Thursday, May 31, 2007

just one life

Final exam is very near!!!

Less than two weeks away!!

12th & 15th June 2007...

within these 12 days,
there's so many things to do!

now dealing with
3 subjects,
2 big events,
1 life - that can never be repeated!

every second that passes by
will never come again...

Ya Allah...
Please grant me strength and patience
Shower my heart and mind
with Your Light and serenity
Make me a thankful person
and guide me
through each step I take...


sidQi said...

yeah.. jom study!

success has no owner. it is free for those who struggle! -sidQi :)

WM said...

bittufiq wannajah! ;)

mujahid said...

berusaha2!!faiting!!man jadda wajada =)

Nihlah Johari said...

thanks very much!!!