Thursday, May 15, 2008

!!!3#^+@(-$#*!@)*-8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i'm soOoOo !!!3#^+@(-$#*!@)*-8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it means angry + furious + disappointed + stressed out + !!!3#^+@(-$#*!@)*-8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i mean, i was planning and SUPPOSED TO join the memorandum submission (on Nakbah - 60 years of Israeli occupation on Palestine) to the UN office tomorrow at 10 a.m., but my Microprocessor lecturer decided to have an extra class tomorrow at 10 a.m. and woRst-- there's another QUIZ!

and he even make up the quizzes as he likes! O__o"
for the past 3 weeks,
the first quiz question - during the first 20 minutes of the first class! - was some simple calculus - that was acceptable..
then the second quiz - there wasn't any question related to what we learn in the previous class
the third quiz - he decided to do an adhock quiz on the topic we learn that day
and the quiz this morning - everything but none on our reading assignment

can you just imagine how much stress is now accumulated inside me!

and i'm 99% sure of not going for my TKD training tomorrow bcoz i've to attend another program and that means I CAN'T let go of all the stress at once. seriously, i wish i have a punching bag right now! -__-"


ok. that reminds me of something nice about my MicroP lecturer. he likes to tell us stories.

there's this woman got an offer to work hundreds of kilometers offshore on a gas platform. and the first thing she had to do there was to wear a life jacket, climb up the ladder up to the fourth storey, and jump into the sea! i suppose that must be one of the emergency safety drills or whatever-they're-called, and it's either she jump willingly or someone should push her into the sea (from the fourth storey!).
finally someone had to push her. and so she splashed into the sea from about 40 meters above sea level.
and today, if she got stressed out, she'll definitely put on the life jacket and jumps from the fourth storey into the sea.

oh i think i want to try that. but i'll not work offshore. they don't need electronic engineers there i suppose..


anyway, back to the frustrating situation i'm stuck in,
it seems that i will not join the demo tomorrow.

or nevermind to skip one of the quizzes for this semester? it might take up about 2-3% out of the 3-credit Microprocessor & Interfacing subject..

i don't know.


HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said...
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HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said...

if I were u..i'd be so tensed too. And akhirnya we realize that sume bende yang berlaku adalah dalam rancangan Allah. Kita merancang dan bersemangat nak buat sesuatu perkara, tapi bile Allah kata "oh..nihlah takleh gi perhimpunan..ade quiz" .. maka itulah yang Allah nak terbaik utk kita..

like me la gak.. "final exam dlu..". Sigh..but still..He knows better what's best for us.