Friday, December 15, 2006


14 December 2006

Had a bad day today.
Walked far enough to make me pant and sweat under the 1 p.m. afternoon sun and the heat was terrible, only to find out that the person I was going to meet only wanted to give me three pieces of A4 papers – i.e. a set of proposal paper for the alumni AGM – instead of having lunch together as well as discussing about the proposal paper.

I was shocked, but didn’t comment much since she said she and a friend of ours have to rush, and I gave out a false statement: I have a class at two. It’s a lie, in other words. But I just wanted to make that person feel guilty for changing plans without prior notice. TIME is LIFE! And (physical and spiritual) ENERGY is GOLD. I took the paper, said that I’ll have a look at it and walked away.

I couldn’t help feeling upset because the worthless walk had made me very, very tired. I sms-ed to that person something like this: Tau tak kertas tiga helai ni boleh e-mail je.
“No internet connection,” said she, in this IIUM Gombak campus where you can find lots of free internet connection at various places. And then, “No time.”

As if I have 25 hours a day…

Well, she said sorry. That’s a good thing.
But it’s now 6 p.m. and I haven’t felt any better.

I write this because I don’t want any of you to do something like this to any of your friends!
Remember this:
Use ‘em WISELY.


syahida said...

Sabar je la k..
Innallaha ma,assobirin..
Semoga gembira dan sihat selalu.

-[[dyba]]- said...

ya nihlah chumel, ishbiry ya ukhtie! ^_^ tp klu kte pn,tensen gak.lagi2 y pentingkn dri sdiri if kte ni xde keje len nk buat.waduh,manusia mmg byk ragamnya.. ;-)

dan pengalaman dalam kehidupan adalah madrasah kita yang penuh dgn pengajaran dan kemanfaatan, kan!

k cik nela comey~ gudluck, ol de best! semoga redha Allah bersama kita.. ;-)