Monday, October 05, 2009

happy birthday to me~ ^__^

happy birthday to me
i was born in the sea
with the seahorse and the sea anemone
and the clownfish is me~~

although it is actually EVERY DAY that we grow older, to me, birthdays are always a great reminder. i receive messages with good and nice wishes, and best of all reminders about my amal and death on this day. i also take the opportunity to spend some cents to send my beloved ones messages of gratitude, thankfulness and apologies.
to me, it's not just another day, but a day to be 'USED' wisely and reflect upon what i have done for the past years i've been on this earth.

some may not agree, but please don't bother lecturing me at the comments section :P

my first birthday with my significant other ^__^

activity-wise, today is just another day. i actually plan to spend today studying for my Data Structure Lab tomorrow and also complete 3 assignments which i have been delaying since last week -__-" NOT a good thing but believe me, each time i take a glance - not even a close look! - at the Computer Security textbook copy (it was passed down from my seniors ok) i feel like vomitting.. hey, even non-pregnant women can feel like that after getting so tired of reading the textbook. and yes, it's a reading, understanding and memorizing subject.

hmm.. why am i babbling about my studies today...

this is me with Ibrahim my youngest brother.

he turned 2 yesterday - 4th October.
two years ago when my step-mom went into the labour room, i received an sms while i was in the engineering workshop and i replied "nooo!! wait for tomorrow!" coz my birthday is on the 5th. but you know, people say it doesn't take long hours in the labour room if it's the 5th child. so Ibrahim was borned on the 4th of October.

close-up pic of my birthday cake.

it's a carrot cake with walnuts and raisins! my favourite since i was a kid.
i really appreciate this especially when it's not easy to find very nice carrot cakes and when chocolates are migraine triggers for you. thanks so much Auntie Mimi! everyone said the cake is super-delicious!

what's with the candles? it's a controversial issue and i'm not going to talk about it here. to my family, it's just for the fun of getting the kids to blow them. really, it's fun when you look at the ways they try to blow off the candles ^__^



uswah said...

happy birthday!! :))

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah, I'm glad you enjoyed the cake :) It feels great to bake something & see people enjoying it (I feel so susah hati klu kek tu tak laku!).

Auntie Mimi

Nadiah::Syaimaa'::Hamizah said...

sanah helwa kakak :D



salam. happy birthday Nela.
Wishing you good health and taking care of the baby =)

[ Nazihah ] said...

Happy besDay NeLa..
Rindunyer dengan data structure..

WF:ciktim said...

ps; auntie mimi. nak jugak carrot cake :D

may Allah bles ur day, nela~

Bintu Aizuddin said...

salam nela.
happy belated birthday.
baru tau awk mngandung.
take care ur baby.

kt tmbah sorg lg anak sedara;)