Sunday, April 01, 2007

June 2007 - Case Closed


Actually, I signed up for an educational trip to Beijing with Kuliyyah of Engineering in June, but I don't think I'll be accepted, for some academic reasons -_-'

I also got the offer to Canada for TaeKwon-Do World Championship, but of course I didn't accept it because I didn't went for training for 3 months due to my headache.

And the evening before my final paper, my best friend's mother rang me, asking whether I'd like to 'accompany' her two daughters to Egypt since it'll be their first trip far away. I asked Dad, and he said "Tak payah la, lain kali k? Tolong-tolong Ahmad nak kahwin la.."

In short, I'll not be going anywhere in June nsyaAllah. Not anywhere far, for sure.

Just an annoucement for anyone who's interested to know.
Allahu A'lam.. ^__^
seeking for serenity and peace in the heart...

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