it is very clear that engineers don't use Calculus in their working life at all - well, except for those who are going into R&D... And I've never heard of any engineering student who loves Calculus more than any other subject.
Anyways, I didn't want to go to the clinic, because I went to the clinic twice this week - another frequent visitor popped up a couple of months ago. Allergy. But I don't know what yet.
But anyway, Mom agreed to write a letter for me to the programming lecturer. And I have to re-convince my lecturer that I didn't just leave the class for no reason. I don't think that will be an easy task, but I'll give it a try.
Allah knows best, He knows everything that happens, and He is the Ultimate Judge, the Most Wise, the Most Fair...

C coding..
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