Wednesday, April 07, 2010

towards welcoming a new life :)

fuh.. fuh.. **tiup blog berhabuk**

konon2 berazam nak record pengalaman pertama perjalanan 9 bulan bersama kehidupan lain di dalam diri, tapi nampaknya kurang berjaya.. how fast days goes by, kan!

tup tap tup tap dah 8 bulan lebih pregnant.. nearly 38 weeks!
i'm telling you - those who never or have not experienced this - it's really not an easy thing. but i admit that what i've experienced is nearly nothing compared to many other pregnant women..

this third trimester (7th-9th month) really made me feel like i'm pregnant. LOL~ trust me, before that i still could run up and down the stairs and move about like i'm not carrying any extra load. but suddenly after 7 months of being pregnant, i started to feel some limits to my movements, and that limit increases from week to week.

anyways, last week i was admitted to the hospital for a night. actually i went to the hospital just to inform them about my baby's current condition, i.e. baby is currently breech, and also ask if it's possible to have an ECV done. it's a must to inform the hospital so that they'll be ready to 'receive' you and be prepared for any possible complication.

so they did some check up on me, monitored me and the baby using a machine and found out that i have mild contractions going on, although i really didn't feel anything 'unusual'. so they say i have to stay in for the night, for the following reasons:
- baby's not yet in 'full-term', i.e. just 36+ weeks, slightly pre-mature if borned anytime soon
- baby's in breech position, i.e. if contraction gets stronger they'll have to do emergency c-section
so they plan to give me something to delay/stop the contraction. if it works, they'll perform ECV on me the next day. if not, they'll have to continue with c-section.
however a couple of hours later there were no more contractions detected, so they did not give me that stuff. but i had to stay for ECV.

oh what's an ECV? it's External Cephalic Version (click to read more or simply google it up!), a procecure where a breech baby is turned by hand, while they monitor the baby's heartbeat and so on.. there are some risks that could lead to emergency c-sect *in the middle of my final exam days!* but after discussing with my beloved hubby, Mom, Mom-in-law n my sister (a doctor) within a very limited time, i decided to go for it.

the doctor did an ultrasound to make sure of the baby's position, and said that the chance of a successful ECV has dropped since they baby has engaged down into my pelvis, and also the amount of amniotic fluid is just on the borderline. but we agreed to proceed.

to tell you the truth, i never thought the procedure would be so painful. *but i guess togive birth normally is much more painful, eh?*.. the doctor simply 'gripped' the baby's head and body - which means putting firm pressure on my 1000-times-expanded uterus @ tummy - and attempted to turn the baby, slowly, but i'll not say gently. during that very few minutes i could just wish Mujahid was there with me. first the doctor tried to turn the baby anti-clockwise but baby only moved a little. then the doctor tried clockwise, but the baby didn't even move an inch.

"what a stubborn baby!" I you would say.. no no, he's just feeling comfortable sitting upright, i guess.. *even though it actually gives me a whole load of backpain* =P a mother's words are always prayers, so i always say "good boy, good boy, please turn". after the ECV, my whole body trembled, out of shock, i think. my blood pressure went up a little but everything was stable. i was discharged from the hospital later that evening.

now, why can't i give birth to baby in a breech position?
mainly, the doctors said, it's because this's my first time having a child. nobody knows whether i'm 'physically fit' to deliver normally. you know, the pelvic bone thing and all the 'pushing' stuff, and so on..
however, Dr. Kader said it's all nonsense (putting it the rough way). he asked my shoe size, i said 7, and he said i should be able to deliver the baby normally even if the baby is breech. you see, there's a relation between the size of your feet and your pelvis. many years ago, that's how midwives predict how deal with breech babies.
but these days, doctors do not want to take the risk. they said it's much less risky to perform a c-section than to deliver a breech baby normally.. **cries T_T**

and c-section, even though it's very safe these days and the risks are so minimal, it shouldn't really be a first choice..

so, now i can only pray and pray and pray to Allah to make the baby turn, if that's the best thing to happen. if not, Monday, 12th April will be the date.

inshaAllah, everything happens on the will of Allah..


WF:ciktim said...

semoga selamat semuanya.
doa kite selalu untuk awk n baby.

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

semoga k.nihlah n baby selamat semuanya ya,inshaAllah ^__^


take care nela.
insyallah everthing will be okay.

Juwairiya Zulkifli said...

My dear sister,

Be strong. Baby and you can go through this, insyaAllah. He will protect Mujahid Jr.

Our du'a with you always.