Thursday, May 21, 2009

counting the days...


tonight mujahid will fly off to istanbul - that's the farthest place he's going since our marriage a-little-bit-more-than half a year ago..

i shall spend these 5 days wisely ^__^
and get well as soon as possible! \^_*/
and not forget my meds =P
and study for mid-semester exam on the 27th
and settle tonnes of unfinished 'business'~

insyaAllah.. insyaAllah..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

of 'bekam'~

get those stinkin' blood out of my head!

it's waaaay much better alternative than killing all the pain receptors in my head.

alhamdulillah since i got for my head something new last two weeks, i.e. a couple of 'bekam'-s on my temples i had not had any terrible migraines! ^__^ only twice which lasted less than 12 hours!
so i shall do it again next time balik JB!~
walaupun sakit sikit when that stuff suck out the dirty clot of blood as big as a normal-sized recently-fed pacat - yes, pacat! - out of my head but it is still much better than some 'torture' machine and countless tablets of supplements everyday.

i'll post d pic of d clot of blood next time. lupa pulak nak amik gambar tu dari ext hdd..

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

let's do this!

CLICK HERE for some cool, think-out-of-the-box game!

all hints are in the game but not expressed by words

see how many minutes u take..

i took quite a long time to solve it -__-"

Monday, May 04, 2009

Adni Alumni Paintball Tournament

Adni Alumni Paintball Tournament 2009
2nd May 2009, Subang Jaya

photo taken after the "Conquer the Base" game, some had already left
46 participants (including 3 ustazs)
but less than 10 girls joined.. why???
all teams A to H fought at least three rounds, but we still don't understand why team D & F got into the finals! =P
but nevermind, it's a game after all~

Fattah & Mujahid, team Ustaz Badrol~

ngeheh~ i got shot three times throughout the tournament, but only had one bruise!

Sharaf in team E for the first game. also the last man standing from Black Team against Hafiz from the Blue Team

da Black Team during "Catch the Flag" and "Zombie"
we won "Catch the Flag" (2 to 1) and got a draw for the "Zombie" game
in this case, i say we cannot count on the number of bullets coz Sharaf's marker got jammed twice while Hafiz's once, and also each time the marshall shoots as he likes while fixing the markers so countless pellets were wasted.
hence it's a DRAW!

Fatimah aka Fuddy
this photo is awarded as the best pic of the day.
photo taken by Amer during one of the earliest rounds of "Conquer the Base" :)

everyone loves the game!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

baked tomatoes with pasta filling

one of the activities done during the recent two-weeks holiday~ actually on the 24th of april but the wireless internet at home was going crazy so i kept forgetting to upload this..

simply potatoes, pasta, olive oil, salt, parsley leaves and black pepper.. i wanted to add some more stuff but decided to try the original recipe.

it was a wise decision indeed. i was only in the kitchen for 15 minutes when i received a phone call from my bro, saying that he'll pick me up in 15 minutes to meet someone.

uff.. i couldn't say no.

after cooking the pasta halfway i threw everything into a big bowl, stir the pasta quickly, stuffed them into 7 medium-huge sized tomatoes and put them in a pre-heated oven. in the car, i called someone to keep an eye on them.

it's a good thing to have many people in the house ;)