Monday, October 26, 2009

nak tulis jugak!

walaupun tau blog ni ada beberapa lecturer ECE yg visit, nak tulis jugak!

CIE Lab I weighs 1 credit hour - and it consists of two subjects:
Data Structure & Multimedia

hence DS Lab only weighs 0.5 credit hour.

the workload is beyond any 3 credit hour subject!!!

esok kena submit DS Lab so-called mini project which includes: Binary Search Tree, AVL Tree, Heapify, insert & delete node into a tree, perform sort and implement hashing - and those listed does not include all the 'requirements' demanded by the lecturer.

and guess how much time we got?
1 week, to be submitted with a multimedia mini-project (yang buat orang tak tidur dan rupa2nya tak payah submit on that day). and of course there are tonnes of other projects and assignments and quizzes!!

and trust me, i did not procrastinate this time!

so much for a 0.5 ch subject. ugh!!

aktiviti menghilangkan bosan semasa group presentation software engineering projects


Zaid said...

datastruct codes sume tu simple & basic shj, i think bleh search kt internet.

Nihlah Johari said...

betul itu! mmg basic + banyak kat internet tapi senang sgt lah kalo boleh copy paste je kan. sbb tu lah ade 'requirements' yg lain2 tu.

tp dah sumbit dah pun :D tq!