Friday, June 29, 2007

amanah = anugerah

We can't spell S"?"CCESS without U!!

Sangat COMEL!!!
Sangat BEST!!!
don't you think so?

Tanggungjawab kita sebagai 'abd dan khalifah di atas muka bumi Allah ini tidak sekali-kali akan berkurangan, jauh sekali pudar...

AMANAH ini bukan hak milik tetapi ANUGERAH

26 Jun 2007
tarikh yg pasti akan dipersoal pada Hari Kebangkitan
tarikh yg menentukan gaya hidup hari-hari seterusnya

Ya Allah...
Berilah daku kekuatan, kesabaran dan kebijaksanaan
dalam memikul amanah besar ini...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

jemputan ke walimatul-urus

Ahmad Johari & Nadia Azhana Ahmad Azmi

Sabtu, 30 Jun 2007
jam 2 - 4 ptg

di Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang, Selangor

p/s: sesape nak kte hantarkan attachment kat e-mail leh bgtau yeh..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thank You Allah...

I'M BACK!!!!!


Ade orang sudah jerit-jerit dekat saya suruh update blog -__-" Aiyoyo...

the 9-days marathon went on good... No, GREAT!

TOPS II was inspiring my red+black+white+green juvenile blood of Palestine so well, that despite having a fever & bad headache, I pushed my way through with the Pakciks and Makciks who have the same blood colours ^__^.
I became the ambassador for my beloved K-International family, sharing with the grown-ups all about our background, our focus and our job... Yes, I really have to upgrade my public speaking skills (which I like not that much)! -__-"

Anyways, without much rest at the checkpoint called Home-Sweet-Home, I continued my marathon to BTN. Politics from day-1 to day-4!, with continuous leadership training for day-2 and day-3. I like all except one, and I learnt a lot from all except that one speech by I-didn't-remember-his-name-but-Tan-Sri-something who was a pro-government (a.k.a. the one with red and white 'shirt') 'coz he was cursing and talking bad about other people all the way! Everyone made noises and spoke to each other during his trash speech...

Then, although I was pretty exhausted after venturing into the Puncak Alam 'forest with so many hills and a swamp' for Kembara on day-3 I managed to gather up strength back at the checkpoint Home-Sweet-Home to continue my way to KONSIS... I was reminded about so many things, especially the history of Why Am I A Muslim Today... It all started in 610 A.C. when our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and his Companions strived hard with their lives and wealth for Islam...

During BTN, I was 'brainwashed' all the way about the huge sacrifices of our Malaysian leaders who resisted intelligently against the conquerors of World War II in order for Malaysia to be an independent, advanced and peaceful country today...

and during KONSIS, I was 're-brainwashed' about something else I should be more proud of- The gift of Iman & Islam... which is with each and every one of us today only because of the extra-ordinary sacrifices, patience, courage, strentgh, intellects and many more!, all given by Allah to His servants who fear and obey Him...
I was also reminded about the downfall of the Islamic World, and the uprise of the western world, and realize that we have so much work to do.

I cry for always forgetting something very important.
I cry for other Muslims around the globe who do not realize there is something very important.

What will be our answers when on The One Day Allah ask us what we have done for Islam?
Or will we even have any acceptable answer?
Allah said He has purchased from the Believers their lives and their wealth,
but will we be able to 'sell' our lives and our wealth that, in fact, has already belong to Him?

"God has purchased of the believers their persons and their wealth;
for theirs (in return) is the Garden (of Paradise):
they fight in His Cause, and slay and are slain:
a promise binding on Him in truth,
through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur'an:
and who is more faithful to his covenant than God?
Then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded:
that is the achievement supreme"

at-Tawbah : 111

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hey, Muslim!! It’s only a test!

Hey, Muslim!! It’s only a test!

Good grades aren’t everything
Neither are looks
If people don’t like you, hey, Allah loves you!
If you feel like you’re worth nothing,
You’re wrong!
You are a Muslim!!

And that’s a reason enough to live
Not just live but live proud (‘izzah)
Do you think the pretty is happy?
Do you think the popular is happy?
Do you think the intelligent is happy?
They don’t know the meaning of life
They feel a constant void, a gap, an emptiness.
They will eventually search madly to find an answer
An answer that you were born knowing

Life changes, people change, you think it’s not fair
And you’re right!! It’s not!
But life is not fair, it is a test!
Test don’t always come in the form of enormous
Moral dilemmas, catastrophes that you watch on the news
Quite often, they’re so small you overlook them
Or silently wonder why they happened to you

A bad mark is a test
A bad friend is a test
Having too much work is a test
Complaining won’t solve anything
Praying will
You are a Muslim
Your ultimate goal is to worship Allah
Serve Allah, Please Allah
Not to please your friends, your teachers, your society

Will they defend you in hereafter?
Will they even know your name in the hereafter?
Will they even know your name in 10 years?

Let’s keeps our goal in mind
Stay focused and work towards it!

Taken from: Today’s Worry, Tomorrow’s Hope

ya Allah...
please hold me through...
please hold me through...
please hold me through...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

faiting!! faiting!!

fuh~ fuh~ tecungap-cungap..

another one paper to go!!
after that, i will have to run marathon for other stuff!!!

yes, berehat dengan menukar kerja ^__^

int main()

ifstream diary("june07.txt",ios::in);
string event;

while (!diary.eof())
getline (diary, event);
cout << /event << /endl; }

cout << "End of events for June 2007." << /endl;


return 0;


Program Output:
15th Exam Object Oriented Programming
16th - 17th TOPS (Training for Palestine Trainers)
18th - 21st (or 22nd? xsure) Biro Tata Negara a.k.a. BTN
22nd MISI '07 for Palestine talk (if BTN finishes on 21st)
22nd - 24th KONSIS
30th Ahmad & Kak Nadia's reception in Bukit Antarabangsa

paham tak coding kat atas tu?


tak pecaye???
ni output dye -__-" yg dlm window colour hitam

"high thoughts must have high language" - Aristophanes

Monday, June 11, 2007

Family Trip

Family Trip to Surabaya, Indonesia
last week 4th-7th June 2007
huhu... dengkinye... kene tinggal :(

Mt. Bromo
awan yg sgt tebal dan cantik!! subhanallah!!

my beloved Mom ^__^

climb! climb!! horseback riding... waaa bestnye -__-" *jealous*

my twin bros ^__^ comel sgt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple Farm!!!

Burung kakak tua...
hinggap di tangan mereka...
saya kena tinggal di malaysia...
jadi mereka hanya berdua...

hwa hwa hwa ^__^

Tiger cub with my li'l siss n bros

Huwaaa!!! jealous!!!
i too had a pic with a tiger cub!!!!!!
~3 years ago, in 2004... huhuhu...

oit!!! study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
esok exam!!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

nikah al-mubarak!!!

~ 2 June 2007 ~

Endless prayers for my eldest Bro & his wife
Ahmad & Nadia Azahana
semoga bahagia selamanya

reception in Bukit Antarabangsa will be on 30th June
all are cordially invited
* invitation card belum distribute! *

another one???!!!

the utmost-stinky-est pic of this millenia...

my second accident
and, similar to the one before
it involved more than two cars
Fortuner (me) -> Serena (my bro) - Volvo (my dad)


can anyone please tell me the hikmah of this incident!