Sunday, April 15, 2007

The trip to Thailand

Ingatkan nak update lambat-lambat...
Huhu... Sebab gambar-gambar best semua blom smpat amik dari camera-man...

The 4-days trip to Bangkok was - - - - - okay Alhamdulillah...
I can't say it's worth postponing my BTN camp -__-" but Allahu A'lam, yes, He Knows best!

So, on the morning of 11th April 2007, the 8 of us: Abah Ummi Ahmad Yusuf Isa Me Atiqah and Musa departed from KLIA for Bangkok International Airport (the new one, which is much less crowded and more comfy...)

Uncle Abdullah, a trader with superb language skills (he's fluent in Thai, English, Malay, Arabic, French and picking up Mandarin!) gave us a very warm welcome.
We checked-in Regent Hotel, RapKhamHaeng Road, Bangkok and had extravaganza-delicious TomYam for lunch ^__^

Then we went to Uncle Abdullah's office and had some mouth-watering fresh fruits and syai (Tea in Arabic) in those cute li'l glasses the Arabs use to serve tea... Then we did some shopping in Central ____ (i can't remember the name) and basically just spent the day - erm, can I say - nicely...

Anyways, the next day we ventured out to some Muslim settlement along the main river in Bangkok. Oh again, I'm really bad at names, but that river is the main source of clean water in Bangkok. Some history class went on, how the Muslims came to Bangkok from the south and west bla bla bla,,, but I didn't bother to listen because of some reasons you won't understand.
Hehe... I don't want to talk about the second day.

So the third day we were out very early. Headed for the Water Market in ___ (I dunno the name again). Quite a different experience, hehe. I and my bro wondered why they should mess up and continue doing business in small boats along the not-very-wide river. Hehehe... But I guess, that's the beauty of cultures, and surely it's mainly for tourist attraction... ^_^" but the coconut drink we had on the boat was fresh and sweet and superb! hehee... 15 baht for one coconut, that is RM1.50!!!! OMG,,, I love it soooo much! But it's not worth staying for, hehehe O_o"

Beloved Dad & Mom on d boat at the Water Market
Then we went to the sea... Ingatkan nak kutip kepah, tapi air pasang... Jadi hanya melihat-lihat ciptaan Allah Yg Maha Kuasa ^_^ tengah dalam bot, Isa perasan all tje birds yg tgh btenggek kat kayu-kayu kat tengah-tengah laut semua menghadap satu arah, and by the location of the sun we knew it's towards the south. why all towards the same direction, and why south? do anyone know? does it have anything to do with their migration during seasons?
The sea is three hours drive from Bangkok...
We then headed to the mountaneous area to have a look at the dam - the water supply for Bangkok. The scenery is indeed very beautiful during sunset, subhanallah! Didn't stay there for long 'coz the place is getting dark, and we were all hungry!
BTW, the dam cannot be seen from the roadside. Kena berkayak for 9-10 kilometer, which sounds very interesting but we didn't have the time to do so. Dad say some day we shall go camping there, nsyaAllah, coz it looks like a very nice campsite ^__^
Laaaate at night we returned to our hotel, and rested for the next day - the last day of the trip. In the morning we wanted to go to the Dry Market but Uncle Abdullah said many shops were closed and it'll not be dry anymore due to the water festival. Water festival - from spraying others using water guns or buckets of water to pushing others into the river! I guess they really enjoyed playing with water ^_^
So finally, another shopping, this time a quick one, buy some souvenirs for family members back home, and I grabbed some doughnuts. I thought the BUNNY is very cute, and was wondering if anyone know how to make them at home? I think it'll be a good sale for Palestine Fund Raising, or any other occasions... Hehehe... Do tell me if you know! ^__^

The End...
The pic below is sunset from the flight back home.
Very nice indeed, Subhanallah!

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nelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....nk donut arnab!! (hey,it sounds funny klu ckp in BM!!haha)..naaaakkkkk!!awk kne buatkn utk kte!*wink*