Thursday, May 21, 2009

counting the days...


tonight mujahid will fly off to istanbul - that's the farthest place he's going since our marriage a-little-bit-more-than half a year ago..

i shall spend these 5 days wisely ^__^
and get well as soon as possible! \^_*/
and not forget my meds =P
and study for mid-semester exam on the 27th
and settle tonnes of unfinished 'business'~

insyaAllah.. insyaAllah..


sharaf said...

ahaah,abg moja..pesan2 la kaka ku sorang ni spaya mkn ubat...liat sgt bile sbut psl ubat..huhuh

Nadiah::Syaimaa'::Hamizah said...

moge dipermudahkan urusan yg byk itu! huhu.
JB best! haha nak jugak...haishh..=p


Anonymous said...

alalala... cumeylnye.... windu dah... huhu
pasal pizen break tu..
micheal la...
sedeyh kan??

-paan yang malas nak tls account info-

Sleepless In KL said...

hey! it's time for a follow-up post about the whole waiting experience ;)

love the shot btw. who did this? you or muja?

Nihlah Johari said...

to sharaf:

dah semakin rajin eh..

to SleeplessInKL:

neither of us, took it from the internet. i tried to take a shot of my own ring, but it couldn't stand between any book i tried.. too bad.. :(