Saturday, May 12, 2007

Must Try!!! Seerah Quiz!


Let's Try!!!

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Bismillahirrahmanir rahim...

(1) The first masjid built by the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was:

a) Al-masjid an-nabawi in Al-madina
b) Masjid Quba’ nearby Al-madina
c) Al-masjid Al-haram in Mecca
d) None of the above

(2) He is one of the Sahabis who said “O Mother; I swear by Allah that if you are to have hundred souls; one leaves your body after another so that I leave this religion (Islam), I will never leave it”. Who is he?

a) Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas
b) Saad Ibn Mou’adh
c) Musa’ab Ibn Omair
d) Abu Obaida Ibnul Jarrah

(3) According to the Prophet’s saying: He was “Washed by angels” when he responded to the call of Jihad and joined the battle before taking a shower from his wedding night. He is:

a) Ammar Ibn Yaser
b) Handhala Ibn Amer
c) Abdullah Ibn Rawahah
d) Mus’ab Ibn Omair\

(4) Preparing a new youthful leadership generation, although he was only 17 years old and there were many other older Sahabis and experienced military leaders, the Prophet (pbuh) appointed him as the army commander for the last battle just before he (pbuh) passed away. His name is

a) Zaid Ibn Haritha
b) Usama Ibn Zaid
c) Zaid Ibn Thabit
d) Abdullah Ibn Omar

(5) He is the Sahabi who lost both hands while holding the flag of Islam in the battle of Mu’ta. Then he held it with his bleeding arms till he martyred. Allah (swt) gave him two wings to fly with in the Paradise. He is:

a) Abdullah Ibn Rawaha
b) Ja’far Ibn Abi Taleb
c) Zaid Ibn Harithah
d) Ali Ibn Abi Talib

(6) Due to its importance in the Islamic history; the prophet’s immigration “Al-Hijra” was considered the start of the Islamic calendar. This was established during the time of which Khalifa?

a) Abu Bakr as-Siddiq
b) Omar Ibnul khattab
c) Othman Ibn Affan
d) Ali Ibn Abi Taleb

(7) The Sahabi whom the prophet (pbuh) heard his footsteps in the Jannah is

a) Abu Bakr Assiddiq
b) Bilal Ibn Rabah
c) Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas
d) Omar Ibnul Khattab

(8) Two believing women were mentioned in the Quran as being examplary. They are;

a) A’isha and Mariam
b) Khadeeja and A’isha
c) Pharo’s wife and Mariam
d) Asma’a bint Abi Bakr and Fatima bint Mohammad (pbuh)

All the best!! ^__^

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1. b) Masjid Quba’ nearby Al-madina - it was build during hijrah, before Rasulullah entered Yathrib (now called Madina)

2. c) Mus’ab Ibn Omair - he was one of the wealthiest people in Makkah during that time, and his conversion to Islam made his mother attempt to starve herself if Mus'ab do not leave Islam , but Mus'ab remained faithful.

3. b) Handhala Ibn Amer - i can't remember what battle but heard bout this couple of times. lagipun ade nasyid by rabbani kan

4. b) Usama Ibn Zaid - his father Zaid ibn Haritha was slained by the romans during the battle of Mu'tah and prophet muhammad elected him before his demise.

5. b) Ja’far Ibn Abi Taleb - In the thick of the battle, he dismounted, hamstrung his horse and resumed fighting until his right hand was cut off. He seized the banner with his left hand until this too was gone. He then clasped the banner with both arms until a Byzantine soldier struck and cut him into two parts.

6. b) Omar Ibnul khattab - hijrah calendar was established during khalifah Umar al-khattab, one of his tremendous achievements during his caliphate.

7. b) Bilal Ibn Rabah - hadith sahih, because he always performed 'solat sunat wudhu'

8. c) Pharo’s wife and Mariam - it's clear that there's surah maryam and her name was mentioned so many times. pharo's wife Asiah however don't have her name in the qur'an but she was mentioned in the Qur'an for her strong faith despite having her own husband torturing her.


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nehlah! kite rase jawapan nombor 2 tuh saad b. abi waqas! hehe RASA2nyelah....kalo salah sile btolkan okey,

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wat langue give me a harder ? for mosque quiz

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dah check, soalan no.2 jawapan dia mmg saad b. abi waqas