Friday, October 09, 2009

12 weeks

it's 12 weeks already!!
subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

yesterday i went for my 2nd antenatal check-up, and the ultrascan was really fun! although i've read quite a lot about pregnancy and look at the pictures of the baby in the tummy in various websites, it's totally a different excitement when i saw my own baby moving about inside my tummy. it's like--- MAGIC!

first the kid was facing downwards, then he turned, facing up and we saw the heartbeat going dup dup dup.. a few seconds later he turned to the side and showed us his tiny little arms and fingers. then he faced down again and... we coudln't get a clear scan picture because he doesn't want to turn again..

actually, we still don't know if he's a HE.. but let's pray for the best!

i can't help smiling everytime i remember about the incident ^__^ it made me remember that it's really a miracle.. and it's really a great blessing from Allah.

smiles ^__^

on the other hand,
i didn't get any advice from the gyn on my migraine T__T didn't expect much in the first place.. but the thought of another migraine attack still scares me when i don't have any idea how to deal with it..


solahuddin the warrior said...

teringat masa first time we did know ours was a HE.. the doctor said, "..haa, tu 'pistol' die tu, nampak x?..". Hehe..

And disebabkan ayah Solah ni mmg teringin nak yg boy, before habis sesi scan tu, selamba je request kat doc, "..bole tgk skali lg x ‘pistol’ tu, just nak pastikan..". hehe..

since dat till before our cute&quite-now-turned-active&really boyish little Solah lahir, we sometimes called him 'baby pistol'. hehe

Nihlah Johari said...

hehehe :D lawak la pulak! kalo besar2 solah tau mesti dia malu ^_^

+akufobia+ said...

aa.shh.jangan beritahu solah.keke.aa.bila duenya?agakagak?