Sunday, October 18, 2009

53 hours, and hoping NOT to add to the counting

53 hours
and right now i'm taking caffeine, hoping it'll give me few good hours for me to finish my mini project for software engineering which is to be submitted tomorrow!

luckily this time panadol helped prevent the pain from increasing for a couple of hours, but i dare not take more than 2 tablets. last night i did 'bekam' when i complaint to my mother-in-law about feeling numb at the left side of my face, good that the numbness disappear immediately as blood was pumped towards the my temple. but the headache remains..

sometimes i just wonder when will this end, or reduce- time and pain-wise, or at least when can be as strong as my hubby when he gets his asthma attack. i can only cry when i can't handle it anymore. several times these few days.

i didn't go for my midterm exam for 0.5 credit hour TaeKwon-Do skill class on Friday. it's my only chance of proving to the trainer that i, who practiced TaeKwon-Do since i was 11, don't deserve a B- or worse - which i got last semester, but i just couldn't help it. i could not even stand in the bathroom with lights on.

i've read about some children to suffer headaches since the age of 3 - yes, THREE - because either or both parents suffer from migraines. it's really a horrifying thought and i really really really pray that my kids will never have to go through that. i pray that they'll be healthy!

by the way, Paan and i never had any Java class and we're working on a phone software. didn't make it from scratch, but we're having problems to compile it into .jar format. any help available?? please sms me a.s.a.p.!

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