Sunday, May 03, 2009

baked tomatoes with pasta filling

one of the activities done during the recent two-weeks holiday~ actually on the 24th of april but the wireless internet at home was going crazy so i kept forgetting to upload this..

simply potatoes, pasta, olive oil, salt, parsley leaves and black pepper.. i wanted to add some more stuff but decided to try the original recipe.

it was a wise decision indeed. i was only in the kitchen for 15 minutes when i received a phone call from my bro, saying that he'll pick me up in 15 minutes to meet someone.

uff.. i couldn't say no.

after cooking the pasta halfway i threw everything into a big bowl, stir the pasta quickly, stuffed them into 7 medium-huge sized tomatoes and put them in a pre-heated oven. in the car, i called someone to keep an eye on them.

it's a good thing to have many people in the house ;)


totti 10 said...

skali tgk mcm tomatoes filled with maggots

sofiyyah said...

first time tgk resepi nih. menarik;)

WF:ciktim said...

kite tak buat pasta lagi spjg cuti ni.. uu~

tun izyan dalila said...

at first sight, i also thought waat totti 10 thought.

creepy (>_<) but cool (^_^)V


mcm sedap je... hehe~