Sunday, May 13, 2007

offering condolences...

I read across a synopsis of a book, and I remembered having some confusions about offering Tazkiah / condolences when a person die... what is it, how is it suppose to be done, etc etc...
So here, something to be shared...


[1] it is encouraged in Islam for us to offer condolences to the family of the deceased, encouraging them to be patient and pray for the deceased..

[2] Offer condolences by easing them in any way we can, at the same time lighten their grief, make them redha (erm, accept the fact while having faith) and be patient, as what Rasulullah s.a.w. said (erm, my own translation): "Indeed what He takes is His, what He gives is His, everything that is counted before Allah are all temporary, therefore be patient and have full faith in Him". If one forgot condolences taught by Rasulullah, it is good enough for them if they speak good words that are meant to offer condolences, in a good way that do not go agains the shari'ah.
[Original hadith in Malay: "Sesungguhnya milik Allah apa yang Dia ambil, milik Allah apa yang Dia berikan, segalanya sudah ditentukan di sisi Allah bersifat sementara, maka hendaklah bersabar dan mengharapkan sepenuhnya kepada Allah"].

[3] Offering condolences are not limited to only three days. It can be offered at any time.

[4] Try not to practice these two, although it's being practiced in many places:

...[a] Gather at a specific place (such as house, graveyard, or mosque) to offer condolences.
...[b] Family of the deceased to prepare food for visitors who come to offer their condolences. (such as on the third day, seventh day, fortieth day, etc... this is not practiced by Rasulullah)

[5] What is practiced by Rasulullah was: The extended family and neighbours of the deceased prepare food for the family of the deceased and feed them.

[6] It is encouraged to gently hold orphans' head and be gentle to them...

hmm... have been thinking much about the past and the future recently...

اللهم احيينا بالإيمان
و أمتنا بالإيمان
و ادخلنا الجنة مع الإيمان

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thanx a lot....acctually i wasnt expecting the english thing
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