Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UK Holiday Trip ( i )

Subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

My beloved hubby & I got the chance to experience our 2nd honeymoon ^__^
21st Nov - 4th Dec (Autumn-Winter) 2009, United Kingdom

tempat persinggahan pertama~
rumah Zaid, Kak Manihah & Harith chumeyl~

we arrived late at night n caused Zaid some hassle to pick us up at Stansted Airport... we had a good rest that night. i especially love the air bed! i finally got a break from backpain since my pregnancy days started.. nak beli satu bawak balik tapi at last dah banyak sangat barang pulak..

after getting ourselves an Oyster Card the next morning and 'studying' the Tube Map, we went off to Oxford Street for some window shopping. it wasn't easy for us to find lunch for the first day. finally found a small arab stall and grabbed a slice of pizza + kebab + water and guess what! it costs us about £9! we immediately learnt not to convert the currency to RM anymore =P then we passed Green Park to visit Buckingham Palace, but to us nature lovers, Green Park was much more interesting!

friendly pigeons at Green Park ^__^

"i want some yummy chocolate!!" says the squirrel.

sunset at Buckingham Palace was beautiful :) it was getting colder at night and a whole day of walking was quite tiring, so we went 'home' ^__^

to be continued...

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cute nye squirrel <3