Tuesday, October 13, 2009

havoc week --> less havoc week

last sunday, i forced myself to stay at home to study for this havoc week, only to find that all my classmates were enjoying attending open houses or resting at home when i give them a call to ask about some things i was stuck at. i ended up playing computer games...

12th oct
- VLSI design quiz
- ECE lab test (30% of that 1 credit hour lab!)

13th oct
- Data Structure lab was cancelled :) yeay!

14th oct
- Communication Engineering assignment submission

15th oct
- Computer Security assignment submission
- midterm for my TKD skills (i'll only be doing the theory part)

16th oct
- quiz for Multimedia lab? Macromedia Flash
- midterm for Decision Science postponed to next week! (it's supposed to be on the 17th but of course i'm attending Auzan's & Kak Nazihah's wedding :) nsyaAllah)

yesterday morning, i woke up with a mild migraine on the left side of my head. alhamdulillah it did not increase (nor decrease..) up until now..

after the tough lab test yesterday, baby & i decided to take a walk to IIUM convest hill. it took us 25 minutes to reach there from kuliyyah of engineering! we just bought a drink and meehoon. the place was still crowded and noisy at 11pm! so we decided to go to the main stairs. BUT baby doesn't want to walk anymore. so we sat somewhere for a while to have a rest, and to our delight the IIUM bus came! :D it's been ages since my first-and-only ride on that bus. so we went on the bus and it's baby's first ride on a bus! hehe.. ^__^

hope everyone will have a nice week!


Khadijah Rahman said...

baby is tired or the mummy? kesian baby jadi alasan

'ain3ra' said...

sangat comel bila dah berdua. 'we' instead of 'I'. :) hik3. take care nela!

solahuddin the warrior said...

moja telah dilupakan
habisla anta moja...
lpas baby lahir nanti, lagila..

Mujahid Hasanuddin said...

akob cerita pengalaman ke ni?

::h.i.k.a.r.i..k.a.m.i.y.a:: said...

Gomen ne nela chan.... kite TER pegi open house tu pulak... serve me right esoknye sakit perut sampai nak pitam kan?? haha n sory terpakse tinggal 'korang bedue' kat convest hill tu.. Kite kene balik siap kan EAP... hontou gomen~~

MuNsYi^SaMa said...

letak je baby dlm troli..hehe

jgn stress2..xelok utk ptumbuhan otak baby..(mcm betul je)

+akufobia+ said...

simpan baby dalam kocek,boleh lari laju.