Friday, May 16, 2008

passed through

i was super-duper frustrated with my MicroP quiz
the lecturer made some 'communication' mistakes in question 2 and 3 (4/10 marks) but 'covered' it all up by manipulating statements, causing me to lose that 4 marks. i mean, the questions were simple calculations but the terms used were confusing! seriously!

ugh! and it's like, maybe, about 1.2 marks out of this 3 credit subject!!! and i'm not sure if i get the remaining 60% perfectly correct.
is it worth not attending the memorandum submission to the UN?

T__T *sobs*sobs*

i wrote on a paper telling my lecturer i want to get the h**l out of the class,
and i left, in the middle of the lecture. i mean, of course, politely, and he actually didn't even read what i wrote. he knew that paper means i wanted to leave.

i rushed to pick up some karisma-international guys, but strayed onto the wrong road from gombak (on the way to sentol!). i made a rough, illegal U-turn, but by the time we were back on MRR2, Kak Dijah called telling me that the crowed was about to disperse.

T__T *sobs*sobs*

you don't tell me, i'll tell you.
yes, there are of course hikmah behind everything that happens. attend the quiz, being late, terlajak masuk lorong yang salah.
i guess Allah didn't want to let me go to the UN building in the first place. for the safety of some people dear to me, i guess. or anything better.

although still frustrated, i feel much better because i don't just sit doing no effort. i could have rushed from Gombak to Damansara in 15 minutes (recorded in my driving history, with two passengers) and not care to pick up those guys, but i did pick them up. why? they should know.

and better, because i already had the intention to go, and a little bit of action. hehe. thanks to kak dijah for the cool idea. too bad i didn't have a palestine flag and muffler with me.


i still feel sad for not being able to attend the international conference in Jakarta, but it's okay.. if i go then i might have to stand in front of 250 people.. uh-oh~ public speaking isn't that bad nowadays, but i still shake in front there.. huhu.. >__<

i like attending Dr. Sigit's class - Signals & Systems. although sometimes i can't really focus during his two-hour classes O__o" but he's starting to write in Japanese on the whiteboard n teaching us some words related to the subject in Japanese. and he even wished "gambatte kudasai" for our assignment. ahaha~ it's fun because i understand what he said a little (thanks to Naruto =P), compared to listening and reading Latin and German last year -__-"

eheh ^__^
i passed, alhamdulillah..

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illusionist said...

:( sorry for wht happened..

tht's y u hv to COME HERE! ahahaha

which.. makes perfect sense rite? :D

i mean cause that'll SOLVE EVERYTHING!


n i love how u have basically everything related to Palestine :D

u hv a bumper sticker for it 2??