Wednesday, November 22, 2006

SMS phenomena (the same goes to forwarded e-mails and bulletins)

A very nice post from my classmate back in ADNI...

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

How come I didn't know that you could convert to Judaism? See
Judaism 101: Jewish Attitudes Toward Non-Jews.

There's this great thing I've been obsessed with lately called
Yahoo! Answers ^_^ Helps release stress, IMO. All those unanswered questions can make you restless... I've noticed that my text messages are always questions...

I agree with the Rahmatan Lil-'Alamin concept. God, aren't you sick of hearing about all those protests, burning flags, and stuff? 8- And the Christians here aren't doing that, but pushing for dialogue instead. What happened during The Da Vinci Code launch? No protests. No rallies. Come on, do we want to be losers? 8- I'd feel like one if Muslims lost to Christians in this aspect...

And the SMS phenomena recently--I feel like a loser already 8- You get a message: "Christian-Muslim gang fight in Ampang. 6 killed" What do you do? "Ummm... Just send it to all my friends and family. I don't know if it's true, but it's news-worthy. 8- " Suddenly you're a journalist. Suddenly you have an infinite amount of prepaid credit. And suddenly there's a protest somewhere, on the brink of violence; obstructing traffic and creating noise pollution, nonetheless. How stupid can you be??? 8-

I haven't read the news completely, but regardless of who sent it, it shouldn't have blown out of proportion like this 8- It's supposedly from someone from IIUM, a Muslim-turned- Christian- turned-Muslim. Next time you get a message like this:

1) Question the source. Who sent it in the first place? Ask the person who sent it to you. If he says, "I got it from a friend," 8- which it usually is, then:

2) Evaluate it. Is the person trustworthy? Call the religious body (if any) related to the original sender (if his name's stated) and ask them if the matter's true. But the original sender's name is usually not given, so:

3) Don't spread it. More harm than good will come out of spreading the word. Would it make a real difference if there were no protests and flag burning? Remember "dialogue" earlier? I know racial and religious tension can be saved had everyone used their God-given intelligence 8- The last thing we need is a real all-out offence between the religions in Malaysia. I thought Muslims were famous for their "forums" and "seminars".. . 8-

4) Report if it gets out of hand. 8- Like, this is the "D" in "Duh." Doesn't get any Duh-er than this. Tell the authorities who you got the message from. The chain's still a chain, however long it is. If it's broken, it's still a trail. It'll lead them somewhere.

By the way, this applies to e-mails as well. I get junk from quite a few people here. Hadiths, repeat e-mails, mail-to-save- my-child. .. 8- Just trash them if you don't know the authenticity (or too lazy to check, more like). You be the judge. And up your standards, Gawd! 8-

You know whether to spread this or not...

P.S. There are times I wish we'd learned Hadiths like the Qur'an. What's Sahih and what's Dha'if...

with courtesy and permission to re-post
written by
Muhammad Zulhilmi, 18, IIUM.

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