Thursday, July 20, 2006

who said school is everything?

BALI, Indonesia
15th - 18th July 2006
The night before...
I didn't plan to go, and Abah n Ummi said it was okay for me not to go because I would hate to miss my 3-hour lab class on Monday. But Amad somehow succeeded in making me change my mind.
"You WILL MISS a FOUR-DAY trip TO BALI just for a THREE HOUR LAB, which is like- how many percent of the whole semester?" that was exactly his final say.
"Okay! Okay! You drive me to KL Central sekarang," I demanded. He agreed. I phoned Abah and asked for his permission and we headed to KL Central.
Ilyas in the Air Asia cockpit. Who had a chance like this before, do tell me! I'd like to keep your picture. Oh I'm so jealous!

The 10 of us (out of 20) went for the trip. Abah, Ummi, Auntie Mimi, Ahmad, Isa, me, Atiqah, Ilyas, Ismail and Ishak.
We were all very excited and surprised when we entered the Villa. Oh I really forgot its name. But everything was beautiful and cool and just couldn't get it elsewhere.
And the bath and toilet was open! With part of it closed by walls and another part with thick bushes and trees.
Then the first thing I remembered was a friend had asked me to bring home "apa-apa yang pelik dari Bali", but I can't just post him a picture of the open bath... It won't do any good. Maybe if I'm a nice person with a nice financial status couple of years from now, he can have his honeymoon there, for free (accommodation only). MAYBE, and IF.
p/s: Hey you read this, right? Hihihi... Tell your future wife to remind me if you both really want this treat.. ^_^
There's actually another wierd thing, but it's hillarious to me. It can be found on all streets in Bali, I guess. "Babi Golek" or was it Guling? Anyways, all the names of those food - the piggy ones - make me giggle (they still do!).
Anyway, here are more pictures:

Where esle can you get into a living room only by crossing a fish pond?
The Bali-concept Villa was really great!
(oh btw, please note that my current kasut sukan is black-and-white in colour)

We got the whole villa to ourselves.
Pool empty~ swim! swim! swim!

I didn't do it because I often have sea/land/air sickness due to my blood pressure. I did it a couple of years back in Sabah and vomitted as soon as I step back onto the speed-boat. Auntie Mimi, Auntie Amal and Azzam did it! Subhanallah! It was actually great up there!

The beach was really clean, blissful and beautiful, esp 'coz the sun was setting.
But nobody should forget the plight in Palestine...

Seafood at Sharkeys - a restaurant by the beach - oh the food was marvellous!

You must be really bored reading my diary right now. Sorry 'bout it.
So, you don't tell me, but let me tell you:

The whole trip was worth skipping 8 hours of classes!

Subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

- Nihlah 1652 20072006 -
"Have they not roamed the land, and have their hearts wherewith to understand and ears wherewith to hear? Verily, it is not the eyes that glow blind, but it is the hearts which are in the chests that grow blind." Al-Hajj:46

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