Saturday, October 28, 2006

the value of life

One significant difference between this Eid and the ones we often celebrate - this Eid, we didn't take a family picture. I only took some candit pics, but none of them that'll I post here. Confidential - not for public view. Hehe... Actually, there are no nice ones except for my own pics. And I'm not going to post 'em here.

this Eid, Tikki's not around. Kakak somehow misses her already.
No. I'm just glad she's off somewhere else. I mean, glad for myself coz I have the whole big room to myself, and that I can keep it tidy (trust me, I'm working on it!) and ALSO GLAD FOR HER because she's picking up experience and knowledge that she could treasure forever. I know the feeling of being away from home for months, and I'm actually jealous that she spend her Ramadhan and Eid in a totally different environment with different people. It's not like you can get that experience every year - no, not even once in a lifetime to some!

I've done a little revision for my exam a couple of days ago. It's because of some external pressure like: that person is already doing his revision on d first day of Eid although his exams will start on the 3rd, just like me... And also some internal push like: I have to give my CGPA a boost this semester! I have to and I want to! Ya Allah... Please help me through!
It's a good thing that someone reminded me "rajin.. rajin... rajin!!!" while I was watching Naruto that night.
I really need reminders...

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