Thursday, November 09, 2006

my hol starts!

Alhamdulillah, I've gone through my final examination...
I don't think I performed very well, or even 'well' bcoz I only studied during the very last minutes before the exams. Erm, I have to admit that it is a bad behaviour I've been carrying with me everywhere I go for the past 19 years of my life...

But anyways, please do pray for the best results. I aim to give my CGPA an increase of more than just 0.32 points! oh, you didn't know that there's this story bout my CGPA...
My CGPA didnt start well compared to my classmates as well as my fellow friends. Increased by 0.01 for my 2nd semester, 0.02 for my 3rd semester, 0.08 for my 4th semester,,, and now I'll pray that it's not 0.16 or 0.32 but MORE!!!!
*** sadness *** i can't graduate from the iium matriculation school with a very low CGPA,,, even though it will not be included in my degree, I'll feel bad all my life... ---- bcoz__ I tend to focus on other things other than my studies, and I get very lazy when it comes to studying.

Oh-oh... I just have to change my attitude towards studying.
Started, of course, and will try my best to improve, insyaAllah. I need reminders, reminders, reminders and support from all!
and oh, I realized that I'm not the type who stand up for/to challenges.

Anyways, hols started. Today's my first day...
9th Nov
- edit a video for Alumni presentation for ADNI's Performance Day
- duplicate keys
10th Nov
- Engineering & Law friends coming over for late lunch @ raya
11th Nov
- ADNI Performance Day @ Engineering Dept IIUM
- TaeKwon-Do comrades coming over for late lunch @ raya
12th Nov
- Alumni's Convoy Raya to teachers' houses around KL & Selangor.
13th Nov
- get new glasses
18th Nov
- Alumni's Convoy Raya to members' houses around KL & Lembah Klang.

well, I can say that this IS A HOLIDAY, but I'll make sure I don't just hibernate!

I actually planned to follow Ummi on her business trip to Australia (Melboune and another place) with my li'l bro Musa for this holiday, but I decided not to when looking back carefully into my bank account. Hehe.. Bukan rezeki kot. I don't want to waste that amount of money for a one-week 100%-holiday. I mean, better save my RMs for SU-s or Alumni's or YBK's kot? And not forgetting the trip to the sacred lands Makkatul-mukarramah & Madinatul-munawwarah...
We plan and of course He is the Best Planner...

I also have to give up facilitating a group of 50 youngsters to Singapore & Acheh, a program hosted by YBK (Yasasan Basmi Kemiskinan) from 10th-17th December 2006... because lectures should have started on that date, and there's a strict NO from my parents. study - first priority, in other words.
I'll post the ads later nsyaAllah...

Hmm... It's a long post here. I think I'd stop for now.
pray to Allah for the best for yourselves, for me and for the ummah!

p/s: sayonara to beloved bro yusuf jo who flew last night,,, sallim 'ala biladissyam - lubnan, el-urdun wa suria wa asdiqa'i hunak...


Mohani said...


I understand how you feel about studies ... apparently not all of us are perfect in the area [this author included, of course].

Anyway, you say that you've realised that you're not a person who's up to challenges. That's not true. You have your values & ideals and you strive towards them. I think that's very admirable.

- Nihlah - said...

ehee :)
erm, i think, wut i mean by challenges is sumthing like,, erm, when someone come and say "you have to do this this and this to prove that you're good and you can be as good as ___" you kno, dat kind of stuff..
huhu ^__^ paham ke tak ntah?
i live HAPPIER with motivations compared to challenges..
i think..

thanks on your comment btw! :D