Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sapu habuk - examingitis...

35 weeks!
today's 23rd march, and in a month time it'll be 23rd april!
the estimated birth date of this little mujahid in my tummy ^__^

baby is now still in breech position, i.e. he's sitting upright instead of head down. this minimizes the probability of baby coming earlier than the expected date, but let's all pray that he'll turn upside down soon.. or a c-section would be waiting for me T__T it's not really impossible to give birth to a breech baby normally, but doctors said better not take the risk when he's the first child. hmm..

alhamdulillah last night i'm done with all projects and tests. oh, except for one more assignment to be submitted on 1st april. now i have to struggle my way for the final exam on 27th march, 2nd april, 6th april n 8th april. four subjects. all the best to me~~

slim tak???
hehehh~ sebenarnya sengaja nak amik gambar tummy dah besar, tapi tak nampak la pulak..
pic taken after aqsa syarif's first press conference


SaMihaH said...

nela..cam x pregnant..slim je~ hehee.. moga dimudahkan segalanya..amiin

mkcik Miha dh kena stat survey cari hadiah utk baby la camni.. =)

[ Nazihah ] said...

NeLa, baju awk besar dan tudung awak labuh komfemLa tak nampak tummy ~ Tapi kalau tengok dari dekat dah nampak besar dah..

Mcik Miha,kalu nak beli hadiah tanya baby dulu..

Cik Nazihah[Taknak panggil makcik lagi, mcm Cik Sal..haha..]