Thursday, December 31, 2009

UK Holiday Trip ( iii )

on Day 3, Wednesday, we departed for Southampton. went out few hours earlier than the scheduled coach departure time.

fountain at Trafalgar Square. it was a sunny day, and so the beautiful rainbow appears

My Old Dutch pancake restaurant - a must-go for pancake lovers!
isn't it huuuuge and mouth-watering!! with those scoops of ice cream, fruit salad and chocolate dip!

Day 4 at Southampton.

somehow the weather was pretty much colder compared to London.
had a morning walk at a park, along a beautiful river. i forgot its name though..

Hidayah & Ammar~

feeding swans, but precaution taken so as not to get bitten again :P

to be continued...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

UK Holiday Trip ( ii )

the next day, Zaid, Kak Manihah & Harith bawak kitorang jalan-jalan around Central London~

the lovely couple & their cute baby in the stroller

ta'aruf session with the birds at Hyde Park ^__^

and as we fed them with some crackers, the swan bit - yes, BITE - my hand a couple of times until it turned red..

autumn breeze! ^__^

had always wanted to take a pic inside the unique phone stand since i was a kid :P

London Tower Bridge Exhibition.
too bad it was under maintanence or the picture would have been nicer.. it's the one that can open/split up if a huge ship wants to pass through

London's Eye
the one we had for two years at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. when facing this side, behind us was the infamous Big Ben.

to be continued...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UK Holiday Trip ( i )

Subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

My beloved hubby & I got the chance to experience our 2nd honeymoon ^__^
21st Nov - 4th Dec (Autumn-Winter) 2009, United Kingdom

tempat persinggahan pertama~
rumah Zaid, Kak Manihah & Harith chumeyl~

we arrived late at night n caused Zaid some hassle to pick us up at Stansted Airport... we had a good rest that night. i especially love the air bed! i finally got a break from backpain since my pregnancy days started.. nak beli satu bawak balik tapi at last dah banyak sangat barang pulak..

after getting ourselves an Oyster Card the next morning and 'studying' the Tube Map, we went off to Oxford Street for some window shopping. it wasn't easy for us to find lunch for the first day. finally found a small arab stall and grabbed a slice of pizza + kebab + water and guess what! it costs us about £9! we immediately learnt not to convert the currency to RM anymore =P then we passed Green Park to visit Buckingham Palace, but to us nature lovers, Green Park was much more interesting!

friendly pigeons at Green Park ^__^

"i want some yummy chocolate!!" says the squirrel.

sunset at Buckingham Palace was beautiful :) it was getting colder at night and a whole day of walking was quite tiring, so we went 'home' ^__^

to be continued...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


feel like yelling my lungs out right now
mainly because of the stress, and partly because i really want to get rid of this sleepy-head feeling.

last Friday i received a call from Engineering Academic Affairs telling me my Computer Security exam will be on the 24th (this Thursday). since friday was a holiday i had to wait until today to know my Decision Science exam time. So glad Maya was willing to help me get my exam letter from Economics general office
it was written on that letter Decision Science special exam - 24th December.

i went to Academic Affairs to settle the clash, but guess what???

i.e. tomorrow morning!

uhh.. it was a good thing that i had started my revision, but it was still a horror to know that i have less than 24 hours to prepare myself for the paper.

i just could not focus for many hours already! T__T
just had a late supper with Abah, and he said "just do what you can do"
but i still fear, is that enough?

*now blogging bcoz i've tried hard to focus on the subject but it didn't work out. hoping to get some refreshment*

trying not to fall off the track...
- pic taken at Southampton, UK -

Sunday, December 20, 2009

sapu habuk...

permulaan sem yang sangat busy dan penat! -__-" mungkin lepas ni kena consider betul-betul kalau nak spend the whole school holiday - yes the WHOLE school holiday dgn melancong..

khamis ni ada special exam Computer Security.. Decision Science punya belum tau bila lagi, esok kena call Econs utk confirmkan.. mujahid punya exam pulak next week.. memang kena pulun study lah minggu ni..
harap2 dapat perform dgn baik utk special exam ni supaya pointer dapat naik.. ameen~

gambar di UK yang sekarang dah snow.. tapi kitorang sempat jakun dengan ice frost je..
- Durham at minus 2 degrees celcius -

dah rindu kat Harith jugak.. baik je tuan rumah kecik ni masa kitorang serbu rumah dia.. hehe.. TQ so much to Zaid & Kak Manihah sbb melayan kitorang dgn sangat sangat baik sepanjang jaulah ke sana!!
- satu2nya gambar yg sempat snap masa 'che awang' ni senyum -

gambar2 bercuti di UK & Jogjakarta akan dikongsikan selepas exam @ PKN kot.. harap yg dah tertanya-tanya tu dapat bersabar ye :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

congratz to sakinah & khalil~

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

my childhood friend Sakinah just gave birth to a pair of twins on 30th November 2009 - a boy Sulaiman Abdullah and a girl Fatimah az-Zahrah ^__^

the first pair of Adni's 'grandchildren' eh? :)

they're so tiny and cute, aren't they?? ^__^ let us all pray to Allah that these babies will grow up to be excellent Muslims and also strong and healthy. ameen!~

will definitely visit them when I return from the UK, insyaAllah~