Wednesday, December 10, 2008

gambar YOQ

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahu akbar.

10 Disember 2009 : genap 2 bulan sejak saya bertukar status :P hehe.
blog pun dah jarang disapu & dikemas disebabkan laptop hanya ada satu dan penggunanya sudah ada dua ^__^ jadi kena lah kongsi-kongsi~

untuk pengetahuan sahabat semua, alhamdulillah my home is not affected by the recent landslide tragedy in Bukit Antarabangsa except for some traffic jam occasionally, which i don't really mind.
since my hubby and i came back from Johor, i still didn't have the chance to help out at the tragedy site since my schedule was already packed with other events. my hubby went with his friends while i was attending a meeting, and he said there's already A LOT of help at the site alhamdulillah. so the truth is i'm not feeling that guilty for not helping out.. uh-oh.. O__o*

oh, as i mentioned last time, here i attach the pictures during the last mukhayyam Youth Outdoor Quest di Bukit Tabuh dan Bukit Cerakah

right view of one of Bukit Tabuh's low-peaks!
i've never imagined there's a lake
behind the hills surrounding my hometown, and it's like--- Subhanallah!!
left view of another low-peak :)

ikan patin from bukit cerakah's lake. besar kan!