Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a tribute to my class, 2012

Hmm... There's a big probability that I won't become their class teacher in 2013.
But hey! It doesn't mean we shall move apart & totally go our own ways, right?

Keep in touch girls :) and be good!

mr. horrible headache


It has been nearly 3 months since I last blogged! Things are moving really fast, and, the truth is, I'm really not sure if my physical body is coping up well.

Since I conceived my inshaAllah 2nd child four months ago, I'm been dragged down with headache attacks many, many times. And dragged down hard. If can say, the frequency increased from monthly or fortnightly to weekly - 4 to 6 days in a row - and excruciatingly painful. Yes, it means I hardly had a clear day, as far as I could remember...

I went elsewhere. Not for a break, but for work!

I guess it must be the low level of pollution in the mountains of Cameron Highlands, and the cold breeze, plus fresh air coming into my window all the time. Subhanallah. For 4 days, I only had a slight trigger after trying out a glass of milk, which I 'counter-attacked' by draining plain water inside me. At other times, I was moving fresh up and about. No walking zombie.

However back to reality, as I hit back home, the headache came again...

A couple of weeks later I went for a holiday.

The temperature in Langkawi was hot and dry, only triggered a short headache but I got better after some rest. The beach was really good. Subhanallah.

Since then, I only had mild headache attacks...

Teachers' training started!

Oh no! As much as I tried to mentally prepare myself for the long lectures and sitting down on the lecture chair, physically, my body isn't just fit to face the day. My shoulder and neck had stiffen up so bad even with just one day of sitting!

Now... What am I going to do? I'm feeling so helpless in getting rid of this headache and stiff upper-back T__T