Sunday, April 08, 2007


I misplaced my sister's credit card in less than three minutes.
Having a very bad headache, I couldn't focus, and was not thinking about anything.
Took the the card from her, moved to the driver seat and drove to Petronas to feed her starving Getz. I owe her one, that's why I didn't hesitate to help.
A hundred meters away from the petrol station, I realized I wasn't holding the card.
Couldn't remember where I placed it.
We searched,
but still couldn't find it.
Gotta call the bank to block the card.

tell me...
If you're me,
would you be more worried about
? the credit card, or your head ?


Rijaluddin*~Aroma Cinta Illahi~* said...

i can't really ch00se..
b0th i guess..
get your head a rest then think about the card after that..

Zafran.. said...

hmm... i wud go for the head..coz its not empty atleast hehe