Sunday, December 03, 2006

Going Another Step in My Life...

back on 26th November 2006, I had to force myself to go and attend the taaruf week for the new IIUM students intake November 2006/2007. I somehow didn't have the excitement within me for God-knows-what reason...

A friend was really worried, fearing that I wouldn't turn up for the enrollment, and he somehow spent a whole lot of energy in making sure I will at least turn up, even without the courage. Thanks Sidq. Frankly, I can't say it helped much, but yeah, thanks. Since the previous Friday I had had a nervous stomach, as always when I have to attend school. Sunday came and the nervous stomach converted to a damn painful headache like a knife stabbed straight into my forehead.

OK now you'd think I'm exaggerating. But no, I'm not.

Anyways, as stated in the previous posts, you should know that I attended the taaruf week because I have to and it's my responsibility as a student. And lots of thanks to Kak Yam J for 'waking me up' from my deep sleep. Yes, I have a mission.

That morning, I drove to IIUM since nobody's around to send me. Enrolled, checked into the temporary accommodation and attended the taaruf sessions. On Monday evening during the second slot, I slept. Had my pic taken, and displayed in the "Sleeping Ugly" movie. But hey, I slept sitting straight, no ugly pose.

During the taaruf week, I loved two speeches most. One by the Deputy Dean of IIUM (if I'm not mistaken) coz he mostly spoke about 'the life of the IIUM students - we are all international students since we learn in an international institution - and that there should be no gap between the Malaysians and others from overseas. Another was the speech by the President of IIUM, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. He spoke much about world politics. If you want to know what was he talking about, you should attend one of his talks. I'm very sure he'll bring it up at least a for a sentence. Because Mujahid told me he have heard him talking about the same thing thrice! but it was still awesome and great to be listened to. Yeah, I think I wouldn't get bored either. Maybe I can say these two slots were the only ones which didn't bring me to sleep.

Oh BTW, everyday we have gather for Subh at 5:30 a.m. and spent the whole day out at CAC, Main Audi, the riverside, mosque, on Wednesday sports complex, and return back to our rooms at 11:30 p.m.! Good thing that Allah made us Muslims pray 5 times a day, or we would have less rest... Alhamdulillah!

On Wednesday we had sports. Started with the Campus Race. Guys get to run 2.76 km if I'm not mistaken, the length of the main circular-road of the IIUM Gombak campus. Girls get a shortcut through the admin building. To my very surprise, my ex-roomate Diana Daim got 16th place and she booed at me for only getting no 25! but the first 40 who reached the final line are considered winners ^__^". 4 out of 20+ female and 9 male engineering students won. We'll claim our prices on 13th December at the Sports Complex.
After the campus race, all 700+ of us were divided into groups, and we played sports. My group played Handball. It was my first time. And it was real fun. Our 'coach' was actually my engineering senior, the vice-president of the Enginius Society and I didn't know that until the very next day when we have our kuliyyah briefing. I played hard, as I love sports very much! I enjoyed it very much!

Later that day, while waiting for the next slot to start, I slept. I thought no committee member would take my picture since it's still a resting time---- but one did, a pic while I was leaning back in my chair with one leg on the chair in front!! Oh I just prayed they didn't get it into the next version of Sleeping Ugly. And alhamdulillah, they didn't.

Another thing was that I was nominated to be the bai'ah leader for Engineering students. There were three of us, one from overseas and two local. The Yemeni girl got the best vote, but later she withdrewed for some personal reasons... Syaz and I were called again for election. The girls chose Syaz, and I was relieved. I went back to my seat. But a couple of minutes later, Syaz came to me telling me that I have to be the bai'ah representative for the architecture students. I go like~~~ What? KAED??? I could have said no, but it might be a little bit fun ^__^ at least I get to be an architecture student for a while. Oh if you'd like to know, when I was in school I wanted to take architecture but there was a big NO.
So yeah, because the original architecture girl hesitated to become the bai'ah rep, and that she's the only girl for this intake, another girl had to take over her responsibility and that was me. Why a girl??? IIUM isn't a girls' school okay. It's actually like this- there were 7 kuliyyahs for this intake, Law, Economics, Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK), Human Sciences (HS), Engineering, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Architecture (KAED). 4 from Law, Econs, IRK and HS are guys and 3 from Engin, ICT and KAED are girls. Simple.

So on Friday we moved into our permanent accommodation, and prepared for the bai'ah ceremony. What's bai'ah? Oh! It's oath-taking ceremony, in order to be a 'qualified' IIUM student. So Yusuf (Law), Fazli (Econs), Tanveer (IRK), Rizal (HS), Syaz (Engin), Ummu (ICT) and I (Engin @ KAED) led the bai'ah. It was a memorable experience. I can't say I love it, because I'm not a person who likes to go up in front (it's because of some personal reasons and there's no connection to being nervous or what-so-ever).

We passed. Alhamdulillah!
And now, we're all officially the students of the International Islamic University Malaysia - the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue!

Nihlah Johari,
1st Year,
Kuliyyah of Engineering,
Mahallah Asma' Block H Room 5.5c
International Islamic University Malaysia


-[[dyba]]- said...


yeay, its very good of you, spending ur tym just 2 write ur 1st experience as IIUM student. ;-) im really looking fwd to hear/read all dis.

alhamdulillah,tiada halangan.Allah permudahkan; berkat terima ktorg sbg tetamu hr tu smlmnye kut. ;-)

skrg bole la kte kongsi2 cite psl degree in engine kan. ;-)

mabruuuk! all the best.semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya. =) take care,my dear sista~!

Rijaluddin*~Aroma Cinta Illahi~* said...

heh..welcem to uia nihlah..rajin2 la dtg ke bilikku yang x seberapa..

Maryam E3.8a...:)

syahida said...

Semoga dipermudah segala urusan.
Selamat menjalani fasa baru. hehe..
Belajar rajin2..
K, take care!

Aneesah said...

Salam Nihlah! Just one question: why was there a big NO for Architecture? And from whom? (Hope you don't mind my asking. ^^)

And it sounds like a great experience to me, despite your reluctance. Owh, wait; another question -- what's Sleeping Ugly?

Nihlah Johari said...

oh, the big NO,, my dad said it's not for non-talented people ^_^ erm, i dont say i'm talented, but i must say that i dont think he hve ever seen any of my art work, so he doubts that i'd be a good architect.. u kno wut i mean..? yeah. that. hehe..
sleeping ugly is a compilation of pictures into movies - pics of students who sleep during talks, programs, etc :P