Saturday, June 22, 2013

7 days after

Exactly 7 days after my grandmother Atok Ton passed away, my grandfather followed her to meet our Supreme Creator. As I mentioned in my previous post about Atok Ton, Tok Maarof was also very sick. He had cancer for few years actually, and it had already begun spreading to other vital parts of his body for quite sometime.

Yesterday, the doctors tell us that there's nothing much they can do considering his old age and the complications here and there. He was 83. So finally late last night our family decided to bring him home.

Before that, the doctor has advised family members who wish to visit him to do so as soon as possible. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to do so. Not even once since he got warded.

But alhamdulillah, it looks like Tok Maarof was in peace as well. His face was also as if he was smiling. Allahu ta'ala a'lam what's actually happening in the other world - its not for us to judge. What's important is how we are going to spend our lives in order to have a good and blessed ending.

Husnul khatimah.

I really pray that Allah will only take away my life when I'm ready...

Monday, June 17, 2013

usrah makan-makan

usrah makan-makan
Ikram - Ishraf - Zayd - Azzam
2010 kids

Al-Fatihah for Atok Ton

inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

indeed we belong to Allah and indeed to Him we will (surely) return

it's been a couple of days since Atok Ton left us to meet our Creator.

alhamdulillah, it seems like Allah has ease her way, and Allah ease our way to manage her.

atok has gone in and out of the hospital for quite sometime, maybe two months. my dad said, alhamdulillah it was quite a short time that she was really sick. she had diabetics and things just got worse for her. some people go through months and even years before they pass on. 

few days before she passed away, she was admitted to ICU, mainly due to lung infection. many of my family members, especially the doctors, had the feeling that time is short for her. my mom decided that we will call our family members to gather at our house to recite Yaasin and make du'aa for her on Saturday night.

on Saturday afternoon, the doctor who treated her told us that it's better if family members visit her as soon as possible. they will allow visits even during non-visiting hours.

my grandfather who was also warded at the hospital (and still is) had insisted everyone to attend the gathering although some of them wanted stay by his side just in case anything happens. he too is quite sick as of this moment.

alhamdulillah all of us gathered that night, and recited Yaasin together, made du'aa and my father shared some tazkirah, regarding death and of course our preparations for the life after death.

immediately after the gathering, majority of our big family went straight to the hospital to visit Atok Ton. they went nearly at 10 p.m. and took turns to go into the ICU to visit her. i had to stay at home.

few minutes before midnight, we received a message from the hospital that Atok Ton passed away.

alhamdulillah, i think it was really Allah's arrangement that at the final moment, my eldest sister and her husband was at Atok's side, together with my husband and brother. they are both doctors. they understood what every number, letter and graph on the machine attached to Atok meant.

from the readings on the machine, they realized that Atok was going to leave soon. my brother-in-law first whispered to her ears the Shahadah repeatedly. and then when he went to get the doctor in charge, my sister continued reciting Shahadah to her ears. my husband said he noticed tears slowly flowing from the corner of Atok's eyes. oh yes, Atok had that breathing aid thing in her mouth so she couldn't really say a word, and she was really weak anyway - like partially conscious.

slowly, all readings on the machine went down and eventually stopped.

alhamdulillah, when i took a look at Atok for the final time, she looked very peaceful, and even smiling. i sat by her side with Ikram and one of my nephew Ishraf, and we recited al-Fatihah together.

my brother said, Allah has made it easy for us too. Allah took back Atok on a weekend, we could gather and read Yaasin, we could visit her, and we could manage her funeral. if it was on a weekday things might not be as easy to handle.

when we were all at the mosque except for one maid who stayed home, someone even dropped by our house and sent us 'lauk' for lunch (and dinner). may Allah bless that person. we do not know who, as the maid who stayed at home is very new.

Atok, we will surely miss you. 
may Allah place you among the believers and grant you His Jannah.