Tuesday, May 08, 2007

little updates

many friends are asking me to update my blog these days
i think they mean, update interesting stories..


do you know that this's the third week for this short semester, and next week we'll be having mid-semester examinations already!!!
i have to study hard... yup yup...

i went to the book fair last week,
on wednesday and saturday.
i went to meet some friends and attend some shows
i wanted to buy some books but unfortunately didn't.
very unfortunate.
i didn't know they have level 4, with books related to my course!
right now i'm searching for McGraw Hill's Microelectronics and Prentice Hall's C++ How to Program...
so I still have to go to Darul Kutub at the IIUM centre...
uff... yeah... i'll be hanging out there tomorrow afternoon nsyaAllah...

i'd like to apologize,
i'm actually not in the mood to update this blog.

ya Allah,
please grant me strength and patience...


sidQi said...

PWTC.. nasyeed.. wahhaaa :)

Anonymous said...



heheh,pasal mc graw hill's microE tuh, Neamen yek.kte ade. (ahah,saje nk blagak~) in case klu awk sgt perlukan, patuh xjmpe, bleh a kte pinjamkn.sok/luse kt g kl.tapi,kte tau kt mane ade.hurm, kedai buku universiti.name kedai tuh, 'kedai buku univ' la..hek3.kt seksyen 16 kut.im not so sure.tp dkat ngn uia pj..salu g sane,pastu jmpe byk buku!

tp rsnye mst kt uia ade kaaaan..ehhehe,saje nk nyusahkn awk g jejauh plak.haha.baru perasan snanye y awk ckp kt Darul Kutub ade.keh3..

pape pn,all the best!bittaufeeq wan najaah!^_^