Thursday, October 29, 2009

last week of lectures for this sem

alhamdulillah walaupun kelam kabut next week start final exam things are going on much better than expected ^__^
except for the headache that doesn't seem to fully disappear since the '53 hours....' post. and yes, i did not add to the counting because it'll just make me miserable.

anyways, skrg ni tinggal kena hantar Smart Aquarium System project report n assignment decision science jumaat ni. Dr. Anisah itu saaaangat baik!!! dari 3 soalan yg panjaaang tu dia wajibkan pilih 2 je bila ada students pegi mengadu kat diat his week sgt havoc..
other than that, i HAVE to study for my final exams -__-" especially utk 3 paper yg berderet itu...

so, enough of that.
below is the outcome of my new toy this semester. did this with 5 other girls :)

Smart Aquarium System.
features: automatic feeder & water temperature display

and the one below with the laundry hanger is not my toy. it belonged to Najmi and her team, but they're doing it for another lab class. the fan is connected to a heat sensor, so that when the weather is hot it turns off automatically and we don't have to waste electricity to dry our clothes :)

i find this prototype very cute! ^__^

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