Tuesday, September 05, 2006

short stories to be shared...

*** Story 1 ***

My 11-year-old brother Musa have this habit of hiding behind a wall, waiting for his 'prey' to come near and he'll jump out, surprising that person.
One evening when my dad, Musa and I were having dinner, Raneem came into the house and headed towards the dining hall. Musa quickly got up, ready to scare her.
But in no time, Raneem appeared and surprised Musa instead, with her cute "huaarggghh" with hands up in the air. Musa jumped, and fell onto the floor, very surprised, not expecting a two-year-old girl to scare him...

End of Story 1

*** Story 2 ***

I was focusing on my work when, Nadiah, my childhood friend, mentioned something very true.
"Kite rase kan, awak ni macam ayah awak. Suka cakap 'ha' je utk reply orang bila busy."
I paused, processing the statement in my brain.
Yes. Abah use to just reply "Ha" "M'mm" or simply just nod in agreement if he's focusing on something when his child(ren) interferes.
Let me give you this example:
He's reading the newspaper in the living room. I pass by and see a cup of hot tea on the table and went towards it. "Abah, nak sikit air teh ni boleh?" "M'mmm"... But you just know that he's actually not hearing what you're asking.
And I think,,, I do that all the time, when reading, when driving, when facing the PC, etc etc...

End of Story 2

*** Story 3 ***

I found my twin. From family background to lifestyle, from favourites to interests, from dreams to reality...
Life is just much tougher without ya. Thanks!

And there's no end for this story


muslimz87 said...

aslm wbt..

menariknye cite kak nela ni..terinagt kisah budak2..

kak nela xnak try tulis b.melayu ke..boleh maju skit bm kita..takut2 nnt jd mcm ada org tu yg kata it sound stupid if i speak malay

- Nihlah - said...

uhuhu... bole je nak tulis mlayu, bhase mlayu ana takde la teruk sgt kot? hehe... (prasannye -_-" ) walaupun o-levels nye BM tu tahap UPSR pnye, ana wat gak trial paper BM SPM 2003 :P dpt 73/100 hehe 2nd top in class.
hehe.. saje je share2 ^_*
i will type in BM when i'm in d mood. don't worry, it's not foreign to me :P but i cant say its my first language though..

- Nihlah - said...

oh lupe...
tak leh gak nak tulis in BM je, sbb ade sesetengah orang mmg tak reti baca postings bhase melayu, esp non-malays.. so,,, i have to balance it out...?

Riel Myck said...

tak reti tulis dalam bm yerk..

i seemed to remember our childhood of writing lots and lots of cerpens.. i still remember yours!!

Riel Myck said...

oh btw, i'm adilah, in case u were wondering