Saturday, September 09, 2006

9 September 2006 - Remember This Date

I had a brand-new day today ^_^

Had HOPE's post-mortem today.
Inside me, I actually got upset with the impuncuality (is this the right word?) of many, esp the VIP! Huhu... The meeting don't just start an hour late but more than that!
I won't elaborate further...
My point is: can anyone give me some tips on "how to train others to be punctual, besides you yourself showing a good example" ??? Give me a list if you need to.

Credits to Nwa for accompanying your 'sumber inspirasi' for dinner this evening with her best-est pal and to Alan too for coming a very long way to deliver some cool nasyeeds and songs to me apart from meeting with your VIP. Hehe...

Guys, some of you might be wondering what am I talking about.
Don't tell me, but I'll tell you...
I tend to mix around with different groups of friends so you gotta bear with postings you don't get to understand.
And that this is MY blog, I'll write anything I want.

Thanks for reading anyways.
Good night.
Don't forget to pray.

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