Monday, April 30, 2007

be organized!!!


Jumaat yang lalu saya diserang tetamu yang mendera. Tiga hari.
Jumaat, Sabtu, Ahad.
Lalu saya tidak berupaya belajar untuk menghadapi kuiz Electronics.
2 biji Uphamol 650mg langsung tidak berjaya mengurangkan sakit kepala.
Tapi alhamdulillah, kuiz tersebut dibatalkan

huhu.. teruknya...
i still don't know what's up on the other side...
the side where a good friend was disturbed while facing her exams...

move on... move on...
kalau tak, habis la blog ni penuh dengan ayat-ayat dari hati yang resah...

Tadi, balik rumah lepas menghadiri dua kelas.
Electronics yang sangat mengantukkan
dan Object Oriented Programming for Engineers yang best,

Sampai rumah, tolong kakak buat dulang hantaran untuk Amad kawin.
sikit-sikit je...
pastu, gi dapur, buat salad untuk dinner malam ni.
Khamis ni birthday Abah, tapi Abah nak gi Dubai,
so the whole big family will gather at my house tonight.
Bukan sesuatu yang pelik bagi kami,

Pastu, tengah potong tomato, Abah panggil suruh alihkan kereta.
Adik-adik nak main badminton kat 'dataran serbaguna' kat sebelah rumah.
Katanya dua kereta, rupa-rupanya empat.
Ulang-alik untuk amik kunci dalam rumah. Berpeluh jugak.
Tapi takpe, adik-adik dapat main badminton dengan Abah petang tadi.


Cuti dua hari.
Esok tak jadi pegi hiking.
Lusa pegi PWTC,
pelancaran buku AKU ORI BUKAN FOTOKOPI
jugak utk tengok persembahan Wayfarers
kalau sempat pegi bookfair.

best ke macam tu?

to be done within this-next week:

1. report personal utk jk HEA [75% done]
2. homework CAD (computer aided design)
3. quiz electronics
4. quiz OOP (object oriented programming)
5. assignment OOP
6. paperwork HOPE + meeting
7. paperwork TeamBuilding + meeting
8. brainstorm ROQ (+ meeting bila boleh?)
9. pegi karate
10. berusaha untuk baiki ape yang dirosakkan haritu

aja aja faiting!!!

ya Allah!!
semoga diberi kekuatan ketabahan dan kesabaran!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do brains have colors??? hehe ^__^

Your Brain is Blue

Of all the brain types, yours is the most mellow.
You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles.
Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life.

taekwon-do updates

My TaeKwon-Do training today went on good, very good ^__^

For the first time in 'years', I was early for the class.

We warmed up and stretched as usual, and powered some kickings.
Started with side kicks, and after few turns our instructor added the 'seasonings'..
Then some more,
then some more...
sliding side kick - back kick - front kick - jumping back kick - downward kick - punches - tornado kick . (full stop)
Those who know these kickings would have a damn nice idea how not-just-body-but-also-head-spinning training was that.
note: side - back - front - back - front - front - 360° turn

I bet you won't understand.
Maybe Muja would, or 'adik ib' (if he reads this piece of crap).

There's a International Instructor Course in Hong Kong in the end of July...

And I'm now trying my best to take some classes in Adni, it's been more than three years since I have my own TaeKwon-Do class... Hmm...

for me, at least

ya Allah,
please grant the best for me
my health, my academics, my life...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mentari hidupku~



dan sangat bersyukur.
Sangat sangat sangat bersyukur..!!

I passed,
not with flying colours,
but alhamdulillah,
no subjects to repeat...

Thank you Allah for the colourful life
Thank You Ya Allah for everything you've given me in this life

SubhanAllah wAlhamdulIllah wAllahuAkbar

mentari hidupku kan bersinar kembali~


Results will be out today!!!!!!!
I'm so the very nervous person right now.

And when I say this, many would say "Nela, awak boleh punya... You can do it! Doa n tawakkal k?"
The truth is, the nervousness is beyond that... Hmm...

Somehow, I realized that many around me, those who don't really know me, might assume I'm clever in school. Some first impressions were even like "she's a medical student" "she's sure in the deans list" and blah blah...
The actual fact is: I'm not, even how much I wish to be so. No, I don't wish to be a medical student, I like medicine (the course, not the substance) but I'm not the type who can study hard all year long and who can stay up no-nights and lack-of-sleep student life and housemanship (I dunno how to spell) and stuff like that...
And my CGPA, I can't say the effort I put in is not worth the deans list... Oh if ever I could wish for something in this world, it'd be to make my CGPA in deans list. Haha~ which will not happen without continuous and never-ending efforts and prayers and actually just something more than that. Patience, stamina, endurance, brain, IQ, iman, taqwa, everything.
But the thing is, I have to stand up to the expectations of my parents - uhh,, which is pretty much stressful when reminded.

Oh... I don't want to write anymore.
Butterflies in the tummy

Just, please pray for me...

Ya Allah...
I really pray to you
because you are the Only One who has power over everything
and because you know what's best for me...

Ya Allah...
Grant me the best of what I deserve
Grant me the best in this world and in the hereafter
Grant the best for me and for others in this world
I believe you will not put me down
I believe you will not burden me with challenges I can't bear...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

animes vs. movies

It's very, very nice not to have headache for erm 3 days already =) alhamdulillah...

School's starting again next monday, and I'm very nervous because tomorrow my CGPA results will be out. Please pray for the best!
Ya Allah... Please grant me the best result...

This hol is starting to get a li'l bit boring.
But to my surprise, usually hols will get boring after 5 days. This time - two week ^__^
and now I'm 'craving' for computer games and movies. FYI, I don't watch a lot of movies, and I rarely do doing schooldays, so this hols I'm watching Prison Break and Stargate (my favourite fiction movie since childhood haha)... Not forgetting watching Naruto ^__^
I don't know where all my CDs has gone, but none of the games are around to be seen... So I just download some boring stuff from the internet, like- erm, Zuma, Dynomite, Scrabble... It's fun, but I've been playing it for the past year... Oh I really want a strategy game...

Hah! Something interesting!
My e-pal Zafran in Sri Lanka (oh, am I right? Man I can forget things very easily I'm so sorry) was very surprised that we 'teens' in Malaysia are big fans of animes!!! I thought it was a normal thing since many of my siblings, friends and I here grew up with Japanese comics like Dragon Ball and so many more... So it's already like - a culture?? - in Malaysia.
Uhh... That sounds so bad... Foreign influence...

But I personally think animes should be much better compared to Hollywood (and also Bollywood) movies... I mean from the perspective of the impact they bring to our lives... You don't look at or treat anime characters like idols, big figures or a cool thing to be followed. Valueless western lifestyle, trends, ideologies and mind-settings are influencing every aspect of the Muslims' lives in the east, particularly Malaysia - which is, I know you agree, a total destruction.
Unlike animes, you don't follow what they do, how they think and live, their trends and what not... Maybe you'd learn some things, but the negative impacts on us Muslims are much less compared to that brought by the western movies.
I don't say all animes are good, and I don't say all western movies are bad. It actually really depend on how each individual treat it...

So, the most important thing - make sure they don't control you, but you control what's going into your head through your eyes and ears and other senses, and you control your feelings and thoughts, you decide how to live.

So finally I write a piece that's not empty for others.
It's really a reminder for all, especially me.

Ya Allah... Guide me towards You,
every step of my life,
I'll need You...

p/s: Zafran, please don't get offended with any of these. I don't mean to. Thanks for 'opening my eyes' a li'l bit more ^__^

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The trip to Thailand

Ingatkan nak update lambat-lambat...
Huhu... Sebab gambar-gambar best semua blom smpat amik dari camera-man...

The 4-days trip to Bangkok was - - - - - okay Alhamdulillah...
I can't say it's worth postponing my BTN camp -__-" but Allahu A'lam, yes, He Knows best!

So, on the morning of 11th April 2007, the 8 of us: Abah Ummi Ahmad Yusuf Isa Me Atiqah and Musa departed from KLIA for Bangkok International Airport (the new one, which is much less crowded and more comfy...)

Uncle Abdullah, a trader with superb language skills (he's fluent in Thai, English, Malay, Arabic, French and picking up Mandarin!) gave us a very warm welcome.
We checked-in Regent Hotel, RapKhamHaeng Road, Bangkok and had extravaganza-delicious TomYam for lunch ^__^

Then we went to Uncle Abdullah's office and had some mouth-watering fresh fruits and syai (Tea in Arabic) in those cute li'l glasses the Arabs use to serve tea... Then we did some shopping in Central ____ (i can't remember the name) and basically just spent the day - erm, can I say - nicely...

Anyways, the next day we ventured out to some Muslim settlement along the main river in Bangkok. Oh again, I'm really bad at names, but that river is the main source of clean water in Bangkok. Some history class went on, how the Muslims came to Bangkok from the south and west bla bla bla,,, but I didn't bother to listen because of some reasons you won't understand.
Hehe... I don't want to talk about the second day.

So the third day we were out very early. Headed for the Water Market in ___ (I dunno the name again). Quite a different experience, hehe. I and my bro wondered why they should mess up and continue doing business in small boats along the not-very-wide river. Hehehe... But I guess, that's the beauty of cultures, and surely it's mainly for tourist attraction... ^_^" but the coconut drink we had on the boat was fresh and sweet and superb! hehee... 15 baht for one coconut, that is RM1.50!!!! OMG,,, I love it soooo much! But it's not worth staying for, hehehe O_o"

Beloved Dad & Mom on d boat at the Water Market
Then we went to the sea... Ingatkan nak kutip kepah, tapi air pasang... Jadi hanya melihat-lihat ciptaan Allah Yg Maha Kuasa ^_^ tengah dalam bot, Isa perasan all tje birds yg tgh btenggek kat kayu-kayu kat tengah-tengah laut semua menghadap satu arah, and by the location of the sun we knew it's towards the south. why all towards the same direction, and why south? do anyone know? does it have anything to do with their migration during seasons?
The sea is three hours drive from Bangkok...
We then headed to the mountaneous area to have a look at the dam - the water supply for Bangkok. The scenery is indeed very beautiful during sunset, subhanallah! Didn't stay there for long 'coz the place is getting dark, and we were all hungry!
BTW, the dam cannot be seen from the roadside. Kena berkayak for 9-10 kilometer, which sounds very interesting but we didn't have the time to do so. Dad say some day we shall go camping there, nsyaAllah, coz it looks like a very nice campsite ^__^
Laaaate at night we returned to our hotel, and rested for the next day - the last day of the trip. In the morning we wanted to go to the Dry Market but Uncle Abdullah said many shops were closed and it'll not be dry anymore due to the water festival. Water festival - from spraying others using water guns or buckets of water to pushing others into the river! I guess they really enjoyed playing with water ^_^
So finally, another shopping, this time a quick one, buy some souvenirs for family members back home, and I grabbed some doughnuts. I thought the BUNNY is very cute, and was wondering if anyone know how to make them at home? I think it'll be a good sale for Palestine Fund Raising, or any other occasions... Hehehe... Do tell me if you know! ^__^

The End...
The pic below is sunset from the flight back home.
Very nice indeed, Subhanallah!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


I misplaced my sister's credit card in less than three minutes.
Having a very bad headache, I couldn't focus, and was not thinking about anything.
Took the the card from her, moved to the driver seat and drove to Petronas to feed her starving Getz. I owe her one, that's why I didn't hesitate to help.
A hundred meters away from the petrol station, I realized I wasn't holding the card.
Couldn't remember where I placed it.
We searched,
but still couldn't find it.
Gotta call the bank to block the card.

tell me...
If you're me,
would you be more worried about
? the credit card, or your head ?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fujitsu Limited - Upgraded!

No more naps while waiting for things to load...

Fujitsu Limited
1.21 GB of RAM

thanks to Alan for being the savior today ^__^
and thanks to Abah for the green light and sponsorship!

Subhanallah wAlhamdulillah wAllahuAkbar

Thursday, April 05, 2007

bisikan hati

ade tak rasa mcm tengah prepare utk diri sendiri nak kawin???
cume tak best sbb snanye orang lain yg nak kawin...

ha- ha-

Moga Tabah Hati Tak Berbelah Bagi!!!

Sehati sejiwa~
Dulu, kini, selamanya
Walau apa yang melanda hadapi bersama...
Ya Allah Ya Rabbi,
Teguhkan iman kami
Moga tabah hati tak berbelah bagi
Moga Tabah Hati Tak Berbelah Bagi...
especially dedicated to
my superb naqibah KakMJ, our Usrah members [Tim Dayah Maryam Sulafa Hajar Echah Farhah Huda Sofi Awathif], my ex-Usrah fellas [Syahidah Mashita Tasnim Bashirah Aishah], also K Comrades [KakManihah KakNusaibah KakBib KakSalmi Nusaybah Ili Salwa Rumaisa Najimin Abyd] and K-International Family [KakWM KakHamnah KakRoha Safwan WAWI Adha Mujahid], not forgetting ADNI Alumni Team [too many to be listed], Best Friends [Alan Sharaf Sidqi Iman Nadiah], sisters from IPBA, and all Saff Bros & Siss in S'pore!!!
hermm... I hope I didn't leave out anyone???
a painkiller for examingitis - 26 March 2007

Sunday, April 01, 2007

June 2007 - Case Closed


Actually, I signed up for an educational trip to Beijing with Kuliyyah of Engineering in June, but I don't think I'll be accepted, for some academic reasons -_-'

I also got the offer to Canada for TaeKwon-Do World Championship, but of course I didn't accept it because I didn't went for training for 3 months due to my headache.

And the evening before my final paper, my best friend's mother rang me, asking whether I'd like to 'accompany' her two daughters to Egypt since it'll be their first trip far away. I asked Dad, and he said "Tak payah la, lain kali k? Tolong-tolong Ahmad nak kahwin la.."

In short, I'll not be going anywhere in June nsyaAllah. Not anywhere far, for sure.

Just an annoucement for anyone who's interested to know.
Allahu A'lam.. ^__^
seeking for serenity and peace in the heart...

cutest twins in the world ;)

Ismail Johari (left) and Ishaq Johari (right)

Today's coversation between Nihlah Johari & Basma Johari:
BJ: Ni Ismail ke Ishaq?
NJ: Emm... Kite pun tak reti bezakan... ** while looking at both **
BJ n NJ together ->
NJ: Eh.. Ni Ishaq.. ** pointing to Ishaq **
BJ: Ha ni Ismail kan? ** pointing to Ismail **
NJ: Sebab dye ade luka kat tangan.
BJ: Hehehh.. Kite tengok perut dye oh.

And everyone laughed.
Yeah... They never rejected food or drinks you know. From junkies to vegies... ^_^"

OMG!!!!!!! I keep smiling and smiling when I look at this pic ^__^'
-Ismail Johari-
Auntie Mimi, I'll email the pics to you ;)