Saturday, April 21, 2007

taekwon-do updates

My TaeKwon-Do training today went on good, very good ^__^

For the first time in 'years', I was early for the class.

We warmed up and stretched as usual, and powered some kickings.
Started with side kicks, and after few turns our instructor added the 'seasonings'..
Then some more,
then some more...
sliding side kick - back kick - front kick - jumping back kick - downward kick - punches - tornado kick . (full stop)
Those who know these kickings would have a damn nice idea how not-just-body-but-also-head-spinning training was that.
note: side - back - front - back - front - front - 360° turn

I bet you won't understand.
Maybe Muja would, or 'adik ib' (if he reads this piece of crap).

There's a International Instructor Course in Hong Kong in the end of July...

And I'm now trying my best to take some classes in Adni, it's been more than three years since I have my own TaeKwon-Do class... Hmm...

for me, at least

ya Allah,
please grant the best for me
my health, my academics, my life...

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mujahid said...

wah bagus2 keep it up..hehe lpas ni boleh jadi instructor professional..keep kickkings hehe..
ya Allah, please grant the best for all of us.. our health,our academics,our life...