Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the Annapolis Conference

Press Statement on the Annapolis Conference
(PACE - Palestine Centre of Excellence)

The US brokered Annapolis conference here in Maryland has begun in earnest on the 27h November 2007, with the aim of establishing peace between Israel and the Palestinian people. Apart from the US and EU, the 50 nation conference is also being attended by Arab and muslim countries including Malaysia. Malaysia is being represented by her Foreign Minister, Dato’ Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

The legitimacy of the Annapolis conference is at best questionable as the so called the Palestinian representative hardly reflects the voice and aspirations of the Palestinian people. Firstly, all Palestinians, in the occupied territories as well as those living in refugee camps and outside Palestine has rejected the idea of a peace conference when the whole objective is not to restore Palestinian rights of return and right to their homeland. Secondly, the Palestinians who are attending the conference has no mandate from the people, as the de facto representative, Hamas is absent. Hamas swept to victory in the Palestinian January 2006 legislative election, earning 74 out of 132 seats contested. Fatah, to which most of the delegates to the conference belonged or aligned to only won 45 seats. It would be a mockery to democracy when a legitimate and elected government is sidelined in a conference that decides the future of Palestine.

The presence of Arabs and muslim countries on the other hand will only exarcerbate the plight of the Palestinian people as indirectly it gives further legitimization to Israeli occupation and continuous violations of Palestinian rights. Israeli delegates have indicated that they will only agree to a broad conditions for peace and will not commit to specific demands by the Palestinians. The conference is therefore nothing more than reenacting the defunct Oslo Accord of 1993 and the failed Road-Map of 2003. In view of this futile exercise for peace, PACE register our stand as follows:

  1. Reject the Annapolis Conference as the objective is never towards restoring the rights of return of the Paletinian people and their rights to sovereignty. On the contrary the conference aim to tighten Israeli grip on the occupied territories i.e the West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as imposing a total blockade on Gaza.

  2. Regrets the presence of representatives of Arabs and muslim countries as their presence will give legitimacy to the conference and further erosion of Palestinian rights. Their presence is also a reflection of lack of analysis and grasp of the political maneuvering of the Zionist agenda.

  3. Perturb by the apathy of Arabs and muslim countries towards the Palestinian people which has been subjected to an almost two-year long complete economic blockade. They should have pushed for an international effort to uplift the US led economic boycott instead of becoming a party to a conference that would only exarcerbate the situation.

  4. PACE call upon the Malaysian public to carefully monitor the outcome of the conference, as it may eventually open the way for diplomatic relations with Israel, where no such provisions are provided for with Malaysia, but that which have placed many Arab countries in a tight corner in the past, leading to recognition of Israel.

  5. PACE call upon muslims from all over the world to close ranks and stand by the rights of the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle to liberate their homeland and the holy al Aqsa mosque.

Kuala Lumpur , Tuesday 27 November 2007/17 Dzulqaedah 1428H

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ana muslim!

hehe.. promo sket =P
video clip Cheb Ali shoot kat Adni..
my li'l bro Adam pun ada dalam clip tu..

muslim with the small letter "m".. muslim by personality, muslim in life.. nsyaAllah!

Monday, November 26, 2007


"ujian kesihatan membuatkan kita jadi hebat!"
said a strong soul who was 'attacked' by cancer some time ago..

seriously, that statement is like the first ray of sunlight after a series of constant and horrible storms... (although the storms might come again anytime...)

recently, i realized the existence of some similar attitude in many people when they (or we..) talk about headaches and migraines.
--- everyone wants to say "my headache is worse!!"
--- "you should have a check-up with a specialist!" or "i used to have headaches too, you should try taking this thing called ..."

for the first, i will usually just keep quiet or slightly change the topic. and hey, i always try my best not to do that unless i intend to describe my tiring guest. did you guys realize if my 'training' works or am i still just the same brat as others??? now come on, be sincere.. i need a mirror in order to see how ugly i am..
for the second, i always feel this hard grip inside my chest and my heart would scream "oh do you have any idea how tired i feel when i think about medication! can you please just shut up!"

ooops. sorry!

yeah i know many people in this world care.. at least, if not care about me, they care about how to get rid of headaches.. however i have to warn you guys that not many people can talk to me about my meds these days without making me feel very 'tired'...

since a couple of years back, Mom ocasionally reminded me that everything we go through yesterday and today is a preparation for us to face tomorrow, and that He's planning a greater future ahead of us..
i always keep this hope in mind, although many times i would forget and frown... but it's a healer that keeps me going..

anyways, to IIUM students,
Sem I result is out already!! i hope what i get and what you get is the best for ourselves and what we've gone through for the past semester is an experience to learn from..
and yeah!! alhamdulillah!! I DON'T HAVE TO REPEAT ANY SUBJECTS!!!! ^___^ although my CGPA dropped 0.014 huhu...
ya Allah... i'm so thankful to You, may i be more and more thankful in the future...

a greater future lies ahead!
so beware!!
and prepare!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

a long marathon...

Mukhayyam Generasiku
UIA Gombak
Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat

rupa2nye Ojah juga sudah update blog dye ttg mukhayyam.. tapi Ojah tak register utk pertandingan pulak, jadi tak dikira sebagai pemenang tempat ke-3. oh saya teringat persoalan yg dikemukakan oleh seseorang (saya tak dapat recall siapa), kalau tak silap saya semasa slot Syahadatul Haq
"bukan kita yang pilih untuk dihidupkan di atas muka bumi ni.. tak adillah kalau Allah nak hukum kita sbb kita tak masuk Islam walaupun kita berkelakuan sangat baik etc..." (persoalan dari non-Muslims)
dulu saya selalu respon kpd persoalan ini dengan menggunakan contoh 'bank account', tapi malam tu, saya dengar contoh yang lagi best dan mudah difahami. "cuba bayangkan ada dua orang masuk pertandingan lumba lari, tapi sorang tak register. kalau orang yang tak register tu menang, dia tetap tak dikira sebagai pemenang sbb dia tak register!".
samalah juga dengan kehidupan kita. kalau kita tak 'subscribe' kepada Islam (satu-satunya agama yg diterima Allah), kita takkan dapat jadi pemenang dan masuk syurga.. na'uzubillah.. Ya Allah janganlah palingkan hati-hati kami setelah Kau beri hidayah kepada kami..

hmm... actually i'm searching for ideas.. since Wan Fatimah, Khadijah Aznan and Maryam Muhammad had already updated their blogs about the mukhayyam - and for some reasons Allah placed us (me & d 1st two mentioned) in the same team "Carpe Diem!!!" (read: karpe dium) which means All The Best, Gambatte, Aja aja Faiting, Berusaha, (erm dalam Arabic apa eh? I still couln't find the word since last year), etc.. anyways, click on their names to access their blogs.

Day 1 - 14 Nov, Wed

The camp started on 14 November, and my head was throbbing. I could barely focus on the first slot "Madlul asy-Syahadah" but alhamdulillah akh Fadhil who presented the topic made the slot quite interesting. It's about understanding the Syahadah we recite at least once in every prayer, everyday, by word and by heart. Asyhadu An Laa Ilaaha Illa-ALLAH wa Asyhadu Anna Muhammad Rasulullah..

Later that evening I didn't join the games but slept until maghrib. Alhamdulillah the headache lessen, but later that night I started having backpains. It's not something unusual to me though.. I started having those headaches and backpains since I was 13. Backpains reduced as I undergo expensive treatments T__T for a couple of years, but the headache still remained as a frequent guest.

That night we have "Syahadatul Haqq". It was my third time going through the same topic, but amazingly, each time taught me something new! Although this time it wasn't that 'ganas' since the slot was only about 1 n 1/2 hours.. Syahadatul Haq - I bear witness with my heart, my words, and my actions, that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.. The syahadah we swear upon should be 'witnessed' and 'felt' by those around us.. It's a blessing not only upon ourselves, but a responsibility to reach out to others..

AHhh!! I think I really need to cut this entry short! Or else I will take ages to complete this!!

Day 2 - 15 Nov, Thu
boys day out, we have the whole campsite to ourselves

Senaman ar-Ruhul Jadid ala-ala aerobic yg sangat best! An excellent warm up before going hiking up Gunung Nuang! Pastu terus start sakit-sakit badan sikit pasal dah lama tak pegi training TaeKwon-Do betul-betul.. huhu..

Then we played Amazing Race. It was quite fun, but the adventure could have been tougher.. ^__^ however the question at each checkpoint was seriously tough.. no, actually, the problem is with us.. we couldn't recall the Seerah of the Prophet and his Companions!! jawapan kat setiap checkpoint salah oh.. ade yang jawapan patut kat checkpoint 3, kitorang dah jawab kat checkpoint 2.. huhu.. confused! teruk betul.. -__-" plz visit Tim's blog for the questions.

That evening we played War Game a.k.a. ghazwatul-akhawat.. i was in the green team, became the 'Panglima'.. oh I just love war games.. I still clearly remember playing strategy games since I was a kid-- Command & Conquer, Red Alert, War Craft, Age of Empires.. sampaikan ada satu masa ni, I cried when my brother deleted my username in one of the games =P anyway, i think it was really a fair game and the battlefield was really awesome! with lots of trees but spaced..
I played on the right wing until we knocked down nearly half of the opponent team and I managed to free Kak Ida who was taken prisoner- only to later know that she's actually a betrayer!! o_O" patutlah dia dok bising2 dari awal "nela.. selamatkan akak!!".. huhuu..

we frequently accessed the situation, came up with new strategies and conquer the battlefield part by part. finally we ran out of 'bullets' with only one left- which was handed to me. i soon realized that the opponent team had also ran out of bullets and they have none! i quickly moved forward scaring the two survivors of the opponent team and my eyes scanned for their red flag. oh my, it was on a tree with red leaves!!! i leaped, grabbed it and ran for my base.. thus, my green team won over the red team..

I hope and pray that I can be as energetic and as sharp in da'wah and studies as I am during sports and outdoor stuff.. Allahumma 'aafini fi badani, Allahumma 'aafini fi sam'i, Allahumma 'aafini fi basari...

During the night we listened to our sisters about 2/10 wasiat asy-Syahiid Imam Hasan al-Banna- making salaah (prayers) a priority + reponsibility and time management -and da'wah fardhi.. oh i shall not just sit down and do nothing when I've attended and listened to these precious advice and reminder.. i will try my best..

Day 3 - 16 Nov, Fri

we headed out after Subuh+breakfast, hiking up Gunung Nuang.. our target was until the 2nd checkpoint since we only have half of the daylight.. 6-7 hours. i was quite disappointed when tanah merah with some small stones seemed to never end.. we hiked up countless hills with 45 degrees slope, up and down, up and down, for more than two hours!!.. until we reached the waterfall. oh Subhanallah!! sangat cantik dan sangat best!! cuma memang boleh jadi lebih best kalau dapat 'menggunakan' kewujudan waterfall tu sebaiknya.. huhu..
all the way, we sang the Ulat Bulu song.. it's like this:

Ada sang ulat bulu, punya kaki seribu, siapa jumpa kakiku.. kakiku..
Jikalau tak dapat, terpaksa ku melompat, dengan kaki seribu kurang satu..

then A:
Ada sang alat bala~ panya kaka saraba~ sapa jampa kakaka~ kakaka~
Jakala tak dapat~ tarpaksa ka malampat~ dangan kaka saraba karang sata~~

haa.. comel tak lagu ni??? huruf E I O U korang nyanyi sendiri lah eh. syaratnye, kalau nak tengok lagu, tengok yg original je, jgn tengok yg dah ubah huruf vowel.. ^__^ try lah.. kalo nak tau lagu dye cane, ring me up =P

personally, the hike was seriously tiring. if it wasn't the other sisters who even hold my hands despite themselves being tired as well, i might be one of the last to reach the camp. right now i might want to stress out that the scenery along the way was not worth it.. but there's something behind it that's much more important..

it's just like LIFE. it's when you always try your best to achieve something by putting in all your energy and focus, just to achieve something.. you try to hold on to anything you can so that you can stand and step forward.. but it's not all the time that you get a happy ending, or sometimes not even a little something that could make you smile with relief..

but all the time, keep in mind that He is always there.. He listens to each prayer that you recite in your heart and say with ur lips.. He sees every tear that wets your eye or stream down your cheeks.. He is always there.. Always there preparing you for a greater future..

yup, a greater future..

so... do not give up!

huhu lesenku...

You Failed Your Driver's Test

You only got 1/10 correct.
If you have a driver's license, it needs to be revoked!

haha.. memang ade rasa nak tegolek!! takde la expect dapat sampai 1/10 kan.. XD ni pasal jawab ikut perangai, bukan ikut pengetahuan.. takpe takpe, lesen saya mmg diperlukan oleh diri sendiri dan juga orang lain.. jadi, tak boleh tarik balik XP

Friday, November 16, 2007

perlu menjadi layak

Al-Quds International Forum
Istanbul, Turkey

wuu.... memanglah lagi buat saya rasa nak menangis
Indonesia hantar 10 orang wakil akhawat ke Forum al-Quds Sedunia itu.... Malaysia???
lepas tu dapat jumpa Dr. Raed Solah lagi kalau pegi...

cabaran apakah ini?
ujian menguji kesabaran yang sangat.. hurm.. sangat.. sangat..
rasa macam tak nak fikir langsung lagi.
tapi tak boleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya Allah.....

*** nihlah, sila tenangkan diri ***

yup, perlu bekerja dengan lebih tekun
dan ikhlaskan setiap niat dan perbuatan
terus kutip semua permata yang ada di sepanjang jalan
walaupun terluka dek terkena serpihan kaca di sekelilingnya
kau masih jauh ketinggalan
berbanding mereka yg benar-benar berjuang demi pembebasan al-Quds

perlu menjadi orang yang layak,
baru Allah akan mengizinkan..

'news' from Istanbul:

cepat cepat cepat!!! sape nak bagi nama utk teman saya pergi tahun depan??? ***kemungkinan perlu menyediakan ongkos sendiri***

p/s: mujahid, ana curi gambar ye...

update sekejap...


dah balik dari mukhayyam yg sangat best! hehe.. tapi takleh update cerita mukhayyam lagi. perlumbaan untuk men-jealous-kan Sulafa', hiDayah ngan adik-bradik usrah lain yang tak pegi --- akan bermula esok malam oleh kami.. =P

oh, kami = Nela, Tim, Farhah, Maryam & Saybah

sila nantikan ye ^__^ hehehe...

Anyways, tentang Kempen BERSIH..
Setiap hari Sabtu, silalah memakai atau mempamerkan apa-apa yang berwarna kuning (cap, ribbon, t-shirt, umbrella, etc) untuk menunjukkan sokongan dan kebersamaan kita dalam mendesak kerajaan supaya memBERSIHkan pilihanraya yang akan datang..

kebenaran pasti menang!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


15-18 November 2007
International Forum of Al-Quds

perhimpunan semua pimpinan HAMAS di luar Palestin
dan aktivis-aktivis Muslim dan non-Muslim

bagi semua pejuang-pejuang Islam,
Al-Qudsu Lana!!!

hmm... semangat juangku tidak akan luntur
walaupun ditinggalkan buat kali ke-3

Saturday, November 10, 2007

luv ye all !! ^__^

bersama kakak-kakakku yang disanjungi lagi disayangi ^__^
kak shima, kak ju, kak maryam j, me, kak dijah, kak roha

may Allah shower His Blessings upon you forever!!

8 Syawal 1428 @ 20 October 2007

my siblings a.k.a. comrades-in-arm

haa... sape nak tau???
ni lah adik-bradik keluarga ke-2 saya...

Nihlah (me) Maryam WanTim Farhah
Sulafa Ecah Hajar Dayah Sofi

yg xde: Saybah Awathif Huda

alhamdulillah saya dikurniakan adik-bradik yg sgt best
walaupun adik-beradik sama darah dah cukup ramai...
ibu nya Makcik Ton yg sgt best... hehe =P
dan mak 'ganas' dulu pulak Kak MJ yg sgt comel ^^,

Thank You ya Rabb for this very colourful life...

p/s: kan best kalau cuti pun ada usrah, ye tak? hee.. tak sabar nye mukhayyam rabu depan!!!!
walaupun mungkin kena amik break utk meeting KnL -__-" uff...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Yesterday I attended an interesting preview slot of something called AuraShifa'. It's about all these 6th sense and aura and hypnotherapy thing.. I think, what's different and certainly good about it is that it doesn't exaggerate the 'power and existence of other unseen creatures' Allah has created. It promotes healing process by using the power of mind as a tool, other than exploring the potential within oneself...

Actually, frankly speaking, I'm not fascinated with these aura kind of stuff anymore... Yeah I find these things very interesting when I was a kid-- urm, in my early teens --when I read those comics from Japan and witchcraft and fiction novels... but today I feel it's just a normal part of mankind's daily life...

The very thing that encouraged me to go was I want to get rid of my headache as much as possible. Hehehh... We had a relaxing (something like meditating) towards the end of the preview, and later I managed to get Ustaz Rachmat help me reduce the headache...

It was like magic when my throbbing headache nearly disappeared when we were 'meditating'. But there were some things that bugged my mind at that time.. Later then the headache came back... The hypothesis also eliminated my headache when I was in the 'alpha state' (they call it) where I was brought into my sub-conscious mind. Seriously, I could feel no pain on my head or neck in that state, although I can still hear and response verbally.

So the headache was gone when I was hypnotized =P but it came back within few minutes after I returned to my consciousness...
Which is certainly normal to me, because my bad headaches definitely return few minutes after I wake up from sleep in the morning...

But at least, few minutes off the pain is very valuable to me!

click on the poster for larger view

Friday, November 02, 2007

e . x . a . m . i . n . g . t . i . s

n . e . e . d
e . x . a . m . i . n . g . t . i . s . ! . ! . !


I'll have two more killer papers this Sunday, Dynamics and Calculus, each represent 3 credits. Oh no, dynamics represent 2 credits. But they're both certainly not as easy as 'finding x'..

But I'm still sLeePing aLL tHe tImE!!!!!
oh nO nO nO...

hMm... i rEallY nEed sOmeOne tO heLp fOrcE mE tO sTudY!!!


p/s: got the pics from Facebook. Anyone wants to add me? I'm already addicted to it..

Thursday, November 01, 2007

rare species

Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP)

Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.
ha ha ha ! ! !
do u guys think so?